Friday, October 22, 2010

The "Buzz" on "More Honey BEEEEZ"!!!

 This Summer we ordered more Honey Bees. This was the first Bee delivery for this particular Post office, so they were a bit "alarmed" at some bees flying freely about, and they believed that the Nucs were damaged. So we had to drive to another county to retrieve them!

All was well and we brought them home safely.

This is how they are packed for shippment.(They are REALLY cute)!!!
Really they are!!!

 The QUEEN is contained in this little cage with a few of her "Ladies in Waiting" and has to be introduced gradually to "Her new Court" the workers by opening a plug and replacing it with a sugar plug that will please the workers to accept her as their new Queen! (I was really tempted to give her a name)!!!! Ha! .....Maybe next Spring if all goes well!

They happily (with the help of the "GARBEAR in the Bee Keeping suit")! moved in to our Hives... very easily

There is a Skunk around here that wants to eat the Bees so we put this cage with chicken wire around it. It is easy to move too.
That was in late June, and now the Hives are thriving and getting ready to winter.
They have been collecting the last of the Goldenrod, which I hear gives them the winter vitamins that they will need!

Goldenrod  gathered  for natural dye

GOD'S Golden Treat!

Product Details
This is a favorite Reciept Book!

The art & adventure of beekeeping
If you can find a copy of: "The Art and Adventure of Beekeeping"
by Ormond Aebi
you will have the best book out  there!


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that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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  1. Wonderful post on your bees. The cage around the bees is great - I've never seen anyone do that but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog with the info about the book. I'll keep an eye out for it. Hope your bees are doing well!

  2. Found you from Homestead Revival...

    Wonderful idea that cage around the hive! We have a skunk family that frequents our neck of the woods so if/when we get bees we'll have to do the same! Love the pictures!

    Old House Kitchen

  3. How jolly to have come here today. I have been out in our meadow this morning where the goldenrod is beginning to resurface. I was wondering if I should transplant a few into my cottage garden, where the wild bees go nuts. I think I will. I have never kept bees, (Mamsey Bear does!) but the temptation remains.

  4. Great post! You sound as excited as I do when talking about the bees! Are you going to do any splits this year? I'm waiting to check for queen cups on the next nice day. I'm hoping to do one split.