Friday, February 27, 2015


                      I thought that you may like to see our kitchen make over... 
                                  (Some of my blogging friends are in 
                the process of doing the same and I hope to see theirs too)!

This is the kitchen as it looked 3 years ago when we moved in!
                 It had pinkish lavender walls and
                              the red trim was more of a
                                                  hot pink red then real red!! 
                                                                There was also a very
                                                                              PUNGENT MOLDY ODER! 

The first thing that came down were the creepy 
sticky black track lights, and then
 we painted the walls right off with an undercoat
 (the walls were super greasy so I had to wash them first)

... I was wishing for something to lift the microwave
so it would be easier to open,
and low and behold we found this neat 
road-side discard!
(it scrubbed up pretty and a little varnish
brought it to life)!!
... On the way from the old house
as we were moving here, we had to stop and 
move this cupboard from the middle of the
road! We figured that it had dropped
 and someone would be back for it...

... but after 2 days of it laying there on the shoulder
we figured that is was a garbage
 find and so we nabbed it, and I painted it
 to use on the counter until we decided
 what and how we would design the "new" kitchen
   ... an antique box brought it higher
                                    so that the doors could swing open.

  Although a new kitchen was offered, it soon
 became apparent that there was something very unique
with these solid oak custom made cupboards! 
So we opted to keep them!

But the big built in sticky shelf could go....... 

..if only HubbyBear would agree!
(well best not go away for a few days while I'm unpacking)! 
A woman can accomplish many things with a little 

"Hmmm I wonder if I could plaster"? 
"Well it must be similar to frosting a cake right"?  

Then there was the sink....
HubbyBear did an amazing job!!!

 New  plumbing after a long drying time!

But the big country sink that we brought along
was so wide that it would warrant a whole new 
constructed kitchen!

So the compromise was much more

A wonderful solid copper sink!! 

A shelf came down and something had to be
 figured for the refrigerator that was too
 wide and tall for the cubby space.

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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When I first met HubbyBear
(I shall now confess)!!
the "real" reason I "really" married him.... 
... (hee hee hee...
..was.... because he had a wood cook stove!!!

Well we were never able to hook it up (yet)

But then "the most wonderful road side garbage find ever"
came our way too!!
Here was a beautiful working vintage gas stove
 just sitting  out on the side of the road!!

 (I even knocked at the door and the man said
"Yes honey take it it's yours") !!!

But alas this too proved impossible to fit 
without reconstructing new cupboards so it is
used to store things and as a baking work spot.

And the top of the cook stove is on top to
 remind me that I do indeed have a cook stove 
if I may need it someday!

 It was used for the cooking/canning spot while the 
regular stove was moved out and disconnected.
(for I had to slip canning in all while doing the make over)

 (Thankfully the Mousiekins were there to help)!!

This door needed help!

Remember the ceiling?

This was the biggest task!



We were so blessed..

.. to have our wonderful Grandson come and help!!

HubbyBear went to school to 
be an electrician pretty convenient
 I must say!! 

Be careful when your wife says
"Honey we need a new floor while the furniture is moved"!
Don't run to the store for more ceiling screws!

Heated rice bags are a must for 

HubbyBear left the painting to me..
 and that's ok because he was agreeable 
about the floor!

I wish that I had a movie
of me applying the boarder all by 
but I bet Lucy was laughing
down at me from heaven!!

( I can't believe it came out straight 
after spending so much time in my hair and toes)

The doggies helped too!
(but they laid down on the job a lot)

Husbands beware
of improper "2 cents" timing!!
 (never only point out faults)!!

I decided that I could tackle the floor..

"couldn't be that much different then quilting!
And besides I do already have the tools"!

Hope you enjoyed!!

 No animals were hurt in this project....
.....Just humans!!


  1. Dearest Linnie,
    Oh my word! What a boat load of work you all have done. Your kitchen just looks beautiful... I love the way it turned out..
    So many things I love here, the old stove, copper sink... Wow, that ceiling.. I am really impressed with you!!! How sweet of your grandson to come and help.
    And dear HubbyBear, he really knows what he is doing.. Great job!!
    Linnie you made me tired, just watching you, but the results are so beautiful.
    Love and blessings,

  2. Wow. Just WoW!!! That's all! What else is there to say? I mean, it is amazing and that you did it yourselves ~ Wow! ~~~Deb

  3. Linnie, you are Wonder Woman! What a huge project you tackled. Love the old stove. It reminds me of the one my Nanny used to have. I did spy the Hearts and Flowers dishes we both have. Enjoy your new kitchen!♥

  4. Oh boy, any kind of remodeling is such a task...sore muscles, tired arms and hands...broken fingernails...but at the end of it all - beautiful!

    All of you did a wonderful job Linnie. The kitchen looks so cozy and inviting. :0)


  5. Oh my! What a lot of work! Your kitchen looks charming, warm, and welcoming. You and your husband make a great team.

  6. Wow, Linnie! What a change, it looks great! and I LOOOOVE all your old dishes!! The copper and the pottery!~ Wow!
    So funny to see your dogs in the middle of it all, thats how things look when Im painting, haha!
    Fantastic job! Maybe I'll get to see it when we're driving through this summer!

