Thursday, March 3, 2016


I must admit...
I have a little bit of an obsession!
I have an infinity toward 
pebbles, stones and rocks!!

"A PEBBLE fits two fingers
a STONE fills the palm
and a ROCK takes two hands to hold
a BOLDER takes two men"!!

I keep them in any nook or cranny
that I can find!!

I place them, I stack them,
and line them up!
I find them pleasing in many
shapes, colors and forms..

They are free!
and I always seem to find some 
to fit in my pocket
or the floor of the car
where ever I go! 

 Geodes are very intriguing

(This one is smiling
because he knows  that he keeps 
a secret treasure inside)!

Someday perhaps we shall 
have a geode opening party!! 

This home is a perfect place
 for a stone and rock lover!!

(lake bed steps)

 There are so many examples of
"stone love" everywhere!

This is a cobblestone foundation!

Our area is quite famous for 
the Historical Cobble Stone 
homes, churches and buildings



Here is a garden wall that I have been 
working on..
but there are structures here
from over a hundred years ago
 that I like to call 

And as he went out of the temple,
one of his disciples saith unto him,
Master, see what manner of stones
and what buildings are here
                                          Mathew 13:1

On the property here are many examples 
of stone walls and garden paths
from people who had loved 
and used stones to make a life
for themselves! 

I love to walk among them
and try to imagine about
the history!

(Mortar of lake-bed sand and lime before cement)

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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Stones seem to show up
 in every room and 
corner of the house!!

Stones make wonderful levelers 
for an old settled house!!

The fine china does not mind
sharing space with pretty  
or interesting stones!

Heart shaped rocks 
are the most fun to find
and collect!

I've been at this for a while!

(the 1980's)

Mildred Mousiekin
loves her special 
heart collection too!!


She loves and keeps her stones 
all about her new house !!


Hope you enjoyed!
Have a wonderful March!

Many Blessings and Joy,
Love and warmth
Linnie and the Mousiekins


  1. Hi Linnie! I'm not sure if I knew you lived in an historic home (at least it looks that way from the glimpses I got of it)! Lucky you!
    Rocks are fascinating but let me tell you, they are NOT always free! :) I found that out when I wanted a flagstone path in my backyard! $$ I feel like they should be free all the time (just like seashells) because God made them.
    Your collection is fun and I like how you incorporated it into your mouse house. Isn't that funny how our doll/mouse houses are literally an imitation of our real houses? I like the looks of "the ruins" and the time of year you took the photos. I can almost smell that Autumn woodsy fresh rain smell (and hear it)! I also spied a beautiful pink and white teapot amongst the rocks. :)
    Thanks so much for this post, loved it!
    Happy March to you!

  2. Linnie, your post today is wonderful! I too, love rocks and your smiling geode is beautiful! My grandson is a rock hound and always gifts me with a heart rock! Your ruins are so interesting! Do you know the history? I love that Mildred Mousiekins has a beautiful heart rock collection! You and your girls are just adorable! Have a beautiful day, dear one! xoxo ♥

  3. I love all your different shaped and colored stones. I found a heart-shaped one on Martha's Vineyard. ♡ We have boulders in our woods that I try to keep clear of vines. I'll have to photograph all of them one of these days.

  4. What a fun post, Dear Linnie! Who would have guessed you collect rocks? Even Mildred Mousiekins tiny collection of heart shaped rocks ~ so sweet. I had to smile at the rock used to stop the table rocking! Don't forget to share the fun if you ever do have a geode opening party. What secret treasures they contain?
    Have you ever tottered over a real, old cobblestone path? There is one near here and boy! it is tricksy to walk along.
    Hugs, Deb xoxo

  5. Hello-We are certainly kindred spirits-I have been collecting rocks since I was a kid. Have you been to Sodus point? Some of your rocks reminded me of our travels there-the rocks are smooth, a lot of them red, like some of yours. I still do have a box of rocks in our back room-and many from Lake Ontario in our gardens. I love your home! and all the old ruins-oh my....Lovely post!

  6. Oh Linnie! So much to see here... I too, love rock and stones... I just adore your home. And I love the red water pump! I use to collect river rocks.. Such fun.. You and I think alike.. I wonder about the history of objects too. Who placed them there, what did they do for a living?
    Thank you so much for the great post.
    blessings to you and the Mousiekins!

  7. I TOO love them because they have been here longer than me, will be here longer than me, and they tell a story. Sediment, compressed life and earth, what's not to love?

    And I see that the Mousekins also have their own take!!!!! LINNIE! HELLO! You are beautiful! Wow, we are both about the same age....we are celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary this weekend and that is hard to believe!

    May the STONES shout out His praise! Anita

  8. Darling LINNIE! Hello and thank you for coming to visit me today! It's nice to be back to blogging even if it's once in a while. MUCH LOVE TO YOU!

  9. Linnie dear... How sweet of you to visit.
    Oh no.. You have a nasty flu? I hope you recover very soon..

    You have a Fred and Ethel snakes? How funny...
    Sending you a gentle hug. You get well.
    Love and blessings,

  10. Now, this is my kind of with lots of pebbles, stones, rocks, and boulders (surely do like your definitions!) It seems to me that nothing dresses up a place like a rock wall or path. I wish I had kept count of all the stones and rocks I have labored over to build some of my own.

  11. I'm on your bandwagon, girl, I love stones too. I've Never seen a cobblestone foundation, too cool! Love all the walls, the mossy concrete wall, the steps and the collections. I'm a stone wall freak, especially when driving through areas known for them. Kentucky has marvelous stone walls, mile and miles of them, built by the Irish. A friend of mine purchased an old homestead with a long wonderful stone wall. The Realtor told her, jokingly, "Oh, by the way, A house comes with the wall". 3 Cheers for stones!!

  12. Good morning sweetest LInnie!!!! Thank you for coming by my anniversary post. The Lord is good.

  13. Well sweet Linnie, you are the queen of having pebble stones all over your home :D I have a very small collection but they do make me happy just like yours must also :-)