Thursday, January 8, 2015

Eric SLOANE/STANLEY Museum Visit 2014 Kent Connecticut

In October, HubbyBear and I took a vacation, a pilgrimage of sorts...
                                                    .....a favorite artist pilgrimage ... 
                       and one of our stops was to the Eric Sloane Museum 
                              and Kent Iron Furnace in Connecticut!                                                                         
     Eric Sloane  Feb 27 1905- Mar 5 1985

Eric Sloane was an American Artist; 
a landscape oil painter,
an Illustrator and Author of more then 
30 books!  Mostly known for his love of reverence
 of American historical buildings (barns and covered bridges) 
and tools , he is also known for his love of  aviation, weather
and sky, which earned him the honor of painting a mural 
for the Smithonian National Air and Space Museum. 

Many of his illustrations,
beautifully and meticulously document
early American tools and their uses.

An excessive antique tool and implement collector 
the Museum was put together while he was alive
 in co-operation with and for the Stanely Tool Co.

It was great fun to view so many olden 
things that I love so much, with the backdrop of the 
"Housatonic River" with some great scenic hiking!
I hope you will enjoy!

Ashley Maggie May sight seeing........

                               along with Pixie and Sadie

The Eric Sloane Museum:

Standing next to his oil paintings 


~~~We had just been to Vermont a few days before
at a "Corgi Cottage" tour and so many of the tools and such
were reminiscent of pieces that were in Tasha Tudor's home!~~~


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Eric found an original diary
from 1805,  hand written by a teen aged boy
named Noah Blake, and created a book from it,
 and also constructed a log cabin that is described 
in the the book "Diary Of An Early American Boy" 1962


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that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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The museum also has re-created Eric's studio
 with all his things from his original room!

The Mousiekin Family
are "collectors and users" of 
antiques too!

 I really enjoy collecting 
Eric's books, and I got a real
treasure once! A signed copy from a
second hand sale!

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Hope you enjoyed!!
Many Blessings!


  1. How exciting...Eric Slone's books are one of my favorites, just like Tasha's are :0) you had a very exciting 2014 dear friend ;D mari

  2. I have never heard of Eric Sloane until today. My dear Daddy was Eric too, and I have all his hand tools, many that he inherited from others.
    Your images are superb. They just draw me in, I want to go play in those rooms with all the tools and the books too ~ maybe especially the books?
    The image of the leaves in the rings of the stream is incredible and so inspirational for a pattern or design. ~~~Deb in Wales

  3. Oh LInnie darlin', I AM HERE! I am terribly late, for last night we had a blizzard just around the afternoon commute. It took me two hours to get home!

    I LOVE THIS POST. This museum is the kind I love that shows how much closer we once lived TO THE EARTH. Wooden tools, stone furnaces, nothing wasted, everything a possibility.

    I suppose that today's "technologies" serve the same purposes, but to think that people made so much more of their own tools for hold a wooden handle as opposed to a throw-away plastic handle, and so on. And to see that that the Mouskins know the value of an antique, TEA RAT says, "GOOD FOR YOU MY FRIENDS! Stay grounded to the earth!"

    Such a gorgeous post. As I scrolled down and looked at the cabin and other areas, I just sighed. Oh to experience the senses AGAIN in such an environment.


  4. Oh that was AMAZING! Thanks for sharing! I have quite a few of his books, and I LOVE seeing his studio!!
    MUST put that on my list of places to go! s :))))

  5. Hi Linnie, That was very interesting, I never new much about him with the exception of seeing his artworks on Calenders in the past. The museum reminds me so much of our Museum of Appalachia...minus the artists studio. These places give one an appreciation of the hard work and ingenuity that our forebears experienced. I often wonder how we "moderns" would fare in such a world as theirs.

  6. Linnie, I have a couple of his books. I loved the videos you included and am interested in getting the book about him and his work, "Aware", but then I checked the price! And my library system doesn't carry it either. I'll have to look in used book stores for it I guess. I only became aware recently that there is a museum in CT--where I go every other year usually because my brother lives up that way. I'm glad you reminded me of it. I'll have to make sure I visit the next time I'm up that way. It's too bad there isn't a Tasha Tudor Museum on this order--run by the State. It would be nice to have something more permanent for TT but I don't feel the family has the wherewith all to make it happen.

  7. Precious Mousekins and humans.....Tea Rat here!

    Thank you for your invitation to play, to drink tea, to eat, to play, to drink tea, to eat, etc...teeeeeheeeee.....

    LINNIE DARLIN'! How I adore you. Thank you for coming to my corner of the world again! STAY WARM! We are freezing out here !!!!! Anita

  8. Such wonderful pictures. I love musea like that !!
    Have a great day.


    Linnie dear, I just read your's the deal:

    I WILL STILL BE FOLLOWING and leaving comments HERE FOR YOU (I adore you!)
    I WILL STILL BE IN NOWHERE, posting from time to time.

    I just can't continue to keep a high quality level on my main blog AND write poetry for my poetry group. I LOVE YOU ALL, and it was a hard decision to make. But I will be around. I WILL! See you for your next post, Anita

  10. Such a lovely post & so many beautiful photos full of wonderful old treasures.
    I do love old things & working out how they were used & also made.
    Your trip looked lovely.
    Fondly Michelle

  11. Linnie, what a lovely blog! And that museum is amazing. Love all the wood beams and the books!