Monday, April 18, 2016


When I went to visit "Corgi Cottage"
 Tasha Tudor's home and garden,
something stood out as I toured 
the rooms and the barn!

 I discovered that Tasha was a 
"Haws Watering Can Hoarder"!!!!

I wish that I would have counted them! 
And I definitely and completely 
do understand why she collected them all!! 
She had them everywhere,
hanging on hooks in the barn,
 and standing about the house
 in a smaller size for her house plants!!

Once you use a Haws,  made in England, 
you will have to wonder why there is any other 
watering can on the market!! None works as well,
 or is as convenient or as sturdy and well made
 as a Haws Watering Can!!

(my brass can that I use for my indoor plants)

I have only two, and I love them!! 
One small brass one for indoors, 
and a large green painted one for the garden!

The Company was founded as J. Haws in 1886 
John Haws of Clapton, London obtained a patent
for an improved watering pot in 1886

John Haws

They are so pleasing to look at 
where ever they stand!!

The brass "rose" (sprinkler) is removable
 and works like a charm!

The way that they are shaped 
and constructed makes 
watering concise and comfortable.
And they can easily 
be immersed in water vats to fill,
and balance perfectly in your hand
 as you carry them a distance! 

My "rose" (sprinkler) works well, even though 
it is stuck upside down!! I'm going to have
to get Hubby Bear to help get it off for it is
corroded on tight!

One of Tasha's  cans in red, and another below;

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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Mildred has her own collection 
of watering cans, but she is
always on the hunt for a Haws can!

Mama Mildred loves to garden
outdoors and also loves to
be in her Lovely green house!

I think that she will find one someday!!

Hope you enjoyed !!
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  1. LINNIE!!!!!!!!

    Yet again, you not only speak to my heart, but to TEA RAT'S HEART!!!!

    I have a copper Haws watering can and your post here is reminding me to take it out from under my sink and get it ready for spring! But Mildred Mousekins is reminding Tea Rat to get out his (yes, he has one, along with a rake and shovel and pottery) and get ready for the season.

    Isn't living close to the earth so dynamic? LOVE YOU!!!!!

  2. I love Mildred's greenhouse! Did you make her bee skeps? I will have to look for a Haw watering can now.

  3. Oh Linnie, I'm like Mildred, I want a Haws watering can! My old galvanized watering can is on its last leg. Its rose sprinkler is long gone. If Tasha and Linnie recommend Haws and it's from England I know it's a good one! I loved seeing your lovely watering cans. xoxo ♥

  4. Hi Linnie, I didn't know about Haw's watering cans, now I will be on the lookout! The mini greenhouse and contents are so adorable, love it!
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. This is so interesting. I never knew about Haws watering cans from England. ♡♡♡ Wish I had one!

  6. Mama Mildred and I truly like Haws... But alas I can't seem to find one around. Thank you Linnie for such a delightful post :-)

  7. Dearest Linnie,

    I knew Tasha liked Haws watering cans, but I had no idea she owned that many! I do have one on my wish list, for the farm. :)



  8. I will, for sure, be keeping my eyes open for a Haws watering can! I think Tasha would be delighted with both of your cans, and with your lovely photographs of them, inside and out.

  9. Thank you for pointing out this superb watering can. My married daughter is a green thumb. She would like this can, certainly. I noticed in the photograph of Tasha's red watering can, that the leaves behind it are those of the lupine. How I wish my lupines would flourish but my planting never survive their Pennsylvania plot two years. Perhaps I'll try, yet again. The trick could be the right watering can.

  10. Such an interesting post! I had never heard of Haws watering cans, but I can see from the design how they could be very handy! I love your sketches from Tasha Tudor's home!

  11. I adore your miniature and yes, I too am a big fan of HAWS but did not know Tasha Tudor was. What a lovely post. Thank you for following me and for sharing your photos and links.

  12. Oh wow! I didnt even realize that, you're so quick Linnie! I love that you've shared this with fellow Tasha fans :D And your drawing of the cottage--- fantastic!!! I love it so much!

  13. Well, Fiddle dee dee! You've convinced me, now I need one of those cans. Okay, Ebay, here I come. I have every other can on the market, but my favorite one for watering potted plants was originally a gallon gas can, probably from the 1920's. Great collection you have!

  14. Darling Linnie, HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to see Jeri Landers here too! My dear, thank you so much for coming to visit my post! So many people have stopped blogging or visiting, but it's always refreshing to see old friends come by. The lilacs are gorgeous this year! I hope you and your family are enjoying the season! MUCH LOVE!

  15. Dear Linnie,
    I must have one of those watering cans! What a great post, dear friend.
    Thank you so much for visiting.. Sorry it took me so long to get here.
    My daughter came for a visit and I am just getting back to blogging.

  16. Thank you for visiting which led me find your blog. Oh my gosh! I love it! When I saw Tasha Tudor, and the Haws watering can, I knew I had to stay for a while. Now I really really want a Haws watering can! I miss Tasha Tudor too and still love to look through one of the books I have about her life. I love her dresses! Anyway, thank you again. Can't wait to read more of your posts!