Monday, October 8, 2012

Tutti Frutti New England Butt'ry Shelf Style

"The Butt'ry (properly spelled buttery
of course) is a small room with a smell of good
things to eat and a look of delicious plenty.
It is located  next to the kitchen in a cool
corner of  the house."...

           Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

"Here too is kept the crock of
tutti frutti, which is as part of
 the Butt'ry equipment as anything
else you can see there.
It holds two gallons of rich fruit
sauce for ladling generously onto
a plate of vanilla ice cream or
 a slice of sponge cake, and
I've known many a time when
a finger was surreptitiously
dipped and popped into an
appreciative mouth for
elegant tasting."

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

 "The jar is always empty by the
time the first fresh strawberries
are brought in from the garden,
washed clean then, and a pint of
the very best brandy poured in.
Two cups of firm red-ripe
strawberries are sliced in half
and added to the brandy, then
two cups of sugar on top." 

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

"This is stirred gently every day
with a long handled wooden spoon
until the sugar is dissolved."

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

19 And the land shall yield her fruit,
and ye shall eat your fill,
and dwell therein in safety.
Leviticus 25:19


"Next fresh pineapple is pealed,
sliced, and cut into small wedges."

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)


" Peaches cut in generous cubes
after skins have been removed"

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

"This is stirred carefully
after each addition until
sugar has melted in.
Several thicknesses of cheesecloth
laid across the mouth of the jar,
with the lid on top, keep out
fruit flies "

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

" This is kept at least a month
before tasting, to "marry" the
fruit  flavors"

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)


Tutti Frutti

A stone jar (with a cover)
Awaits the libation 
of arrrac, poured over
One bottle its ration.
Of fruit in its season,
Pineapple raspberry,
The peach with its bloom on,
A well as cherry,
And strawberries Rosy,
One pound you will take,
And in kitchen so cosy
This rich compound make.
But of sugar three quarters
In weight will will be best
And one of your daughters
will stir this with zest.
For a day or two after
Each fruit is immersed,
With cheer and with laughter,
This may be rehearsed,
Eat this fruit by itself,
Better still with ice cream,
In a dish of old delf,
'T is a poem- a dream
           Mrs. H. L. Hallett
        The Kirmess
           Cook Book 1887


Mama and Papa Mousiekin
 are looking forward to enjoying
theirTutti Frutti on
Christmas Eve!! 


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prosper
that thou mayest prosper
3 John 1:2

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 Hope you enjoyed
 Blessings Love and Hugs

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  1. My dearest Linnie,
    lovely blog post and pictures as always. We have been thinking of you as Miss Lilly and Tequila have been having such fun about the house. We are glad to see yummy fruit and the mousekin's. Hugs and Blessings ...Missing you both.

  2. Oh how wonderful this tutti frutti is I must try this sometime soon I am not eating much sugar right now but I will have to print this out and tuck it away in my book to try in the future for sure ~Have a great week ahead Love Heather

  3. Such a lovely post and the photos were wonderful.. I love cookbooks and that one sounds divine..
    God bless...

  4. I really enjoyed all your photos, quotes, scriptures and poem! This tutti frutti looks delicious! Lovely post. :)

  5. Oh Linnie...what a delicious way to have fruit over pound cream...muffins...bread... ;-D

    Thank you my friend for sharing.


  6. I was not hungry until I saw this post, now my mouth is watering. God’s Word is like that, when we hear it, our heart longs for more, our parch soul thirst for the watering of His Word, the sweet aroma of His Spirit. As a deer pants after water, so my soul does for God.

  7. LINNIE< That is just the most delicious looking concoction, and pretty too! I simply love your buttr'y and your stove is marvelous. Such a wonderful cozy place, I wish I could sit there with you and enjoy that fruity treat.

  8. Dear Linnie,

    Now how have I missed out on Tutti Frutti all this time? :) I have The Buttr'y Shelf Almanac, but I guess I'm going to have to get the cookbook, too!

    I've been thinking about and praying for you and your family. I'm sure there's still an empty dog-sized place in your hearts.



  9. Dear Linnie,

    Your Tutti Frutti looks delicious! Looks like the Mousiekins have been having a Tutti Frutti good time, too! The other day my kitchen smelled delicious as I was mixing up something with several fruits, too! I hope to blog about it, soon.

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse at the Corgyncombe Courant

  10. Hi Linnie, I hope this week has been a little brighter for you and your hubby.
    Your butt'ry is filled with beautiful things and you've inspired me to use some of my crocks for this recipe.
    I've never made Tutti-Frutti before, but I will be soon!
    It sounds delicious and fun to make.
    I absolutely love your stove - do you cook on it?
    I am still waiting for my woodstove to be moved into the house so I can fire her up :-)
    The book looks fabulous and I can't wait to check out the links you've given us.
    Thanks for such a lovely post.
    Have a very blessed day, my friend.
    love..Trish xx

  11. I've been thinking of you and yours and hoping your Thanksgiving was sweet--even if a bit bittersweet-- this year. ♥

    Love and Prayers,


  12. We've missed you Linnie. You always have such wonderful posts. Hope you are enjoying the cool, crisp weather way up north and that all is well. Sending you greetings from all in the Hollow! Jeri

  13. This is something so wonderfully fascinating to me.
    Your pictures were a wonderful addition too.

    I am sorry to hear about your pet. They have special places in our heart that is for sure.

  14. Dearest Linnie!!! How incredibly wonderful it was to see your sweet comments pop up...I squealed and told husband Tim, It's my Linnie!!! We are winding down from a whirlwind-way-too-busy Christmastide...and I am enjoying just knitting by the fire...thinking of all my wonderful kindreds across the miles.
    Much love and hugs, dearest...and a special little hello to Millie and the Mousiekins:)

  15. Dearest friend Linnie,
    This is a fabulous post! Thank you! I think of you so often in your lovely home and send you wishes for a very happy new year from the 'old brown cape in New Hampshire'!
    Love and hugs,

  16. I enjoyed this so much. I had never heard of a "buttery" before or seen this cookbook by Tasha even though I have many of her books. Thank you so much for linking to Open House!

  17. I was once given a skein of homespun wool titled "Tutti Frutti" as it was multi-colored. The colors blended so sweetly together. Now I know the history behind this phrase. Your pictures give a delicious look into the making of this traditional treat.
    Oh, I like your hooked-rug chair pad. I'm poised to hook another for my house.
    Karen A.

  18. Hi Linnie, I have my little Ezra here on my table and we wanted to say hello. I am sure you are looking forward to the upcoming garden season as we are. Hope all is well way up North. Hey, did you know that Country Living is doing a show in New York in June? You should try to make it!

  19. What a delightful blog! And the photos! Gorgeous. I'm drooling--over both the tutti-frutti and the lovely pantry. Wonderful! I'm inspired.

  20. Hello! Oh how lovely! I am a Tasha Tudor fan too-and a fan of your blog! Your pantry is amazing!!! I look forward to seeing more posts, and thank you so much for your nice comment and blog visit!

  21. I know you don't get over here much anymore, but want to thank you for visiting me whenever you've had a chance! Hope you are able to be up and running again one day. You are missed! Jeri