Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The "Doll News" Spring Addition ..and Amy Anna and Pollina Want a New Dress..

Receiving something from the 
Tasha Tudor Family Store
is like getting a present from through the Post!!

Always wrapped so thoughtfully!

The "Doll News" Spring addition is 
PACKED with everything  that you would want to know about Tasha
and her Dolls and more. With contributors such as;

 Marjorie Tudor (Doll Maker and Tasha's Daughter-in-Law), 

 John Hare of Cellardoor Books,

an interview with Christine Crocker

Amy Anna
would like a new dress to celebrate the arrival of some new members to the Doll Family at Bleat'n Hum baa Farm'n Fiber.

She is finding inspiration from 
"A is For Anna Bell"
"The Dolls' Christmas"
By Tasha Tudor 

Missie and Mildred offered to help me with the project 

and Missie will learn how to use a treadle

 (perhaps Friend Miss Tillie Tinkham  
Seamstress Mouse at Corgyncombe
can share some pointers)

MaMa Mildred is eager to start measuring!

Pollina would like a pretty dress too!
And also would like a red wool peddler's cape and goods.

Aunt Bitty does not approve!
(actually she never approves of anything....
in fact her last name is Bitterish)

Beautiful "Bella" joined in March

by Christine LeFever

And Sisters "
Miss Mamie and Miss Emily .....

..... joined only weeks ago! 
They were sitting in an old restaurant
decorated and packed with many antique curiosities
all dusty and with price tags on all!
Ten dollars for each doll!!! But I only chose one!

 The lady said that the dolls were from a collector who made clothes and repaired old dolls. Home I went in love indeed....but a sleepless night 
sent me soon back for the other and a HAPPY reunion was a grand result!!!

"It's an anxious, sometimes 
dangerous thing to be a doll.
Dolls can not choose;
they can only be chosen;
they cannot "do";
they can only be done by;
Children who do not understand 
this often do wrong things,
and then the dolls are 
hurt and abused and lost;
and when this happens
dolls cannot speak,
nor do anything except
be hurt and abused and lost.

                                                              If you have any dolls 
you should remember that."
                       The Dolls' House
                         by Rumer Godden


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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                                            Meet some of  the Dollies that live at 
                                             The Bleat'n Hum Baa Farm'n Fiber

This is PAMMY!
My very FIRST bestist ever Dolly
since I was 2yrs 
we were inseparable
(in braids)
 with her long time friends 
Bitzy and Gretalynn

My Grandma "Omi" made this for Pammy.

Once as a Child my family had the great opportunity
 to visit a museum in Chicago. I was allowed to pick 
a souvenir and this beautiful Japanese Doll was my choise!

 Here is Mini and Minier along with Peg-doll Penny
and some Amish lill'ins

An Aunt who lived in New Mexico
used to send me the neatest gifts for no reason,
and Heidi was the most beloved surprise in a package!
The Older Girls down the street out grew Ginny, (right)
 and Cecile was acquired when I was a Teen at a yard sale

(She wants the Teddy)!

A pair of Dutch Dolls
brought back by Mommy
from a visit to Germany

Sweet yard sale finds

Greek Dolls
brought back by an Aunt

..there is another NEW addition
to the Family
Please Welcome:
 "Ashley Maggie May"

Many Blessings Warm Hugs and Love,


  1. Welcome Ashley Maggie May! are a delight!... mari

  2. I love Tasha Tudor too....used to pour over her books from the library. Her gardens were so pretty. Love your doll collection, and your new family member!

  3. What a nice post! Sarah thinks the dolls are brautiful! I do also. You have quite a collection of dolls. Sarah enjoys the mousekin story. Sarah eants to know what the mousekins have been up to lately. Thank you. Love Sarah and Beth

  4. Beffy and my Sarah bring the Dollies! Let's play Dolls!!
    Love Omi
    Can't wait till you come stay!!

  5. Maggie May is precious. Is she a corgi? Your dolls are so delightful, and how wonderful that you have some from your childhood. I wish I lived close enough to come play ;) blessings dear Linnie

  6. I would LOVE that Shelley!
    Yes :-D
    Ashley Maggie May is a Corgi,
    and a wonderful spontaneous anniversary surprise
    from my Dear HubbyBear!!
    A true Blessing indeed!

  7. LINNIE! AHHH! you are sharing a very special part of my life: toys. I still have two rubber boy dolls that I never ever wanted to give up. Long story about them, but basically, my mother gave one of them away while I was at school. I came home, crushed. Then years later after I got married, my mother in law who had an antique shop had this very same rubber boy in her shop. She gave him to me. HOWEVER, my husband and I moved away to Boston to go to school, so I gave "George" to my best friend to HOLD for me. SHE LOST HIM! However.....years later, she writes me to say, "Guess who I found." Yes, George is safe and sound with me! And during all that time, I have collected two more rubber boys and they are staying put! teeehee

    LINNIE DEAR! You must read The Waiting. It is a true story of God's faithfulness and love. IT IS A MUST! Thank you so much for coming and for being back in Blogland! Anita

  8. Linnie! YOU ORDERED IT! Excellent. It is still with me, and it is an extraordinary story of God's redemptive power. ENJOY! Anita

  9. Bella looks like a natural beauty. I don't know why I am saying this but my first impression of her is that she is hard working and generous - feminine but not a slave to current fashion. She appreciates music but never learned to play an instrument herself because she has been for years, so much taken up with taking care of her loved ones and the creatures on her homestead. And in the evening she hand-sews. There. I might be daft but when it comes to dolls and toys my imagination runs away with me.
    Your new corgi is sweet.
    Karen A.

  10. Karen I LOVE your thoughts on Bella!! Imagination is a necessary
    part of making a joyous heart!!
    I think she needs a suitor don't you? :-D

  11. Pollina, love her! I have a wooden penny with her original plaid dress, sweet. Aunt Bitty is my kinda sourpuss and Bella is, well, simply put, beautiful! I am glad you reunited the sisters, how else can they make "the recipe"?! The quote about the danger in being a doll is so true.My mother has a photo of me with a little half-haired doll, when I was about 4. I asked her what happened to the dolls hair and she told me I used to pull it out piece by piece and the doll was completely bald in the end...poor thing, I feel so guilty. Jeri Landers from Hopalong Hollow

  12. LINNIE! HELLO! I just got your comment and YES MA'AM! I am putting you on my list! Please stay in tune because I will be posting a reminder and if you get your post up on July 18, leave it up until July 25. Jeri Landers is joining too, and I can see you doing a fabulous post on ANYTHING about any European country of your choice. A story set in London, in the countryside? ANYTHING! OK, off to put your name and link. HUGS! Anita

  13. Dear Linnie,

    We're so glad that you went back for the other doll! Miss Mamie and Miss Emily should be together! What a sweet sweater/bonnet set your Omi made for Pammy! The Mousiekins are so cute, ready to help with your sewing! Love your doll collection!

    What fuzzy, adorable cuteness little Ashley Maggie May is! We know that you will love her and that she will love you!

    Hugs to you and Ashley Maggie May,
    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah, and the dolls and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse at Corgyncombe

  14. Dearest Linnie!
    I have missed all you sweet girls!
    My computer is finally finally fixed...thanks to sweet hubby:)
    Don't you just love your Bella! My Bella with Rose Stockings continues to add sweetness to our Rose Water Cottage:)
    So much is happening all at once, but I hope to get a post together, soon.
    I love and miss you my dear dear friend, and I can't thank you enough for your wonderful comments on the youtube videos!
    Blessings to you and hubby bear! and darling Ashley Maggie May!!