  7. Why don't I ever find cool stuff by the side of the road?! I love that stove, it is unbelievable THAT was road-kill!Love the hanging pot rack and the color on the walls,ahem, yellow, like mine.Hey, I can relate to this huge undertaking and all the work. Ours was nearly finished, then we discovered the entire floor had to be replaced underneath due to rotting beams. So here we sit with a hole in the floor till the temps rise and we can get under there and finish the job. Yours looks great!

  8. What a lovely lot of photo's going through all your stages of work, hard work. We did the same thing here but had to added job of replastering every were & mice nests. I bet you went through many pairs of rubber gloves, I know I did. Our cottage had been empty for a year & the lady had died so it had been a bad state for a long time.
    Your kitchen is beautiful, I love all your pieces, your pump, all your lovely old cupboards. You have made a wonderful homely home, thank you for sharing it with us.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Fondly Michelle

  9. I am SO late to this "barn raising"of a project, but just in time for a good strong cuppa to enjoy with YOU! OH LINNIE! HOW I LOVE MAKEOVERS!

    I must say, your vision came to pass. The country kitchen I would imagine for a home such as yours in upstate has truly been achieved. That ceiling project alone would be enough to make a worker say, ENOUGH! But the clean and redone ceiling is light and beautiful, and that HANGING RACK makes such a huge difference! That cupboard you found...isn't it fun to pick up what others leave for trash? It's the perfect addition to your country kitchen! And the use of the old stove....

    The Mousekins also put in their part of the work, and now they can prepare their canning and baking, harvesting and haute cuisine in style!!!!

    SO LOVELY to see you and the crew! Much love, Anita

  10. Oh my! What a lovely job you've done! I enjoyed seeing it all-and you've given me the inspiration to get at my own kitchen. I need to paint and redo almost the whole thing! I do love your style...the road finds are so neat!

  11. All I can say is wow, wow and wow. Such hard work, but just beautiful results. I love everything you all did. What a lovely job y'all did. I'm sorry it took me so long to stop by, and I told you to put the kettle on, shame on me. I'm going back for a second look see ♡ Love you my sister friend Hugs

  12. Oh how I forgot to mention the first time how much I loved that the DOGS got in on the work too! teeeeeee

    DEAREST LINNIE! YOu are going to get a new goat? LOVE! Take photos of this fabulous, rectangle-pupiled creature! teeeeeee Tea Rat loves goats; he loves the texture of their cheese and enjoys a good chat with these fine fellows!

    My friend, thank you for coming to visit my page! I am truly impressed with your makeover here and yes, wouldn't that be fabulous to have a stroll in the country, a tea session, a romp with nature?

    Well, I hope and pray that your winter is not as wickedly cold as ours. Soon however, we are going to see spring. It's March 1st!

    LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  13. Wow looks great!! ~Love Heather

  14. I LOVE it! You have done an amazing job. =) Blessings, Valerie

  15. Dear Linnie,
    Thank you so much for sharing that link with me.. What a darling child, and look at ALL the sparkles the crows brought back to her.. I loved the story.
    Have a great week!
    Love & blessings,

  16. Linnie, I just finished my week-long painting project and identify with the aches and pains! My animals pretty much hid all week. Neither of them like the disruption of THEIR house. My dog had to bark at the things out of place until I told him "It's OK, Gabriel." :-) Your new ceiling makes such a huge difference, but what an undertaking! I'm so glad we didn't have to do anything like that. I love your roadside finds. They fit perfectly in your kitchen. I only have a "galley" kitchen, so there's hardly any room for real furniture in it. I've squeezed in a bistro table and do have room on the only open wall for a standalone cabinet that holds my mixer. I wanted to put a Hoosier cabinet there but haven't found anything small enough to fit but large enough to hold everything I need it to hold. Your pot rack is great (great use of a high ceiling) and your copper pots!

  17. Well my Dearest Linnie and helpers, it is always such a pleasure to see you having fun! Sew glad you have GarBear to help you along! Your both Blessed to have each other and combined you make an awesome team! Also once again you have taken awesome pictures with a huggable story! Miss you all, Sew much! SheaffeDesigner-BEARS4U

  18. Dear Linnie,
    I knew you would enjoy Beverly's blog.. I love her farm animals and she is such a dear lady.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my little painting.

  19. I just love how the trend of kitchen makeovers inspired you to do the same. I simply love your kitchen cabinets. All that raw-looking wood is gorgeous, and definitely gives off a cozy cottage vibe. Kudos to you for achieving that amazing kitchen transformation, Linnie! Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express

  20. What an amazing makeover! Your kitchen looks more beautiful than before! And I love the way you tell us every detail. Also, the way you detailed its progress makes me feel like I’m through the experience with you. Haha! I'm so proud of you for taking that step which resulted to the improvement of your kitchen. Kudos to you, and all the best!

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express