Sunday, November 30, 2014

GRANDMA MOSES a Visit To The Bennington Museum

When HubbyBear and I traveled to Vermont 
this last Oct 2014, one of our "Artist Pilgrimage"
stops was to the Bennington Historical Museum
in Bennington Vt. to view works by beloved 
Artist Grandma Moses
It was a marvelous experience and I highly recommend
making this a stop if you are visiting the area!

The scene across from the museum 
indulged the eyes and readied the heart in anticipation
for the paintings and works inside!!  

Everywhere outside were artful
works or pieces of history to see

I was so pleased to see this beautiful 
driftwood statue by Rita Dee!!

                                 Before Grandma Moses started painting she enjoyed doing
                                 needle embroidery pieces as gifts, until her arthritis became
                                 too intense.  That's when some one suggested she take up                                            painting!!!

There are no photographs allowed in the gallery but I caught this 
entrance shot before we went inside!!
Once I came face to face with her very brush strokes
I was only a nose away and just stared and looked
at each painting and every detail....I was in awe, and just
 appreciated her intentions and expressions so very much more!!

This table was her painting table that she also decorated!
I got down on my knees and saw what was painted underneath!

Anna Mary Robertson Moses September 7, 1860 – December 13, 1961



Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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There were many historical museum pieces 
and art works to view and enjoy:

Beautiful dolls and a doll house

"Imagine all the people living life in peace
ooo hoo hoo.."  

Mildred Mousiekin loves her painting 
and calender  from her visit  to the musuem!!

One of my favorite of things
to bring home was this complete works huge book 
from an wonderful and lovely bookstore in Vermont;

Antiquarian Books

This place was so lovely and quaint
and we also bought other unique old books as well

(HubbyBear spoiling me)

This is the book that we came back for!

There was even a bird feeder out the window!

Here are a few books that you can get 
from Amazon or Ebay

Find out more:
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  1. Oh Linnie, a true delight for this comfortable day of relaxation! VERMONT is such a storybook vision of early American art and dream life. What can I say here.....this is all so organic, homespun, sending me back to my youth as I dreamed of living anywhere outside of Los Angeles, a place like this with inspiring art and hillsides and the colorful seasons!

    Don't you just love the museum's collection of miniatures? I bet the Mousekins just love this....thank you for always taking us on a tour of a grand part of this beautiful country of ours. Tea Rat sends his best! XOXOXOX

  2. Linnie, I loved your stroll through the museum! I haven't been in a long time, must get back soon. Thank you for the link to the little movie about her. I loved seeing her in the different season and especially enjoyed her showing the grandchildren their ancestors.

  3. Dear Linnie,

    What a wonderful visit! I bought a book on Grandma Moses that we were going to use for homeschool soon; we'll have to do it this week!
    I love the highboy dresser, and the quilt, and the pottery, and the book store, and etc. :)
    I don't know if you noticed, but Teddy Roosevelt is looking askance at Hubbybear spoiling you that way. ;)



  4. Linnie, I love Grandma Moses, too, so this post was a delight for me. I watched all the videos, which were wonderful. Grandma Moses is one of my inspirations because she gives me hope that I still, one day, be able to paint a picture. I'll be glad if I'm the only one who ends up liking it. She must have been thrilled when people started paying good sums for her paintings. I wonder how much she made during her lifetime and what she did with the extra money. I love her grandson's paintings. Have you see his work? Will Moses. I have several of his children's books. I have a large book called "The Grandma Moses Storybook" that contains a short autobiography of her which I will have to read now because you've rekindled my interest in her. Your photos of the museum are wonderful. We've been to Bennington, but not to the museum, so it will be a must-see stop the next time we are up there. Thanks for this post!

  5. Ooooh, this is fabulous! I'd love to visit here when I'm up that way next year. Your blog posts about your visit have me all excited to go! :D that book you got looks wonderful! I'd love to see her works up close too :)

  6. Oh, such a nice trip. Wish I could have tagged along. I love the lace work. It was so wounderful that you got to go visit such a historical place. Talk soon. Love, Beth

  7. Oh my goodness Linnie! What an educational blog entry about Grandma Moses and her art! Brought tears to my eyes to see a woman of that age be so talented! There is HOPE! God is not finished with me yet!! ;o) I had no idea she did such lovely embroidery first and then started painting at such an older age! LOVE her work! THANK YOU so much for sharing your visit. This only makes my heart grow fonder of a visit to this area...hopefully very soon! I love his quote at the end. "In a land and in a life where a woman can grow old with a fearfulness and beauty is it not strange that she should become an artist!?!"

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour and watched all the videos. That IS the same book I have, found it 24 years ago in a grocery store in Virginia. Her work was a great inspiration to me when first I started doing my folk art. Lovely to see her and listen to her talking about her ancestors. 101 years old, how fabulous! I love her. Will Moses was an exhibitor in the show I did a few weeks back in York, pa. But, he is no Gramma Moses. Thanks Linnie, it was great and you look beautiful in the photos!

  9. LINNIE DARLIN', (says Tea Rat) - yes madame, I have a very long list of wishes for Christmas. First of all, I want more animals here at the cottage, but Rattus my room mate and life-long friend will not stand for it! Thus, my plotting and planning must grow ever so sly...teeeeee I am trying to figure out how I can get a horse into the house without him knowing about it...any suggestions, Mousekins family? teeee

    LINNIE! Hello dear heart! Thank you for coming by to visit again! Blessings to you on this second of December! My parents' 58th wedding anniversary was yesterday, a date I am grateful for!

    Enjoy your day. I am off to work! Anita

  10. Such a beautiful post Linnie, I have never heard of Grandma Moses before. The museum looks a wonderful day out & some beautiful items to look at.
    Wish I could have been with you in the book shop.
    Fondly Michelle

  11. I enjoyed this so much! I LOVe her art, and what a wonderful place to visit. Blessings and holiday wishes,

  12. Darling Linnie! Good morning! How lovely to see you at the theatre today! Now Tea Rat got his first big break on this very theatre about six years ago. When I first made this theatre, it wasn't as "French" but it was the perfect place for me to play. I did a paper doll presentation over at Nowhere, and that set the ball rolling. I adore playing with miniatures, and the fun never stops!

    THANK YOU for your kind comment on my post. Yep, that's me, Madame Rivera the French teacher! teeeee

    BIG HUGS to you dearest Linnie! Anita

  13. Just visiting from Sow and Sew Farms... cute blog here... what a wonderful visit to the museum!

  14. Visiting you from Sew and Sow Farm's SMS Giveaway post! Love love love the driftwood statue and the bookstore. Thanks for pictures of a part of the country I have yet to visit.

  15. Dearest Linnie,
    Oh dear, my comment is not here.
    I think I was one of the first to come by... Oh well, I really enjoyed the tour and videos! I learned some things about her that I did not know... How sweet of you to put this all together for us to enjoy.

    Now.. I have to say that your comment you left made me laugh so hard, and yet, made my heart skip a beat when I thought Cosmo was GONE. HAAAAAAA oh how he loves shinny things... Your heartfelt comment was so appreciated.
    Wishing you the best CHRISTmas ever. I am so happy we found each other... Thank you for your friendship.
    love and blessings,