Sunday, February 27, 2011


This Sunday Morning February 27 2011

The Sun came up and revealed the Snow
Behind the curtains
the trees wrapped in stoles

But the Mousiekin Family just slept slow...

 the snow it sparkled as the bows lay low...

The Stream it trickled
and it wandered so...
But the Mousiekin Family stayed in bed
and slept slow...

The weeds stood still and they didn't know

that an opossum searched with his tail in tow...

But the Mousiekin Family stayed in bed
and just slept slow...


Psalm 46:10

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
3 John 1:2
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  1. Oh LINNIE!!! THE MOUSE FOLK, YOU HAVE THE MAGIC and the best thing is, YOU LOVE JESUS!!!!! Oh, our home, it is like yours...filled with little mice and whimsical friends all created by blog pals, myself and drawings. THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT ME and may God bless you evening dearest...I loved the way you INHALED all the silence! tteheeeeee Anita

  2. I think the mousekin family has the right idea!! I would have loved to stay in bed but I had to take my husband to the airport at 4:30 am ...and it was freezing here ...We had snow here today as well if you can believe it lol!! I took pictures it was so pretty. I grew up in Niagara Falls Ontario and Niagara Falls New York, so I am no stranger to the snow :) but it has been awhile since I have been in it. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures ~Have a wonderful Sunday Love Heather

  3. Okay I can't believe your in Youngstown lol!! small world indeed. My mother in law lives in Ransomville and we do have some family and friends in Youngstown I may need to rattle off some names to may even know some of our friends or family lol....How funny!! Youngstown is a beautiful place to live and it's where I met my husband :) ~Love Heather

  4. tehehe your cracking me up lol!! My mother in Law lives on Curtis ave. and my neice goes to the elementary school and my nephew lives just a few down and across the road from the porter mart...My mother in laws last name is Kushner in case you may know her. They moved to Ransomville my husbands senior year in highschool which was in 91, so he graduated at Wilson High School. We probably have run in to each other before at the Porter mart LOL!! or maybe at the Tops in Lewiston that is where my Aunt works :) funny isn't it!!! ~Love Heather

  5. Oh Linnie...that spinning wheel is just beautiful! Is a walking one, isn't it?


  6. Dear Linnie,

    Your sleepy mice are so cute and awwww little baby mouse all tucked in its crib in a bonnet looks adorable! Looks like mother Mousekin got her quilt finished! Love the winter photograph of the snow covered pasture and barn! You have a fine collection of spinner's delights!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  7. Oh sweet Linnie, you are a kindred spirit as well...I just fell in love with your blog the moment I saw it; I have not posted on Nowhere for quite a while due to a busy weekend schedule. The weekends are usually when I draw, but with our home renovation, that has not happened! But my husband, Penny, The Dutchess and Jackie, we have had the most marvelous year of fun together. Our newest member Christel is also a believer. We so love one anothers work and have a blast. Thank you so much for visiting and your kind, kind spirit. God be praised!!! AND I LOVE THE MICE! teeeeeeheeeeee! OH! You must, YOU MUST see Penny's little sculptures on her blog, ANGELSDOOR. She is the queen of MICE! And The Dutchess draws Miss Moussie, a darling mouse. I draw Tea Rat and Rattus, two bumbling intellectuals that just capture hearts...come again soon! Anita

  8. Dear Linnie,I just read your post from Sunday and just adored it.Thats what I like, christians like me who can IMAGINE-Just think all we can try to imagine can never be as wonderful as what He has in store for us.

  9. Dear Linnie
    So nice to meet you.. Yes, I see dear friend Anita here.. and I am blushing upon reading her praise of me.. I must thank her for sending you over to meet Bebe.
    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    I LOVE YOUR LITTLE MICE... They are so endearing. The way you have displayed them is perfect!
    I must follow along with you. You have such a beautiful blog.

  10. Pictures of calm and beauty outside your picture I truly know the reason for that name.

    I love your mouse world. My girls would love it too.

  11. Appreciate and love your story,Ive had moments like that too.One was in the 70s also. My best friend and I were hiking in Big Sur, same thing happened.Love God's gifts.

  12. Dear Linnie,

    My Land, where did you get those gorgeous curtains? I would be too busy looking at them, to see outside! :)

    The Mousekins seem to be doing quite well, and have the right idea about staying in bed! We've spent lots of time there (in the Land of Counterpane) these past few weeks. It's good to be back in the Land of the Living!

    I hope that you are having a most wonderful week, spinning more wonderful tales for us.



  13. Well those little Mouskins have quite a cozy lil shoe,er bed. I don't blame them one bit for taking it easy and taking it slow. OH, we do have the same curtains, don't you just love them?
    I see my buddies Anita and Penny are here... that is because they have good taste.

  14. I love your spinning wheels. Thank you for this sweet treat...I felt your peace!

  15. Thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. After stopping by yours for a visit, I realized that we are going to be friends. I just love the Japanese Youtube and watched it twice. How peaceful. I feel I wanted to know her and go visit the garden. Thanks for sharing, dear friend.
    Lady Estelle

  16. This is absolutely precious!! I too, love those sweet lace curtains!
    What a teensy weensy mousekin family all nestled in for a long winter's nap....adorable!
    Happy spring blessings,

  17. Dear Linnie and Christie,

    We are so glad that you and Christie found each other as we all have so much in common!!! Also, that you found our dear talented Cousin Jeri!!!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and Tillie the Mouse and the Dolls at the Corgyncombe Courant