Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moving In !!

Well it took two extra days for the renters to be out, but finally on the 3rd 

we were able to set foot into our Home!

Come, walk through with us!


will show you through the first floor.....

Pixie can show you upstairs...

(she is wondering why someone would paint a ceiling
so dark)!

This is the Studio....
( I've already picked the new color)

with many skylights and windows!

Here is the only Wallpaper left unpainted

The renters didn't even leave things that were screwed on,
not even the hooks for the curtain rods....
( I kinda like that wallpaper)

But they did leave these 1,2,3,4,5,........
 SIX hungry kittens!
Would anybody like a KITTEN????

The Mousiekin Family are thrilled to be in their new home!!!

 They are taken in by the PEACE , QUITE, and BEAUTY
Much much PAINTING to do, and a bit of changing too!

But from out side the Kitchen window the BIGGEST BLESSING of all,
 my MOMMY is with us, recovered so well from a VERY close call!!
Just a few months ago ( Pulmonary embolism)
 The Lord is so GOOD!!


Some neat carvings on the Barn wall
Crow and Shely 1904


Harris 1907

The new House is 1 hr away from our previous house.
We have been driving our things in a pickup with a pull trailer.
 Each time we passed this rain soaked lump of red on the
 side of the road in the trash. I just knew it was a hand braided rug.
 So on the last run I begged Hubby-Bear to stop for a rescue!
And he so valiantly did!! (and very heavy it was)

Isn't it marvelous??
( it dried wonderfully on the line)

I have been with out Internet and phone till today.
I've missed you all so much...
Now I shall come and visit you!!
(after I go and get the new PAINT)!!!!!!!
 (LOTS and LOTS)!!
Love Linnie

  Beloved, I wish above all things 
and be in health, even as thy soul prosper
 that thou mayest prosper
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  1. Linnie dear ~
    I certainly do!
    Many blessings to you and
    yours in your new home...
    Great bones in that structure....anxious to see
    what you are going to do to
    enhance it. You've become
    a savior of carpets of sorts
    and what a splendid discovery you made. Enjoy it
    Fondly ~

  2. congratulations!!! what an amazing home! that all that history! What an epic project! Its beautiful :)

  3. Oh my, your new home looks gorgeous! It must be nice to finally get to set foot in your new place. Some of the colors the previous owners used were a bit odd, but I'm sure that's why you are getting paint to take care of that problem! :)

    The Mousekins look very comfortable already in their new abode. Also, I'm so thankful that your precious Mother is still with you, praise God for that!

    Anyway, take care! I truly have missed you Dear Lady! :)

  4. Rude renters!!!

  5. Linnie,

    It is oozing charm right and left. I can not wait to see you add your extra touch in the days to come, what fun!

    I like the outside stone grill, another treasure.

    Be sure to get nights of good sleep.You are going to be so rapturously busy.

  6. Oh Linnie...what a lovely home! And all those wonderful windows and high walls (can you tell I live in a cottage :) Congratulations sweet lady! How marvelous that Our Lord provided and that your mommy is with you and will be with that a outside oven you have? oh, the bread you could make in there! - yum!



  7. Happy for you all. An enchanting new home.

  8. Oh Linnie,

    We can not wait to come and stay at your new house!!! I am so honored!!

    Love you so much!!


  9. Oh how exciting I just love your new home if I am ever back that way visiting my parents I do hope I can invite myself over for tea hehehe :) I can't wait to see the colors you choose are you going to do light neutrals??? very curious. Oh dear the poor kittens well they will keep out the mice hopefully they have an outside place to stay. I can't wait for our stuff to arrive still at least 2 more weeks all I want is my bed and my cowboy boots lol!! Cute picture with the mousekins and so nice to visit with you again I missed you ~Have fun decorating and getting settled in ~Love Heather
    and much Praise for your dear Mother's recovery....God is so Good!!

  10. I missed you, Linnie! I hope you got the Williamsburg postcard I emailed you last week, congratulating you on finally moving in...

    Oy, some of those colors! (The first to go with me would be the Pepto Bismal pink, lol!

