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The Morningstar Grist Mill

Photo by Linnie

There are many secret historical treasuries of great invention
hidden away awaiting our (re)discovery!

When we read about "Bread"  in the Old Testament
we probably give little thought to how Flour was processed!

And I will bring a morsel of bread
that you may refresh your hearts
                                             Genesis 18:5

Grinding grain can be traced back to the earliest historical times.
 A Roman type slave turned  mill "Catillus" (millstone)
Was found at the ruins of Pompeii

Photo by Linnie

 by Linnie
 by Linnie
Mill Pond

Photo by Linnie
The Morningstar Grist Mill of
St. Catharines Ontario Canada bares such an Invention.
The Grist Mill is part of a historical backbone of the building
of the North American Continent 
Built in 1872 , the millstones (flinty burr stones) were
brought over on ships from France.
Read details here:


Photo by Linnie

Water Wheel


Photos by Linnie


In 1785 Oliver Evans (from America) introduced his automated
Flour Mill which produced altra fine flour 

Oliver's own diagram

Photo by Linnie


Photo by Linnie

by Linnie
a machine called a  bolter, using different sized
 screens, sift the white flour from the bran.



"Grist" is any material that is being processed by a mill.

by Linnie

by Linnie

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by Linnie

Scottish stone masons were known for their expertise
 (they also were chief builders of the
Locks for Canals in America and Canada)

In the book Long Cold Winter
by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Laura and her sisters had to grind their own grain to
 make Bread in the coffee mill to survive
through the winter......

The Mousekin Family have their own resource!

If you are interestested to learn more about the
 history and workings of the  Mill
here are great sites:

Theodore R. Hazen & Pond Lily Mill Restorations:

Please check this site:
(For extraordinary mill information)

A Glossary of Mill Terms:

This Book is mostly
about industrial mills
but very informitive:

a great Canadian
search for Mills Book
Ontario's Historic Mills

Product Details

Product Details
(Gluten Free)

Product Details

Product Details

                                                             Rose Levy Beranbaum

Rose's press photo 3

LEARN ABOUT the mechanics of a GRIST MILL
From the Old Sturbridge Village Website: 

                               WEBSITES OF WORTHY INTREST:

Morninstar Mill

This Site is Packed with valuable information
worth visiting:
Pine Creek Grist Mill

MaryJane Butters:Black and white photo of our historic Flour Mill

Bob's Red Mill Greatest products!
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                                                                             © 2006 Morningstar Mill all rights reserved

Owen Mouskin says:
"Go out and explore History"!

And wine that makes glad the heart of man,
Oil to make his face shine,
 And bread which strengthens man’s heart.
                                                                            psalm 104:15

                                                      And I will bring a morsel of bread,
 that you may refresh your hearts
                                                  Genesis 18:5


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
3 John 1:2
Do You Know JESUS?
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“Blessed is he who shall eat
 bread in the kingdom of God!”

                                                                 Luke 14:15


                                                         For the bread of God is He who
                                                            comes down from heaven
                                                           and gives life to the world
                                                                                                 John 6:33 

         You can also check out "The Calamity Girl" website for more Morningstar info 
Decew Falls Morningstar Mill Movie 2011 St Catharines Ontario Canada Linda Randall Narrates


  1. Very interesting post....thanks so much for sharing...blessings on your weekend

  2. Linnie, We have two historic gristmills in our little county. They are silent now, and hidden away beneath ancient trees, but I love to visit them once in a while.
    The Mousekins must have purchased their wonderful woodstove from the Sears and Roebuck catalog, 1898. We have the same one! Doesn't it just bake THE best bread?!

  3. Oh Linnie...this is a wonderful post! You know how much I (heart) grinding my own wheat :-)

    Than you for sharing so much information dear friend,

    Be blessed,

    ~ Maria ~

  4. Another great post from a creative girl. When did you go the Grist Mill, we will have to take a trip there together. The mousekins are always very busy! I love them!!

