Friday, March 21, 2014

High Tea for 2 Birthdays

My Mom and I share a Birthday,
and it is on St Patrick's Day!!
(which made my late Irish Dad quite tickled)

We chose to celebrate Mom's 91st ..
...and my 60th with a High Tea 
( and they serve  Guten Free )

It was great fun......

 ..and I can say that ..
turning 60 was completely painless and easy!

Mommy and  I ....

... received lovely gifts

by Christine Lefever

the Doll Family eagerly greet
the new member at the Bleat'n Hum Baa Butt'ry


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
the BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY: High Tea for 2 Birthdays:
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of the Living Truth Ministries
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 Mildred Mousiekin and Missy 
hosted a delightful Tea for me as well,
and she made a wonderful Lamb Cake with a glazed 

She chose to serve Tasha Tudor's Welsh Breakfast Tea

This was my attempt at a Gluten Free 
Orange and Banana Lamb Cake
 (it didn't rise...maybe it was a "Passover cake  hee)
I just laid it flat and "Julia Child" proudly
served it anyway!!

And they did eat of the old corn of the land
 on the morrow after the Passover,
 unleavened cakes            Joshua 5:11

Mildred wore her German dirndl
but felt it quite appropriate as an Irish dress...

She also wore her Best "Tasha Tudor shawl" knitted by
her Dear Friend Eliza's Mistress Christie at;

Missy happily washed the dishes

Baking is a bit different with Gluten Free flours

I was very enthused to bake a "masterpiece"!!

Making an abundance of batter,
and not only did it not rise
 but I ripped the head  too
so I had to patch it!
But it still is fun experimenting
(next time I shall use more baking Soda 
and less whole oats)

It was still moist and delicious, but just wasn't
 plump enough to stand up right on the plate!

Hopefully the Easter Lamb Cake  
shall rise!!

And there shall be no more curse:
 but the throne of God and of the 
Lamb shall be in it;
 and his servants shall serve him
                                  Revelation 22:3   
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Mommy says:
"Enjoy your Loved Ones"!!!

Harley recommends 
Tasha Tudor Welsh Breakfast Tea 



  1. May I be on of the first bloggers to wish you Happy 60th! Now we are the same age. How sweet that you and mommy were born on the same day and that being St Pattys, AND what a beautiful group of ladies you ALL are. The TEA is simply splendid; the tea setting, the yummy spread,I am so hungry... just wonderful! And the presents! I have that B>POTTER garden book and your lamb mold too. We are so alike in our tastes. I figured you'd been snowed under these past weeks, I hope your weather is clearing up a bit? Glad you like my critters. I am making rabbits this week.

  2. What a great Tea party that was. I am very greatful to be part of the party. Glad you have come back to the Blogging world. That cake looks yummy! If it turned out half as good as the last one, I will need to come and get a piece. Sarah loved the mousekins' story. Love you, Beth

  3. Happy belated birthday!! And what a lovely day you and your mother had! A tea sounds just wonderful :) and a perfect girl's day out.

  4. Happy Birthday!! So great to visit with you again. The tea looks wonderful what great memories!! Love Heather

  5. Dearest Linnie,

    A very happy belated birthday to you and your mommy! How fun that you were born on the same day, and how wonderful to have your beautiful girls to share the day with you. I hope you have had a chance to sit and treasure your new books; they look like a wonderful addition to your library.

    May your gluten-free baking adventures be happy ones! As long as it's edible, that's the important thing. :)



  6. Oh my, what an amazing post, Linnie. Happy Birthday indeed! You are a friend after my own heart with your love of Tasha Tudor, dolls, pink lusterware, gluten free and more! Thank you for the honorable mention regarding Bella. I see she has found a heavenly home!

  7. How fun to have the same birth date as your mother. The high tea looks fabulous. Have you really turned 60? I'd like to do so with as much feminine grace and poise.
    The raspberry china reminds me of Tasha Tudor's pink Canton pictured in her books.
    The doll Bella appears to be a friendly country gal. I am quite fond of dolls.
    Your lamb birthday cake looks like it turned out wonderfully even in spite of it not meeting your expectations. Gluten-free is challenging.
    There is a gluten-free person in my family. Tapioca flour ended up helping me keep my cakes together.

    Silvana Nardone's all purpose flour blend makes 4 pounds. Whisk together. Store in container.

    6 C white rice flour (Bob's Red Mill)
    3 C tapioca flour (Shiloh Farms)
    1 1/2 C potato starch (Bob's Red Mill)
    1 Tb salt
    2 Tbl xanthan gum (Bob's Red Mill)

    I enjoyed my visit,
    Karen A.

  8. Many Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to you Linnie and to your lovely mom! What joy to celebrate your time together having tea! Everyone looked so lovely...

    Have a blessed week my friend...