Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Still with out my own computer...
(but glad to have the use of my Daughtie's)
I hope you will enjoy some more images from a visit to the Mumford Living History Museum

All Photos by Linnie Nolan

Perhaps Tasha Tudor would have enjoyed shopping here?

All Photos by Linnie

Be sure to check out Pt 1 and 3
of the Genesee County Village and Museum Visit:

the Mousiekin Family have been "quietly a miss"
these past few weeks
They appeared suddenly quite exhausted .........
with souvenirs..........
antiques, wooden bowls and baskets and toys...
and most intriguingly....
a Peacock Feather, and an Iris!

Where could they have been??

Mildred Mousiekin and Missy thankfully
show off their beautiful shawls sent from
 Eliza Dormouse and Mistress Grammy:

Mildred is amazed at the perfect fit as she models her
"Tasha Tudor shawl" hand knitted gift!


The Mousiekins have been discovering Friends and Family in many parts of the Country

 Auntie Mousiee has come to live with her Cousins
all the way from California!
with the help of Heather of
"Big Dreams in a Little House"

(She and her Family are in our prayers as she travels to Bahrain)!

But Where could the Peacock Feather have come from??

The answer is revealed at the
Hoppalong Gazette
with Jeri Landers and:
 Dimity Doormouse
(a Dear Friend)!


  Beloved, I wish above all things 
and be in health, even as thy soul prosper
 that thou mayest prosper
Do You Know JESUS?

Listen to Sunday CHURCH 
with Pastor  CHARLES PRICE
of the Living Truth Ministries


  1. Enjoyed the pictures....I would love to visit there...your little mouse family is adorable...blessings

  2. Moses wondered where on earth his only eye feather had disappeared to! I promise not to tell.

    The mercantile is "out of this world" wonderful! All the sewing implements, the twist, the bolts of fabric, yelloware and pewter, I love it! I don't think our Museum has a General Store like this.

  3. I am IN MOUSE HEAVEN!!! Oh Linnie, what fun this is...your Mumford village looks so much like my favorite spot on the east coast: WILLIAMSBURG..but of course, both places have their own lovely and intriguing history. WHAT ANTIQUITIES and then to top it off....THE MICE FOLK! YEAH!!!!!! I was just over at ROSE WATER COTTAGE to see Eliza!!! THERE IS A MOUSE CLUB GOING ON HERE WITH US ALL...this is too exciting!! Well, my Tea Rat is beside himself knowing that Eliza and friends are out there waiting for some summer fun. SO GLAD TO SEE YOU UP AND RUNNING AND THANK YOU FOR THIS TOUR! LOVE TO YOU and BLESS YOU! Anita

  4. Dear Linnie,

    Ooh, more goodies! I think I'll have a general store "playhouse" for myself someday. I bet it smelled wonderful in there!

    The Mousekins are so blessed to have a new Auntie~ I knew I recognized the beautiful card that accompanied her (Heather is one of my bestest penpals!). :)

    As for the peacock feathers, I think Jeri is right.



  5. Dearest Linnie...I am so thrilled the little shawls were just the right size...how lovely she looks!!
    So glad to see you again, and I so enjoyed this tour, as old general stores are my most favorite place to peruse antiquities.
    Hugs and blessings dear friend,

  6. We live fairly close to Old Sturbridge Village and I so enjoy a stroll through the general store there. While I don't romanticize the times, it certainly is a much more pleasant atmosphere than that of Walmart:-) Thanks for the lovely photos.

  7. Lovely! I would love to really shop in that charming store! I'd spend far too much time admiring the fabric, I'm afraid. Thanks for the opportunity to be an armchair traveler with you.

  8. Lovely! I'd love to really shop in that charming store! I'd spend far too much time admiring the fabrics, I'm afraid. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be an armchair traveler!

  9. Dear Linnie and the Mousekins,

    We love your photographs of the old country store at Genesee Country Village! Old Country Stores have long been a favorite of ours! I have an old country store collection of my own. When I worked at a museum I always enjoyed working at the store! So many wonderful things to see! You're right, Tasha would have loved shopping there at the store! Your photograph of the yellowware on the shelf is beautiful! The Mousekins have collected some delightful things! The shawls from Eliza and Christie are lovely! Mildred looks so fashionable and cozy in hers! What a sweet little Auntie Mousie from Heather! What a splendid peacock feather! The Mousekins must have enjoyed their visit at Hopalong Hollow!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and Tillie Tinkham and all the mice at the Corgyncombe Courant

  10. My favorite bins on the shelves are the sewing ones. All those bolts of fabric, skeins of yarn, threads and notions...makes me swoon.

  11. I LOVE YOUR WORLD! My goodness, you are wonderful. THANK YOU for your visit and kind words and now I have YOU, JERI, PENNY, AND CHRISTIE as local MOUSE LOVERS!!!! BLESSINGS TO YOU DEAREST and may we all soar toward's Jesus' plan for us!!! Anita

  12. I love that village and would love to spend an hour in that shop! Simply wonderful.
    Warm wishes

  13. Oh how beautiful! You're so lucky to be able to visit a place like that :) No doubt Tasha would have loved it. I'm such a huge Tasha fan :) you have such a lovely blog here!~

  14. Dearest Mousekins, We so enjoyed your visit, what a bash! Do say you will come again this Autumn, Barn Dances galore and a pumpkin Festival await you! LOVE< Dimity Doormouse

  15. I have truly enjoyed the visit. Isn't it wonderful that so much has been preserved for us to learn from at this day and age.

    Thank you so much for sharing this visit with me :)


  16. Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm so glad you found me! I'm following you, too! What kindred spirits we totally are! Loved your Mumford Historical Village General Store. i want the fabric and millinery department, and for some reason my heart skipped a beat at the photo of the writing supplies. Love you mousekin family. Whimsey is joy! Tasha - just picked up "The Doll's Christmas" by our good lady Tudor at a yard sale this morning! You must e-mail me. I see you are called Linnie. Let's share more history, old things, and joy in the Lord! Glorious and inspirational blog!
    Miss Kathy from The Writer's Reverie

  17. To Kathryn Ross, I emailed you !
    :-D Blessings Linnie