  5. I just did a posting on my blog on a working gristmill that my daughter and I visited in March. Even as I type this, she is getting ready to make some pancakes from their flour. Best pancakes I've ever eaten! And the diner in the same town as the gristmill makes their pancakes from the mill's flour and has been earning awards!
    Here's the link to my posting, if you're interested:

  6. Dear Linnie and the Mousekins,

    How we love old mills, especially stone mills! They are so pretty with their falling waters! We think the Mousekins are getting a fun ride on the grinder turning wheel as it turns round and round! Tell Missy Mousekin that she best hang on to her tail and keep it tucked in a bit as she may get her tail caught as the wheel goes up and around! What a cute kitchen set up Millie has!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and Tillie the Mouse at the Corgyncombe Courant

  7. Dear Linnie,

    What a wonderful post! You put so much love into your blog, and it shows. :)

    We'll have to do a lesson on grist mills tomorrow for homeschool!



  8. That is wonderful...oh makes me miss Canada!~ Great pictures I felt like I was on a wonderful field trip!! how cute the mousekins lol!! How's your week going? I heard there was snow today oh my I would have run outside with my hairdryer and melted it all for sure!! Do you like the Wegmans peanut donut. I just think that they are wonderful I can't eat gluten anymore but I often daydream about those donuts lol. I used to love in the winter to go get a coffee and Wegmans donut. Hopefully this summer I will be able to get back and visit with my family I have been feeling a little homesick California is very different from where I grew up....I hope it warms up and you get some lovely sunshine ~Have a Blessed week!! Love Heather

  9. Dearest,
    I visited a gristmill many years ago here in Tennessee and recently my husband watched a program about the huge stones that were shipped over from Europe. It was fascinating..each stone carved in it's own signature way.

    I see your mousekins cookstove...just like Patty-Patty' goodness how good it is to connect with you girls!

    Enjoyed sharing this beautiful post with my sweet husband last evening...looking forward to each new visit.
    Blessings overflowing,

  10. Thank you,very nice info.and photos you shared with all of us.

  11. Oh Linnie, what a great post! I felt like I was there.. Beautiful photos of the Grist Mill and so much information. I will need to come back again and visit all the links you have listed.. Thank you for sharing this. I just love your mousekins!
    You are so kind to visit today and leave such a sweet note... Thank you

  12. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing this wonderful place!



  13. Pure delight! Everyone keeps telling me I need to get to know you more! Many pictures were my favorite. When you take us on a tour, we really get the tour. Delightful adventure for sure!
    Cheers to history and imagination and all the little mice in the world!
    Love sent on a fairy's wings...or perhaps an angel.
    Friend also of Anita's and Shelleys, Denise and Penny's. I'm Gretta and Pippit Priceless on Nowhere!

  14. Fascinating post, so many wonderful pictures and links that I don't know where to go first! We live a short 11 miles from a working mill and buy our grains there, so good! Really loved my visit and please...come visit me soon in Arkansas!

  15. Beautiful post, as always!! Sarah loves the Mousekin family! She says the stories are great! That was a nice time when we went to visit the Mill together. We will have to go again some time.
    Love always,
    Beth and Sarah

  16. This was a neat post. I got my own personal mini history lesson today about the grist mill. :)

    At any rate, thank you for following my blog. You seem to have a lovely place as well, so I'm going to "follow" you right back. :)


  17. This is an incredibly comprehensive post! Must have taken you so long - thanks so much for sharing. I adore all the photos - looks like a place I would love!

  18. Very nice pictures and post, thanks for sharing:)

  19. Linnie, Wonderful idea you have given me about growing the bird house gourds while the grapes take their time climbing up the arbor. I know that gourd vines grow quickly and I shall be purchasing my seeds pronto!

  20. Thanks so much!I appreciate your comments and your visits.

  21. Dearest Linnie~ I so loved your post.there are always new things to be learned! Have a lovely evening, Smiles~