Thursday, December 11, 2014

Merry CHRISTmas!! EMMANUEL !!!

This year we are going to have our first CHRISTmas  gathering
with family at our house!!!
(The first since we moved in our home here three years ago)
So I really am in the spirit to decorate!!

I still have the same decorations from forever ago, and 
rarely get anything new.. (unless it is second hand or vintage,
or handed down)
I just like the stuff that I have such as 
is hand made or is sentimental 

Some things hold memories of loved ones that have gone on
like the salt and flour ornaments that my Sister-in-Law Rita
and I made way back in the 70s! What  fun we would have together 
crafting and giggling!

Rita with 
HubbyBear and me

Some things were brought over from the "Old Country"
Memories for my roots and traditions

"Gluecks Pilz Mann"

                              Candy cane and star made by my Daddy when he was a child
Mushroom man made by me when I was little

                               (because I didn't want "Gluecks Pilz Mann" to be lonely)
                                 a holly leaf made by my brother when he was little

So I love to use these (as did my Mom) to decorate the 

. ~ .~.~.~.
What is ADVENT?
(watch below)

Mittens made by Mommy for Granddaughter
35 years ago




  German music that I grew up with:

Auntie Karin and Unky Kurt
 (they are also from Germany with the most wonderful accents)

A wooden village inspired by my Auntie Karin

My Auntie Karin started me on this wooden village
30 yrs ago. She painted the carolers and Santa's 
workshop and other wooden delights. Through 
the years I have added a little here and there
to build a "tradition" that I adore!

A sweet little train from Germany
  was given to my brother Brock when he was a little guy!
I got these two Stieff  animals that year when I was two!!

(the deer and kitty)

(Santa and tree and house by Auntie)

( AUNTIE also made this QUILTED tree skirt)!


"Oh CHRISTmas Tree"

The CHRISTmas Tree is filled with so many
cherrished heirlooms. The long string of glass blown beads
are from my Grandma "Omi"
 And many of the ornaments even came over
 from her home land of Germany

Steiff animals were always a part of my growing up
 Mommy and Omi loved to give them to me for holidays!
All of my relatives lived in Germany
 so when they came to visit 
America they brought me some!

So it is only fitting that they also join the festivities!!

Not dinner!!


This Nativity set belonged to my Late Dear Mother-in-Law
I cherish it so very dearly!
(although the Jesus was missing so I had to add him 
along with some other pieces) 
 She also gave me this 
Love Bird 
ornament when the GarBear and I 
became engaged!
It goes up on the tree last and right in the middle!

Mom Nolan
Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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We are looking so forward to having the Family out here 


The mice took a "Hickory Dickory Dock
play time after being influenced by the mice of 
Grammy's House!!!
 (they had GREAT FUN)!!




And visions of "suger-plume bone treats" 
danced through their heads!

This will be Ashley  Maggie May's
very first CHRISTmas!!

Pixie is old hat at it !!

She doesn't mind dressing up 
for the holidays....

...and she didn't mind 
dressing up last year!! 

Sadie did not like it though!

Charmin was just happy to be along
(we will miss the GOOD SWEET girl that she was
14 good lovely years)

No animals were hurt in this photo shoot......
......(well maybe a little pride....
and an antler) !!!

The Dolls celebrated St Nick's Day
together with the MOUSIEKIN FAMILY


                               Cosmo says "Dazzle the day, add some sparkle"!!
                                    (Cosmo Penniekin by Penny White of: )


Hope you enjoy!!
 May you have a JOYOUS
New Year!!