Thursday, June 2, 2011

A visit to Mumford Historical Village

   Come walk with me through the Historic Mumford Genesee County Village & Museum


All Pictures by Linnie

All Photos by: Linnie Nolan


 One of my favorite things to do
is to visit Historical Villages...or Forts...or Mills..
I hope you enjoy...
 more to come..
 Love Linnie

PS, I think the Mousiekin Family
and their Cousin from California
are visiting  in Tennessee...
it has been too quiet here...

Beloved, I wish above all things 
        and be in health, even as thy soul prosper
 that thou mayest prosper
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  1. Linnie,

    I truly enjoyed these photographs! I loved viewing all the old-time homesteads, tools, and pottery (yes, I saw those vases in the windows :). I'm sure that you had a great time visiting this place!

    Also, I hope that you get your computers fixed soon.


    -L. Rose

    P.S. You know, I didn't see the Mousekin Family in any of these pictures. Hummm . . . :)

  2. Oh linnie dearest, THIS IS reminds me of my visit to WILLIAMSBURG...the rustic has a special place in my heart. I am soo sorry to have missed your presence last week during our Paris post...perhaps that is not your thing.....but the mice folk would have enjoyed the visits to all the links and we made a new friend from TENNESSEE who actually knows Jeri! Christie...and she loves JESUS, and MICE! TEEEEEHEEEE!!!! Enjoy the day my friend, Anita

  3. Dear Linnie,

    I've missed you, too! I hope both computers are back up to par soon.

    Thank you for the tour of Mumford Historical Village; I could live there easily enough!



  4. Dear Linnie,
    We have a wonderful Living museum here in Tennessee, much like this, The Museum of Appalachia. I did a post on it last year. you will be amazed at the similarity. Sorry about your PUTER>>> Last year we had 3 crashes!
    About those mice.... After much merry making, including endless tea parties, nightly hoe downs,(with the barn rats... rascally fellows, if the truth be known) sewing circle get-togethers and fruit foraging through the strawberry patch, I think all the Mousekins are worn to a frazzle. Dimity has informed me that all the mice are on their way home. Besides, I am sure they miss you!

  5. Dear sweet Linnie!!
    I have missed you terribly!!! And the mousekin family...what in the world are those little rascals up to??
    What a beautiful tour, and your photos, my dear...they are of the quality of a magazine spread talented you are in so very many ways!
    Please take care, praying your computers will be up and running soon, and know how much you've been misses...remaining in our thoughts and prayers, always.

  6. Oh,I meant to say, the similarities in the Museums,not the posts.

  7. Just wanted to tell ALL my FRIENDS
    that I MISS YOU!!
    I hope I will get my computer back soon so I can visit you all!!

    to you ALL!!

  8. Thanks for sharing ...looks like a wonderful place to stepping back in time....blessings

  9. It's pouring with rain here tonight and these photos very much make me appreciative of electricity and double glazing and carpet! What a day you had! We have an Ulster American Folk Park which shows typical Irish houses at the time of the Famines, then has a reconstruction of a famine ship, through which you walk and out into the Promisd Land with examples of American homesteads on the other side. I think you'd like it too!

  10. Hi Linnie!
    Thanks so much for the gorgeous photos, and the trip through the museum! This is one place Adam and I would like to visit, and have not been able to yet, although we 'od' on places here like Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth, Sturbridge Village, etc. Yesterday we took our anniversary '18thc. picnic' to historic York Maine! I just put a gallery of photos of us in 18thc. clothing, having our picnic and seeing some sights on our website. I hope you will visit my blog, and see my post today---it will take you to our latest 'photo essay'!

    Many thanks again for this fantastic post!
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. Hi again Linnie!
    UGH, computer woes....I sure have missed you! I hope we can 'chat' again soon~

  12. Linnie your photography is amazing. As an artist and painter, Isee a story in every picture! Just amazing

  13. Dear Linnie,

    Genesee Country Village has always been a favorite of ours! I've often wished I had a log cabin like the pioneer house! We love that cobblestone blacksmith shop! We enjoyed your lovely photographs so, it's like visiting again!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant