Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Happieness is An Old House"

                             .... And the BLESSINGS of FRIENDS... 

 Don't you just LOVE artwork that reveals something NEW
 each time you look at it?

That's how it is when you look at the art of Jeri Landers
 an  ARTIST, Author Illustrator, Scherenschnitt  extraordinaire!
What an honor to receive a wonderful
House Warming gift from Dear Jeri
of  Hopalong Hollow

(I just love how it fits in this perfect spot)
Thank You Sweet Jeri!!


I thought you would like to see how nice many of the antiques and furnishings
that we moved over here fit in our new "OLD" Home

The dinningset fits nicely
on a hand braided rug made by my Grandma
Omi (my Mommy's Mother)
(Just for me back when I was only a little girl for "someday" when I was to marry)

Some pieces from (my late Daddy's English Grandma)
and some from my German Grandma "Omi"
and my Dear late Mother in Law
 fit so nicely together on this built in cupboard

                  A China set that came over with my Mom from Berlin on the
                                              " Queen Mary" after WWII

A handmade table made by my Daddy's Father

A cradle made for my first Baby by my Daddy

Books on the built in bookshelf

...the Mousiekin Family are busy arranging these books!!!

A favorite drop-leaf table from my Daddy's Grandmother

and upstairs,

A corner cabinet Flea Market find with odds and ends,

 "Omi's" quilt

A braided rug that Mommy made

We are working on Mommy's guest room
(it took three coats to cover the dark navy blue ceiling)

The upstairs bathroom entrance

Some favorite spinning antiques

It was quite a job moving the Loom in!

An Amish made Cupboard

The favorite Crossstitch made by my Auntie Karin

My favorite pots

(still painting)

Thank you so much for sharing my joy
and delight!
Many many Blessings to you!
 Hugs and Love, Linnie
Hubby Bear and I have been spending much time lately
at the house that we are moving from,
bringing still more things and
getting it ready to sell.
We do not have Internet there
so I haven't been able to visit you much lately,
but I shall be catching up with you soon!!!
Beloved, I wish above all things 
                                                                                                               and be in health, even as thy soul prosper
 that thou mayest prosper
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Jeri Landers Busy Bee Quilting Club 300pc Jigsaw Puzzle
I just bought this puzzle!!
(by Jeri)


Product Details

Product Details


The Old House
by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis 
"The old house awoke one morn,
And stretched from eave to eave,
He looked about his neighborhood,
And did not like what he perceived.
Up and down and cross the street,
All his old friends were gone,
Through the years, they'd disappeared,
Demolished and torn down.
He shook his chimney slightly,
With dismay and in despair,
It broke his heart to see
The newer houses rising there.
First one was built, and then another,
Soon a whole group that looked like clones,
Identical in style and size,
A row of postage stamp, small homes.
He was amazed at their construction,
Each built of steel, concrete,  and glass,
His aging shutters shuddered,
To see them go up so fast.
For the foundation of each house,
Cold, grey cement was poured,
Which was topped by sheets of plywood,
Unlike his handsome hardwood floors.".....

 Read full poem by  HERE:

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
(Copyright October 2004 ~ Revised 2008)


  1. It all looks so very beautiful. It looks like "home". Lots of luck to you and yours!

  2. Love all you're doing turning a house into a home - keeping past generations alive through the things that had been a part of their lives. Cherishing all the china and furnishings and hand made items and stewarding them as tangible representations of loved ones - preserving their stories for the next generation! Oh! Sometimes I think I missed my calling as an historian - a museum curator - I'd be good at that. So, I make my house a museum - just like yours. Every corner tells a story. May all our stories be His Story . . .
    Joy as you move!
    P.S. I own a number of your books and the Shepherdess picture, and once had a loom - but had to leave it behind on my last move.

  3. Very cozy. I can see me sitting in your parlour sipping tea with you.

  4. Oh My...you have been truly blessed with so many beautiful things!

    They all fit so well with the feel of the home.

    And you have made it so cozy and comfortable :)

    Now...enjoy it! :-D


  5. Dear Linnie,

    Wow, I can see that you've been mighty busy! I am so grateful that you took the time to send me the wonderful parcel that came yesterday. I could feel the love inside, and everyone is making full use of their gifts today!

    I love Omi's quilt, and the handmade rugs, and the cradle, and table, and all the others which are made more precious by the memories they hold. I hope that things settle down quickly for you, and that you have a nice fire to snuggle down in front of as the weather turns.

    Love and blessings, dear Linnie,


  6. Linnie, I don't know where to begin. I love all your built in cupboards, the lovely china sets ( is some of it Transfer ware?), mommy's braided rug, and the LOOM! You have cozied up every corner and made it your own. I adore the coziness of the stair landing. It seems that their is a built-in cubby hole for every single thing. I am so glad you could find a perfect spot for the House Blessing.
    OH! Where did you find the puzzle? On Amazon? You know, I have all 4 of my puzzles and have NEVER put one of them together! I should do that. Bless you my friend, and have a lovely week.

