Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2014 Corgi Cottage tour in Autumn

                                                                                                                                                                                                          By Me
When visiting Corgi Cottage last Fall, I tried to journal
and draw my memories right away!
I thought you may enjoy remembering with me!

~~In honor of Tasha Tudor's up coming
One Hundredth Birthday ~~
Aug 28 1915 - June 18 2008

Ashley Maggie May had never  experienced 
a "Road Trip" before, so she was very excited
to go! And Pixie approved greatly!!

So they packed up, and off they went....

to Vermont where Tasha Tudor once lived,
to see her home , gardens and family!
And Sadie excitedly approved!!!

                                   It was GREAT  FUN!!!                        

and it was Autumn and NY was quite beautiful.........

..but as we entered into this lovely state something
rather  unique to Vermont's reputation 
became apparent!

 A spectacular beauty unique on to it self !
An ancient beauty that breaths history
and nostalgic sentiment!  
(Play the soundtrack of the 
"Last O The Mohican's " in your head)!

It was a wonderful drive

....and  Ashley quietly approved...


The colors were magnificent!!

  Ashley indubitably  approved...

The scenery was spectacular! 

...and Ashley ever approved...

...Ashley kept it in her heart....and silently approved...

and Ashley Maggie May 
loved it ALL quite well!!

Soon we were real close...


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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The tour starts at the "Rookery" Built by 
Tasha's son Seth where crafts, art, prints
 and books and such are sold

I decided to wear my 1970's vintage 
Laura Ashley dress
because it seemed a perfect opportunity to!!

The weather was perfection!

I spotted my settle chair that was 
my birthday present from HubbyBear
made by Seth
ready for pick up

It fit!!


..and Ashley Maggie May posed for pictures...

Winslow and Amy Tudor 
brought their two sweet daughters

And we were greatly entertained by Ellie's
"Chicken Stories"!
Ellie (Tasha's Great Granddaughter) is a
natural with her chickens, and perks right 
up when the conversation is about them!
 It was great fun to listen to her adventures
with her chickens!

                                                                                                                                                     By Me
Ellie gave me a feather!!

                                                       By Me
Ellie's Grandma Marjorie (Tudor) made her
a special dress just like the one Sylvie Ann
wore in  Pumpkin Moonshine
first published book by Tasha Tudor

Image result for Tasha Tudor Pumpkin Moonshine

     Image result for pumpkin moonshine tasha tudorProduct Details

 The door to the ROOKERY!!

Tasha's son Seth welcoming us
 into the ROOKERY

 The Rookery is named so for the crows that roosted 
in the chimney cove peak that sits a top the house.

Inside the ROOKERY

Karen finding goodies!

Winslow bringing the settle to the camper!
Tasha's Family are sweet and personal,
and you can sense  how they loved her 
and miss her 

 Ashley met beautiful Nika 
and it was lovely to get to know
Marjorie Tudor !!
(Doll maker and artist)
(Tasha's Daughter-in-Law)

 Ashley  dearly APPROVED of 
Seth's settle chair
(and planned where she would rest
in this new hiding place below the seat!!


 Linnie met up with Christie 
(Blog friends for years)
and they became the "little girls" 
(that they already are)

 I'd love to know what Seth was thinking
he sure had his hands full with us!

And they LOVED their Laura Ashley dresses!!!!

Christie wanted one of each !!

(me floating) hee

Mama Mildred Mousiekin also had 
an eagerly anticipated meeting.... 

.....with her long time  Pen-Pal friend 
Eliza of:

Product Details



(Yes! Seth's eyes are really that blue)!!!

Product Details

There are no photos allowed at tasha's Cottage
and gardens so I took some photos
from my "Seasons of Delight" book, by Tasha Tudor
to give the feel of what we approached 
on the other side of the fence and the lay out 


                                                                                                                                                                                                             By Me
 We gathered by the gate and determined which
 group we were in and soon our group were following 
Seth toward the home that we had imagined from 
paintings and photographs!

