Monday, January 25, 2016



I have not been blogging so often lately 
and one reason is because I
have a neck injury that knocked me for a loop!!
 I had been busy 
with some projects!
(and my neck has suffered great consequences
probably due to taking on projects )!! 

When HubbyBear took a weekend trip away,
I thought that it would be a perfect opportunity
to paint that parlor!! So I rolled up my sleeves and took it on!!
I figured that it couldn't be that hard if I 
just tackled one section at a time!! 

Although the wall color wasn't too bad when we moved in,
it was rather darkish and also being shiny
it showed all it's imperfections!

Right away the brightness gave a cheery feel!! 

Hmmm I wonder if HubbyBear 
will notice?

Before I started this painting project
we had acquired a beautiful 
Hearthstone Soapstone Wood-burning Stove
that we found on Craig's list for a great price.

So I was glad to get the painting finished
before HubbyBear installed it! 

~a perfect fit!~

Beautifully warm and cozy!
(right next to the faux fireplace) ;-)

It is so much brighter and cozier now!! 
I moved my ~Great Walking Wheel~
over and now it is easy to use regularly! 

We Love heating with wood
and our main source is in the basement


It heats wonderfully,  but then the door is closed
and you go back upstairs! 

There is just something
 about sitting next to a stoked fire

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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The Sun room needed a new floor!
  And it is always fun to change things around
     and add some new antiques and nick~knacks!

Many of the antiques represent 
milk processing 

cream skimmer

Butter curd press

So when finished 
it only made sense
to re~name the little sunny nook
 "The Creamery"!

Mama and Papa Mousiekin 
have been busy too!!

For they have a new "Housiekin"

A yard sale "bargiekin"!!!


Hope you enjoyed!!
Many Blessings
Warmth and Love
Linnie and the Mousiekins


  1. Oh Linnie, You have the most lovely antiques. I love the new color of your parlor! It's perfect with your new woodstove! So warm and cozy at your place as always. I do hope your neck is feeling better..after all of that work it's no wonder! Your energy amazes me! As always the mousiekins have so much fun with all of their great adventures. Stay warm and cozy, dear one! xoxo ♥

  2. Oh Linnie, I am so sorry that you were injured. I know though, than when we get a bee in our bonnet to change things around, it does not matter if we are in pain of some kind, we find the strength and just do it! Your room looks beautiful. Both rooms look beautiful. And the walking wheel... Well as a spinner my eyes just enjoyed seeing it in in your room knowing that you do use it ! Wonderful :-)

  3. Such a delightful home! No wonder the mousiekins are pleased!

  4. You and the Mousekins HAVE been busy. The new color really does make a difference. I had to laugh when you wondered if hubby would notice. I used to wait to paint when my husband went on business trips and I'd always wait to see if he noticed. I think he did usually. Now that he's retired he sees all the work that goes into painting a room (last year when I painted the dining room, hallway, and kitchen cabinets). I do hope your neck gets to feeling better very, very soon. You might try acupuncture, depending on the type of injury, if it doesn't heal soon.

  5. Oh Linnie, your poor neck.. I can clearly see why you have hurt your back.
    Did you also put down that floor? Good gosh.. That is a boat load of work.
    I love the yellow. You have done a marvelous job, Linnie..
    Your home looks so beautiful, and I love your wood burning stove.
    Take care of yourself.

  6. The cream colored paint looks so much nicer in the room, huge difference. I love your stone basement and the hinges on the door, very wonderful. Now, I see a few things that are very similar to mine, the walking wheel,( I do not know how to use mine) and the miniature pie safe in the mouse house. Well, you may have hurt strained your neck, but look at all you got done!

  7. Bonjour,

    Vous avez admirablement fait rentrer la lumière dans votre maison en repeignant les murs ! Quel travail ! Je vous félicite. Je comprends vos maux !
    Prenez soin de vous...

    Gros bisous ♡

  8. Yes, I did enjoy, very much so! Both paint colors look wonderful, so couldn't go wrong there! Glad you were feeling well enough to take it on. Your window trim is wonderful!
    I enjoyed seeing all of your knick knacks and antiques. The creamery looks great, so many fun pieces to look at. And your Mousiekin house is fun too. I have a doll house but hardly mess with it these days.
    Your home looks so warm and cozy with the fire burning!
    Have a great week,

  9. Beautufl, Linnie! I feel like I stepped into another time when I see your lovely photos! Nice paint job! Very warm and cozy, indeed! And your Mousiekins' new house is adorable! Blessings on your day. xo

  10. So sorry to hear you hurt your neck! I hope you will feel better soon. You parlor looks beautiful! I especially like the Hearth Stone stove. When I was little my parents used a Hearth Stone stove. I love heating with wood! It is so cozy to have a wood stove to sit beside on these cold winter days. : )

  11. I like your large windows. Yes, with your white curtains and beautifully painted new bright walls, I would think your hubby couldn't fail to notice. What work you've accomplished! I hope your neck improves. I miss the wood stove we had in Maine. It makes such lovely warm radiant heat. The photo of your basement doors is an artistic representation of being prepared. Here in Pennsylvania we are buried under nearly 3 feet of snow. Thank you for the mini tour, today. Karen

  12. Your newly painted parlor is wonderful! The addition of the wood-burning stove will make the room such a joyful place to sit, especially surrounded by your fabulous antiques. I can almost see Tasha Tudor sitting here! :~) Take care and keep your chin tucked (that's what my doctor tells me).

  13. Wow, you have one busy miss! I cant believe you painted all that while your husband was away, that sounds like something I'd do! Hahaha!
    I ADORE that walking wheel. What a beautiful room, made even more cozy by that stove! Next time we drive up that way, I hope we can stop in for tea :D

  14. WAY TO GO, LINNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great job, and you did it in NO TIME! I love the lighter color; it offsets the beautiful woods in your antiques that are just beautifully authentic. AND that the Mousekins also got the renovation bug, that is TOPS! They little patch of space is looking pretty cute! I think that when the husband is away, that is the best time to just DO IT. When they are around (BLESS THEM), there is too much opposition. teeeeheheheeh

    BUT when then come back, they can't argue about it. It's DONE! HAHAHHAHAHA

    Love it. I pray you are well and happy sweet Linnie! Tea Rat says, YO to his friends.

  15. Wow love your place... I am wondering if this is the one you moved to ages ago when I was blogging last... And Love your Great Wheel!! I am spinning now as well such a great hobby :) ~Love Heather