  7. Your home is looking so beautiful! How homey and beautiful. I love that framed art too! And is your book on the tall grass prairie about the tall grass prairie reserve in Oklahoma? That's just about an hour from where I live :)

  8. What a lovely post and a very lovely home...with so many treasures...the tables,cradle and the rug...treasures indeed....many blessings on your new,old house.

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog. Yours is delightful. I love all the special nooks and crannies of your house. So sweet. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    I hope you do stop by soon and enter my cottage giveaway.


  10. Your home is SO beautiful! I LOVE all the vintage furniture and decore. It's simply gorgeous! My husband enjoyed looking at the photos too. :)

    I was really impressed with the rugs your mother and grandmother made. Those must have took a great deal of time. Your grandmothers quilt was lovely as well. You are so blessed to have such items in your home.

    Anyway, take care, and tell The Mousekin Family I say, "Hello." :)

  11. Wow Linnie, everything looks elegant and wonderful!
    You have a beautiful collection of antiques and family heirlooms.
    It's very special to have pieces from your grandparents which you can pass down the generations!

    My hubby likes to look at what your doing in your new home too - as an antique furniture restorer and collector himself, he finds it just as interesting as I do :-)

    It would be so hard to pick a favourite from what you've shown us..but I must say, I LOVE the cradle your father made!
    You are a very blessed lady- and gifted at making a beautiful home for your family!
    Thanks for sharing it with us, my friend.
    much love in Jesus..Trish

  12. Oh sweet Linnie, LOOK AT YOUR HOME, YOUR ABODE, TA MAISON, TU CASA!!!! Oh, this is perfect for you, for the lovely and historical part of the country where you live! YOu must be having a blast, decorating, primping and putting every sweet article in its place. And JERI, her spirit is in your house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have two of her books and it is so enchanting to have the work of those you love.

    MAY GOD'S BLESSINGS ABIDE in every room and inch of that home!! Anita

  13. Very nice I enjoy the tour of your home.. Hope all is well with you Blessings..

  14. Your house is so beautiful!! you are so BLESSED:) I will be praying you settle in well, and your new home will be a place of comfort and shelter and love for all your days there!! And one day I hope to have tea with you there too!! :) Love Heather

  15. Dearest!!! Your home is absoultely taking my breath away! Every single piece has found its home, there:)))

    Please stop back by...photos are up..finally!!!

    I miss you, tooooo! and Terribly!!! But life is great and hectic...but good hectic...not bad hectic....filled to rim with good stuff.

    I keep you in my prayers, for a move can be as draining ever; especially all the little (and big) loose ends.

    Big big hugs to you, and blessings to you both!!

  16. OH LINNIE! THANK YOU for letting us in through the back door here! I LOVE YOUR POTS and all the cozy corners of your NEW HOME! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh can I come over to meet you and Jeri and Christie? AND THE MOUSEKINS!!!!!!! OH JOY. And your kind encouragement and enthusiasm has lifted me up...HALLELUJAH! Anita

  17. hello
    your home looks very cosy with all the nice items. i love the china from your mother and i love books.
    thanks for sharing!!!!!
    have a wonderful day in your cosy home,
    blessings regina

  18. How beautiful you have made your new home - the loom is just amazing! And I instantly recognised Jeri's gorgeous, unmistakable work. It looks as if you have been there for many, many years, a real home.

  19. TO THINK...that my CASTLE....will be in this lovely, wonderful house. LINNIE!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAME AND CONQUERED THE CASTLE!

    I am so grateful for your SUPPORT! I just edited something I forgot to say:

    Delivery will be 5-7 days, more like 5, but I am new at this. COMING UP!!!!!! Many thanks queen Linnie! The Mousekins will have a castle in the clouds!

    BISOUS, Anita

  20. Your blog is lovely. I was also privileged to receive a lovely gift from Jeri Landers. Is she not the most gifted woman? I just love her work. What a treasure she is. I am your new follower. Enjoy that home. I have lived in an old house for 22 years. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4 Ontario, Canada

  21. It's wonderful how you have so many things that were made and handed down by family members. Your china is beautiful and it all looks lovely and cozy. Very homey. The Scherenschnitt art is gorgeous!

  22. I might just be speculating here but I would think your family members would take great store in knowing how treasured their things are to you. You have some lovely heirlooms. Speaking of "looms", do you weave on that loom?

  23. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LINNIE! YOU GOT IT? YOU GOT IT and it came to you intact? teehee...i was so worried that the mailer is not sturdy enough, but my husband assures me that it will be OK! DO YOU LIKE IT? Getting the right color from the printers is time consuming, and he gave me what he could...if you put it just under the right light, or let the sun shine on it, IT SPARKLES LIKE CRAZY! Let us always remember HIS castle that he has waiting for all those that love Him...blessings my dear sweet blogger pal and sister in Christ AND...Etsy customer!