    The house is truly amazing, and I can see past any bad previous decor---I am so, so happy for you both,
    Love and hugs,

    PS Did you ever get the old papers about the house??

  11. How exciting - a new home - and so spacious!!! Looking forward to all the fix-er-up photos along the way to settling in! Your Mousekins will love their new digs - do keep us updated on all your new colors and decor!
    Miss Kathy

  12. Linnie, you will have such fun renovating this beautiful home!
    She is a grand lady.
    You will bring out her true beauty again :-)
    What a blessing to have such wonderful and historic house to live in.
    And to have your dear mother with you is such a grace!
    Hope your family have many happy years there!

  13. I love the layout. So pretty:) We just moved into our new place and their were cats left behind too. Have a great day!

  14. How marvelous to see photos ...and you! Back at last! Welcome home, to a dream come true! Yes, God is good, and He will pour blessings that will ease the disappointments....heartsick for you over the papers...
    But look at that rug...Linnie! O H my GOoDNEss! It is magnificent!
    And precious little mousiekins family...we must have an address to mail housewarming treats;)))
    Much love to you, dearest!

  15. Dear Linnie,

    Ooh, what a home you have! I'm sure it was worth the wait, and that you'll have it all gussied up in no time. :)

    The kittens are so blessed to have such a tender-hearted lady move in; I hope the older fellows treat them nicely!

    And Mommy looks like she's doing much better; tell her "hello" for me. May you have lots of time to explore your new property, too.



  16. Six kittens, oh well, you have lots of room! They can pester the heck out of Mr Stubbs. What a wonderful time you will have renewing these great house bones, that pink paint has got to go as soon as possible!
    I love the stone steps leading to the door and the tall windows. The studio appears huge, lucky you!
    There is nothing quite as nostalgic as living in an historical house. I am really happy for you.


    I AM SOOOOOO LATE due to very early morning obligations to get my husband to work and then MYSELF, clear on the other side of TOWN!!! THIS IS are finally in! Much to do indeed, but the transformation is the most fun part of all!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENTHUSIASM and kindness during your visit! School holds me back from doing all the things I really want to do..but we shall see what comes of my art.


  18. Its a wonderful home...I hope you and yours will be ever so happy under its roof....Thankful your mama is well...what a blessing! The rug by the roadside was a great fine....can't imagine why someone would think it trash....but,you found a true treasure in it. Blessings dear Linnie.

  19. Linnie,Thank you so much!Your comment made me feel so much better.oh, just to know you had a few days like I did.I'm getting better -how about you, hope your o.k.

  20. Congrats on moving into your new home! It looks like a lovely place. I rather like seeing the kitties meandering around in the grass. The rug you picked up is beautiful. Wonder what made them throw it out? I'm so glad you Mom is doing well!

  21. Stopping over from Colonial Quills. What fun it was to see your new home, so much character! Looks like a wonderful place with so much potential to really make it your own. I agree with Heather, that studio is amazing. Many blessings to you there!

  22. Dear Linnie,

    We enjoyed the tour of your new home! We have little windows under the eaves that we call Corgi Windows, all you can see are the silhouette of their ears sticking up at night! Our little windows are down near the floor. The pump and the urn look so nice near the steps. We loved seeing Ivy leading the tour downstairs and Pixie leading us upstairs. You'll have it painted up to your preference in no time and then you can enjoy placing all of your favorite things about! Sorry that you didn't get the papers and photos, as we know you would have appreciated them and loved to have had them! The Mousiekins do look like they're enjoying the view at their new home. We guess they better keep their eye out for the six hungry kitty clan! What a pretty serendipitous find you discovered in the rain soaked rug! How blessed you all are that your Mommy recovered to enjoy this wonderful place! You will enjoy keeping and caring for your animals in such a nice old barn!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and Tillie Tinkham the mouse at the Corgyncombe Courant

  23. Hi Linnie thank you for the tour of your new home..I just love it.. Looks nice and big.. What will you do with the six kittens? Guess they thought they would leave you a house warming present.. Thanks for sharing.. Hugs.. God Bless