Friday, July 18, 2014

If I Should Go A Traveling....

If you peek inside the studio...

and among a lot of books...

you will see that a sweet theme persists..
with in the pages where I love to look

                           it urges my thoughts and entangles the mind
                                                           to go to a place that I'm prone to love 

                                                                     and to go far from the beaten path

                                                                                  and to go visit with my roots 

 my Grandma from my Daddy's side

was proud of her bond and family ties.. 
and longed for that country with love and pride;

so to have some things from her very own
brings tradition from what was handed down

from a Country that she loved and called Home.
and it's an honor down to my very bone

So it seems only fitting, that a place that I should roam ,

 in my imagination I shall go again..

to an island that is called Great Britain
and in my dream and thoughts I pine
time travel seems the way to strive...

London is where I would begin
for a Lady once had lived there in
and she left a recent legacy 

 and she made so many pretty things, 
and with them that thought of history rings


I could wear her dresses 

as I strolled the streets


                                      as I sip my tea and taste the sweets

Laura Ashley hotel

                                                              Ige: 19thc dresses

with this book in hand it can guide me well

for of grand places and food
I can join along..

and how I would love to hear..
"My Toe Huts Bet-Tee!".....

I could meet Jane Austen
dressed in style

..and then look upon her desk....

..........and smile.....

Jane Austen's writing desk at Chawton
Jane Austen Tour of Bath & Chawton | British Tours

Note: (the wallpaper on the walls is Laura Ashley's that was used for the restoration)
..and walk about and dream and look 
               until I need to rest a while


..but soon it's off to another place 
that's filled with magic and charm....

Beatrix Potter's garden

                    from London off to a place so dear

                                London, Bolton Gardens

in the country on a Farm..........

Wouldn't this be a perfect Bed an Breakfast place to stay?


so in this way I can go again and again
until the day arrives
 that I can set my foot upon 
that ship and travel with grace and style!!

Queen Mary 2 outbound from Southampton 2 Sept 2013.jpg


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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  1. I am SO excited here, to visit with you, Jane Austen, these lovely British ladies who are reciting her words and with all the fabulous opportunities that you offer us to visit your beloved Great Britain!

    The British ROCK in my book, and dearest Linnie, I am coming back to indulge in all of the videos you are sharing. I am currently listening to the first video and I know our readers will enjoy this!

    It is so good to have you with us dear Linnie! God bless you, Anita

  2. Lovely............LONDON and HER countryside do call to me too!It has been way too long..........thanks for taking me along!Anita sent me........isn't she a doll?!

  3. Lovely country with so many places ti see and visit. Thank you for taking me along to share in your love of books and poetry. Coming over from Anita's CCC.

  4. Dear Linnie,
    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed myself.. I believe this is one of my favorite tours so far. I love the way you have taken me to London and sharing your books and fantastic videos of Beatrix Potter Hill top house, Jane Austin and more... Gosh I enjoyed this.. Thank you!

  5. My goodness, how special you have made me feel. I shall come again and again till I've had my hearts fill. These are some of my favorite ladies, besides you my dear Linnie. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post. I love all the wonderful treasures in your room.....books, lovely books.....I love them so. Blessings friend

  6. I loved this visit--so full of so many of my favorite books and people. Beatrix Potter was everything to me when I was little and the first thing I did when I went to London as a girl was stock up on Beatrix Potter china, etc. I'm visiting here via Anita and am part of the link party. Hope you will stop by!
    xo Mary Jo

  7. I want to visit those exact places too.Yes,We must have much in common.I will be back to listen to all the videos.Let's go! I also enjoyed Your poem-Perfect. Hugs to You,Denise

  8. Thank you for taking me along on your adventure to visit such memorable treasures from artists and creators I know and love so much!

    The Arts by Karena
    Europe: Simply Irresistible!

  9. Linnie!
    Such lovely inspirations and books!

    What a joy to visit here!

    ~ Violet

  10. Dearest Linnie,

    What a lovely visit to a lovely country! Thank you for giving me lots of book inspiration, and a little break in my busy day. Laura Ashley, Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter, and you~ Extraordinary! :) I do not know if I will make it to England any time soon, but if I make it to New York, you can bet that I will hunt you up to share a spot of tea.



  11. What a delightful post! The photo of Laura Ashley reminds me of when I sought out her store in Edinburgh way back in the early 1980's. Thank you for transporting me not only to England, but back in time! xoxo

  12. Dear Linnie,

    So lovely to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting me.
    We love a lot of the same things London, Beatrix Potter, Jane Austen and Laura Ashley to name a few.
    Thank you for sharing the lovely post and wishing you a happy weekend

  13. Linnie my dear, I could have written this post myself! But not with the lovely verse and flair and charm that you have used here. I am with you sister, Britain is my chocolate and I am an unrepentant anglophile in every way.It is the land of my ancestors. Laura Ashley dresses, I have a closet full! Beatrix? I adore she every house she lived in, everything she ever painted, wrote or grew in her garden. Jane Austin, what can I say... never enough Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility. TEA!!! TEA!!! SCONES!!! James Herriot, my dear book series of All Creatures Great and Small my mom bought on my 18th Birthday and which I have never stopped loving. Oh dear, I am babbling on and on..but. Isn't that what we gushing Anglophiles do??! Love you Linnie, and Britain too!

