Friday, March 21, 2014

High Tea for 2 Birthdays

My Mom and I share a Birthday,
and it is on St Patrick's Day!!
(which made my late Irish Dad quite tickled)

We chose to celebrate Mom's 91st ..
...and my 60th with a High Tea 
( and they serve  Guten Free )

It was great fun......

 ..and I can say that ..
turning 60 was completely painless and easy!

Mommy and  I ....

... received lovely gifts

by Christine Lefever
the Doll Family eagerly greet
the new member at the Bleat'n Hum Baa Butt'ry

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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 Mildred Mousiekin and Missy 
hosted a delightful Tea for me as well,
and she made a wonderful Lamb Cake with a glazed 

She chose to serve Tasha Tudor's Welsh Breakfast Tea

This was my attempt at a Gluten Free 
Orange and Banana Lamb Cake
 (it didn't rise...maybe it was a "Passover cake  hee)
I just laid it flat and "Julia Child" proudly
served it anyway!!

And they did eat of the old corn of the land
 on the morrow after the Passover,
 unleavened cakes            Joshua 5:11

Mildred wore her German dirndl
but felt it quite appropriate as an Irish dress...

She also wore her Best "Tasha Tudor shawl" knitted by
her Dear Friend Eliza's Mistress Christie at;

Missy happily washed the dishes

Baking is a bit different with Gluten Free flours

I was very enthused to bake a "masterpiece"!!

Making an abundance of batter,
and not only did it not rise
 but I ripped the head  too
so I had to patch it!
But it still is fun experimenting
(next time I shall use more baking Soda 
and less whole oats)

It was still moist and delicious, but just wasn't
 plump enough to stand up right on the plate!

Hopefully the Easter Lamb Cake  
shall rise!!

And there shall be no more curse:
 but the throne of God and of the 
Lamb shall be in it;
 and his servants shall serve him
                                  Revelation 22:3   
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Mommy says:
"Enjoy your Loved Ones"!!!

Harley recommends 
Tasha Tudor Welsh Breakfast Tea 

Tasha Tudor's Welsh Breakfast Tea


Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I've been a bit of a "Dead-Beat" Blogger for spell.
( well... for at least a year )!
I guess I have been sort of "fermenting" in a pot
while I have been sorting out a lot of changes.....

We haven't had Internet for many months now,
so it is hard to visit with all my friends in
the Blogging world! How I miss you!
(so today I'm posting from a friend's house)
But I have been keeping my hands busy and happy
Sewing, cleaning, spinning, baking and
putting food up and such,
  and sauerkraut is one of my favorite
and easy preserving tasks that
is HEALTHY and affordable,
 and I'd like to share with you
how we make it!
(we made it in October of 2012
and this post has been in my Draft box
for a year)!!!

Right click and
open in a new window
for some

You don't need many tools
to make sauerkraut, but when I started
to shop around for a new better slicer/shredder

I was more then blessed to find this gem of an antique
for a steal and a bargain!

A hand crank cast iron
food processor
over one hundred years old!


 Dirty dusty rusty and stuck
she waited to be wanted and rescued!
So with a little elbow grease and
some Singer-sewing machine oil
she became like new!!

And then her blades were
sharpened by a Mennonite
neighbor friend named Samuel

and so she was ready to prove her
enduring ageless quality

Our neighboring Mennonite friends grow the
sweetest, freshest, juiciest, largest
natural grown cabbage that
I have ever  tasted or seen!

Slicing the heads into quarters
 makes it easy to cut out the core.

Mommy (who will be 90 in March) demonstrates
with ease

The blades can be adjusted to cut
as thick or thin
as you like

Mommy and I liked this book's receipt but we used less salt

Here is the receipt by the Sausage Makers
who sell the fermentation pot that we used

You can not use iodized salt for this process.
We used canning salt but some people like to use
sea salt

The salt quickly starts to bring forth the
juices that will start the fermenting process

then tamping breaks out more juices

Once the juices covered the cabbage
stones were laid on top to weigh it down
and to keep the air from spoiling it

and then the final thing to do is to seal the rim
with water to prevent oxygen
from spoiling the fermentation process.

And then to the Butt'ry to become a
traditional winter treat!


And in this mountain shall the
LORD of hosts make unto all
people a feast of fat things,
a feast of wines on the lees,
of fat things full of marrow,
                         of wines on the lees well refined.                 

We threw a few chunks of cabbage
in some chicken broth and added
some potatoes onions, carrots
and some sausage for an easy dinner.....

...and we also saved
some shredded cabbage for
German style coleslaw

Shred :
  cabbage, carrots,
 yellow bell pepper,
and sweet onion 

add a pinch of salt and sugar
a sprinkle of celery seeds
and a dash of apple cider vinegar 

Mix together and enjoy!!

Mommy did turn 90 in March of 2013...

...and I am sooo very BLESSED to have her
to teach me healthy traditions!!

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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Mama Mousiekin prefers to use 
 brussel sprouts for her sauerkraut
Mommy  says:
"Indulge in TRADITION"!!
"Keep away the Flue with 
LEARN MORE about Fermenting:
Watch: Great Depression Cooking 
Keeping with "Tradition"
you may also learn and
be endeared with
Clara Cannucciari
(not about Saurekraut
just Ddelightful)
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 Hope you enjoyed !!
 Love and Many Blessings
 Linnie and Mommy
Sock Monkey
 recommends these books:
Putting Food By: Fifth Edition
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In Memory of Rita
My Beloved Sister in Law.
 Heaven's brighter,
but the world is dimmer
without ya Reetzy Dear.

Rita Davy

April 27 1950/ January 4, 2013