Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some say "CREEPY" ! I Say JOY for AUTUMN!!!

Fall is all around us!!!

But you may need to
TURN AWAY if you do not like 

What?? Who me?
Who's out there?
Ahhhhgg!! Humans!!!!!
HELP help!!! RUN (slither)
 for your LIVES!!!!

Slowly a Turtle~Folk ...                 

moves in search for his 
Winter Rest!!

A Spider~Folk  says 
"Salutations to all" !!

The Baby Mantis~folk 
are already tucked in snugly
for the Winter ahead 
waiting to hatch!!

A Spider blends in secretly
among the rose-hips and contemplates
where she will spend winter !!

A brightly colored Wasp~Folk
is drunk from cider sweets 
as he dreams of
Holidays and Celebrations!!!

Some Geese~Folk are making their FIRST
journey South and are eager to use their 
flying skills that they so devotedly 
practiced through out the Summer !!


This Bat~Folk does not blend
in against the flowered wall paper!!
Sometimes crawling in, to
hibernate, may need to be thought out
a bit more!!!
 (Avoiding the bedroom at all costs)!!

Frog~Folk are looking to dig under

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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Mama Mousiekin was shocked
and afraid (as Missie hid herself)
when noticing that
 Baby Mousiekin Sebastian had
so bravely found a science "show and tell"!!

Thankfully Papa was quick to 
the rescue!!! 

Baby barely new of the dangers!!!
But the Family was very GRATEFUL!!!

a lovely brown garter snake
 loves to sun herself every day on a bush

This little fella needs to be careful, for he may 
not see the danger that lurks near by!!! 

The Snake Folk are moving into the basement
where it is warm in the wood pile for the 

We are careful to move them to the other side!

PaPa Owen Mousiekin
requested that the snakes 
relocate .....

So we called upon the 
Grandiesons to gently help 


And the Goaties helped along, as 
good encouragement!!


So they chose a perfect place
waaaay out back in the Forrest
near the Apple Orchard!! 

The Snake Folk were very PLEASED
and it was GREAT FUN,
 and adventurous!!!

The DOGGIES found something exciting
and a bit tragic ((in the great circle of life arena)) 

the BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY:

A Milk~snake over 30 inches long
stopped to greet us as she searched for her 
place of slumber

Hope this was "Creepy  Halloween
enough!! And that you enjoyed!! 


  1. Dear Linnie,
    My farmer and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all your wildlife and learned something, too. The cocoons with the ridges are everywhere here and we're glad to know what little critter abides there! We have a lively population of mantis families.

    Thank you for sharing your world with us!

    love, Christine

  2. Ah yes, dear Linnie, creepy indeed! I also didn't know about the casings being the winter homes of mantis! You are a wealth of information about the wild. I have to admit I am not a fan of the snake, but I bet the grandies enjoyed setting them free in the apple orchard. Great photos of your adventures! xoxo ♥

  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un reportage riche en photos !... J'aime toutes ces petites bêtes qui vivent autour de nous !
    Gros bisous ♡

  4. Well, you certainly have all the wildlife happenings, don't you? Great pictures and you must have great patience to capture it all as there are some amazing things happening. Good job you know your snakes! I love your porch displays, corn stalks always fascinate me, for we never see them here, but maybe if I grow sweetcorn again I'll know to keep the stalks. Thank you, dearest Linnie for all the magic of your creepy Hallowe'en! ~~~Waving from Across the Big Water~~~Deb xoxo

  5. WOW. WOW! OK, I LOVE COUNTRY LIFE! But it is quite shocking to see how life and death live together here...that dear, dear FROG! YIKES, that snake ate him whole? I am a city woman, and long to be out in the country (just for an extended VISIT) to see the horses, goats, cows, etc....but snakes? NO MA'AM! Oh that poor little froggy!

    And the Mousekins...are they rejoicing too dearest friend? I too rejoice even in the darkness of autumn because I know that the sun is always, always there. LOVELY SHARE!

  6. My dear Linnie-bats and snakes are just not the thing to look at before I have had my coffee!!! I am not a fan and love them *outside* and far from house and barn. Luckily I have two cats who are wonderful hunters and their mere presence seems to deter those particlar critters from squatting...LOL!

    Lovely display of pumpkins! All looking quite Autumny in your neck of the woods:-)

    Love ya! ~Suzanne

  7. I'm not a fan of the snake either, sorry.
    Love your pumpkins.
    Fondly Michelle

  8. Dear Linnie,
    Now this was really an interesting post! Full of natures creatures!
    I see the Mousiekins are having a great time also...
    I have to say.... Poor little frog.... but alas, it is the circle of life.

    I just love all the photos with your grandsons. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Lovely! Not creepy to me, I love the nature---uh, except for spiders, UGH!!
    Did you see our fall gallery here

    (It's only up until tonight. Getting ready for our 8th annual New England Christmastide Gallery!)
    Happy Halloween!

  10. Well! I think you had me till the bat. I could even get past the snakes. but the bat-nope thank you! No, really-I did enjoy your post and looked at every photo-it was beautiful-and all those creatures are God's-even the bat!

  11. Some people hate snakes, but I think they are fascinating, guess you do too> I enjoyed this post for many reasons; to observe the slowing down of God's little creature's at this time of year is just sweet. One has to wonder what becomes of all the critters during winter months...I guess they just go to sleep and dream of Spring.

  12. Beautiful pictures and some very scary ones too ; )
    Have a wonderful day.

  13. Hi Linnie :0) I have to be honest, but I am not very fond of snakes :0( but Autumn is just beautiful when you are able to see so many of the critters that come out and begin to make their home for the winter... mari