  14. Oh dear, I forgot to mention Cottage gardens, wattle fences, thatched roofs, Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes!

  15. Can I come with you please??Loooove England,and you are pointing on so many reasons why!!!!! Love everything . and it would be a wonderful trip!!!
    Tove :))))

  16. Oh it's just me again... I forgot to mention:CHARLES DICKINS!!! (And I had to watch all the videos.)I was invited on a tour of Hilltop with a troupe of ladies but declined since My husband couldn't go... DRAT! I won't miss an invite like that again.

  17. This was such a delight, especially reminiscing about Laura Ashley. I had the pleasure of visiting her store in Heidelberg, Germany and loved it at first sight. Unfortunately it was closed but love her style.

  18. Nice to have some tea with you with the memory of one of my favourite dress from Laura Ashley. It was a dark red dress with a lace collar...
    groetjes van Marijke

  19. Wonderful post ...great party !!..thanks for Anita !!! Ria...x !

  20. I read this post on the day you posted, but I got sidetracked by all the wonderful videos you shared here...then the day got away from me, and now I am back - phew!

    England is truly my favorite place to visit, right alongside Ireland and Scotland. Japan will probably come a close second ;=) but otherwise, the mountains are a good place to dream from...

    What a delightful post Linnie :=)


  21. Linnie! I had to come back to revisit this lovely post because the videos are such a vivid addition to take me to ENGLAND! I am enjoying listening to the lilt of the British accent, telling the tales of Jane Austen and Hilltop. Your contribution to this party is such a beautiful blessing! Enjoy your week, Anita

  22. There is our beautiful hostess...hello dear Anita!
    And so lovely to "meet" you, Linnie! I thank you so much for joining my journey to the Cotswolds...and how I am enjoying YOUR journey HERE! Oh my many wonderful favorites...Laura Ashley, Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter...and a proper English Tea...what a glorious post! Thank you!!
    So special that your family hails from the splendid British Isles!
    - Irina :)


    Linnie my dear, it is again a joy to come to visit this post....I see Jeri Landers (love that gal) has come several times as she is loving this celebration of ENGLAND! Though I am a professed FRANCOPHILE, I have to say that England is my favorite. Give me Italy, Greece and other charming countries, but England is a must-see place for me. OH! Thank you for coming dear one, for your lovely comment and YES! I SEE THE PICTURE you purchased waaaaay back in the day when I was selling my art! Now the little lamb, is that Penny's work? I never did a lamb, but that's for sure my castle illustration! Oh thank you so much for displaying it my friend!

    It is SO GOOD to have you in this party. Much love, Anita

  24. What a beautiful post-I've got to come back and view all the videos-thank you for this-I can see it was a labor of love...

  25. Oh My Speedy loves Beatrix Potter,I shall have to try him on Jane Austin,xx Rachel and Speedy

  26. Your view of England is the one that appeals to me...Jane Austin, Beatrix Potter, tea, Laura Ashley.... English gentlemen authors are well-known and loved,
    but the English gentlewomen authors bring a sense of calm and home, and are also well-known and loved. My kind of England...

    Thank you for becoming my latest follower. I am now following.


  27. Merveilleuse atmosphère !
    Je garde un souvenir ébloui de la campagne anglaise.


  29. I loved the videos on Jane Austen's home. It's lovely that you have such a strong connection to England. May you be able to set your foot there soon.

    ; )

  30. Good Night!
    Oh is so lovely, I love London, and the selection of authors and decorators. I have stood with pleasure in your blog to revel in every one of those pictures that remind me so much that I love London!.
    Thank you very much, my friend, for coming to visit.
    Nice to meet you through this Tour de Anita.
    Enjoy a wonderful weekend.

  31. Dearest Linnie,

    I think I shall be back numerous times again to view these videos more than three times (as I've done!) because your addition of these dream areas is what's made this link party so special. Extending the link party dream to Europe really allowed many people to travel much farther. THANK YOU dear friend, and also thanks so much for coming to visit me. Penny will indeed enjoy this tea set win! Much love to you, and please post again. I LOVE YOUR WORLD! Anita

  32. Such a beautiful post, Linnie. I love that we get to see everyone's vision of their favourite place. You introduced me to a whole new side. Thanks so much!

  33. All my favorites wrapped up in one post... If you should go a traveling'... I will pack my "trunk" too! :)

  34. Thank-you for a lovely journey to Great Britain. I think you have a shown us many new things to explore while visiting.

  35. I so hope you get there, you would love England as I do. Hilltop is so so special, you see mouse holes & so many little treasures. Thirsk were James Herriot had his practice is beautiful, such amazing countryside & Yorkshire folk are so friendly. So many of the places you mention we have been but then we have only been to Vermont once & never to Corgi cottage.
    Your blog is so special.