    BISOUS, ANita

  24. Dear Linnie,

    Jeri's Scherenschnitte print looks lovely and welcoming in your new old house! Love your dishes displayed in the cupboards! How delightful to have tea with a teapot that came over on the "Queen Mary". What an elegant table your grandfather made! What a sweet cradle your father made for you! Domestic & Darling Daisy has acquired one almost identical to it for her Baby Doll. The chenille bedspread in your Mommy's guest room looks so pretty and reminds me of one I had on my bed when I was growing up. What a grand display of spinning wheels and love the loom next to the window!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  25. Dear Linnie,
    As always you have done a beautiful job! I cannot believe you only moved in a short time ago. Your lovely home looks as if you have always nested there.
    Your colors are perfection!
    I would love to be there having tea and chatting with you.
    Well done, you!


  26. Hey there my Linnie Dar'lin
    You are doing an amazing job!
    Your Home is beautiful...
    We miss you so much! I have so much to tell you,,,
    Alxo you gotta see how big Missy Lilly has gotten! We all love her so much, Thank you

  27. My sweet and wonderful KEEPER OF MICE!!!!! (you must go to my team blog NOWHERE where BEBE the mouse, drawn by our beloved Penny, is sailing the HIGH SEAS!) YOU PRECIOUS FRIEND YOU!!!! Thank you for coming by to FLY AWAY with the strength of the wings GOD HAS GIVEN YOU to DO YOUR DREAMS....and I cannot thank you enough for shopping at my Etsy. THANK YOU!!! GROSSES BISES, Anita

  28. Dear Linnie,
    Sooooo nice of you to follow my little blog after seeing it on Anita's. I can tell that you and she are very close friends, and I'm so happy to meet another sister in Christ!! She is a treasure, isn't she?? I love that the first time I come here I am right at home in your cozy, warm old fashioned house! I can just smell the potpourri simmering on the stove!! I , too, love the old, and can really appreciate your china pieces and country vibe. And I, too, love those pots!! Le Creuset??
    I am going to follow you now!!
    dawne at quiddity2

  29. I want to say "cozy" for that is the warm feeling I get when visiting the corners of your house. But with these many lovely corners I get the feeling also that you have a large house - a good place for hide&seek. Your raspberry colored china is an impressive collection. How sweet the cradle is and how inviting the spinning corner is to a yarn-person. A braided rug is a true accomplishment. I've had the directions on how to make one on my shelf for years. It is on my wish list. Seeing your handsome heirloom brings me to my shelf to look for it.
    Thank you for sharing your special corners with us.
    One also fond of antique and Colonial country influences,
    Karen A.

  30. Linnie,
    I have to agree with Karen, your home is indeed cozy. And the raspberry china collection is beautiful and impressive. Isn't it nice to settle into home:-)

  31. PRECIOUS LINNIE!!!!!!!!!!

    MAY GOD BE PRAISED and worshipped in our hearts and actions...thank you dear heart for always coming with a SMILE that I can feel! I can only imagine that your Thanksgiving will have a country flair to it...so charming, so warm, so FABULOUS! Let us remember each other as we sit to say:

    DANK U
    and all the other lovely languages of the world! Anita

  32. Are you still real busy with moving in?Your new home is fantastic!Thank you for giving us all a tour.What beautiful goodies you have.That gift is amazing,I'm going to visit her blog.I hope you can relax and have a peaceful Thanksgiving.May the Lord of all bless your new home and all who dwell there-Denise

  33. Oh thank you for introducing me to your lovely friends blog -what fun!

  34. All of your favorite things surround you, it's our nest, our paradise, we call it Home Sweet Home! Jere's art is one of a kind and if possible, can make a home feel even more welcome with her sweet words.

  35. Congrats my dear Sweet Linnie
    We miss you so much! I told you your pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  36. Hey you gal! Have a lovely Thanksgiving, I hope you will be enjoying it in your old house for the first time.

  37. I love your collection of spinning wheels and you loom. Your home is looking very nice.

  38. This looks quite amazing! I love all the handmade things in your house! Amazing talent - you do have a wonderful old house filled with treasures! Loved my visit today,

  39. Dear Linnie,
    I haven't heard from you in so long. I just want to wish you the most Merry Christmas---your first in your beautiful dream house!


  40. My dearest Linnie & Gary,
    Miss Lilly and family miss you so very much. Where qre you? Hope all is well. We are getting worried... Luv and big hugs and a kiss & Purrr from critters.<3

  41. Linnie, We hope all is well with you and your kin. We are thinking of you and send our love and good tidings from the Hollow.
    Jeri and the critters

  42. Hi, I just found you blog and love it. You have a fabulous home. I enjoyed the tour very much.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  43. Hi Linnie, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!
    Many blessings to you for the New Year!
    Hope all is well with you,dear lady.
    Been missing you in blogland :-)
    love in Jesus..Trish