 As you enter 
you immediately begin to recognize the spaces
and belongings that are shown in pictures and books!
 Just how it was imagined only you may be surprised
that it is a bit tinier then pictures convey.
We are told to touch NOTHING, and we understand why!
For all is just as Tasha left it!!

An urge over came me, and I took off  my shoes!!
And exposed my bare feet, as we stepped up unto the 
floor, where Tasha had so often and regularly stepped.  

 from Pintrest
(painting by Tasha)

We soon were standing in the 
cook-stove room!!

                                                                                                                                                                                    By Me
Here are some sketches I made later

                                                                                                                                                                                                        By Me
The kitchen was quite tiny and a step up
from the center room!
There is a copper pump that works, made so
by Seth's clever use of a toilet pump part

(a picture of the same kind
copper pump at my house)

Tasha Tudor
(From Pinterest)

Beyond the kitchen is the Living room
with the main fireplace and where she did
most of her art

                                                                                                                                                                                                            By Me



One of the highlights of my visit to
Corgi Cottage was a chance  opportunity
to arrange Emma, baby and 
Captain Thaddeus Crane in their chairs,
 in a dollhouse display that Seth had built in
one of the loom rooms!

I had always wondered what her body was made of 
and how she felt and moved. 
As I knew this was a very rare event I held 
it as an honor and consumed myself in the moment
and planted the experience deep into my memory!

And I may add that I understand why 
Emma was Tasha's " Galatea" * for she is 
very beautiful, and arranges quite 
gracefully and eloquently! 
And with a little help from the hand
she easily becomes alive! Captain Crane
and baby also complied to their positioning .   

Emma and Captain Thaddeus Crane


                                                                                                                                                                                                      By Me
Too much blue & white even for me!
(a similar appearance) 
We were able to view Tasha's bathroom
and her toilet bowl was quite extravagant  she also had
 a beautiful copper tub! There was also a huge blue 
antique oriental transfer grand  
ceramic wash bowl with a drain for "sits" or feet!
 On the wall she had a shelf with a children's
tea set of  Lustreware!

.  Pink Lusterware Polychrome Faith Hope Charity Cup and Saucers
(appearing much like these)


The attached barn was large and wonderfully made by Seth
and was a perfect place for the Nubian goats!
 So many wonderful antiques were about, and so delightful to see! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                Me By Me

Photo by: Margaret Hensel
Photo by: Margaret Hensel


We visited the Eric Sloane Museum
after visiting Corgi Cottage

and we saw many things there that were 
the same in Tasha's home!
 In the above picture 
(A Diary of  an Early American Boy- cabin)
there are some doors that resemble the ones on
 Tasha's sunk-in green house where she would have her 
composted soil delivered.

There were also many door handles as these

Here are many examples of what you may see in 
Tasha's barn or  home and yard
Artist and author Eric Sloane was a great influence of Seth Tudor)


Here are some things that I brought home from the vacation!

I wore "Corgi Cottage" soil for a while!! 




Mama Mousiekin enjoys he Settee


I love the way the settee looks in the parlor 

Happy 100 year Birthday
to Tasha Tudor who has inspired 
so many to 


Hope you enjoyed!!
Many warm Blessings, Linnie

Visit the on line store
of the Tasha Tudor Family:
Take Joy DVD 


  1. Linnie…dearest….my heart is filled with joy. Reading this post, with photos and words that bring back such a flood of memories from last year, and mingle with the memories of last week..I am overwhelmed. Over.Whelmed.
    Your sketches are just incredible…and how beautifully and accurately you documented the tour!
    I am honored to be your kindred spirit friend, and I thank God upon every remembrance of you!
    Much love and hugs and blessings to you and Gary and the sweet mousiekins,

    Christie and Eliza the Mouse

  2. What a beautiful post, Linnie! And your sketches are truly wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Patricia xx

  3. Linnie, I was going to start off my comment with how wonderful, wonderful your photographs were and then I got to your drawings! Your sketches are even more wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing it. I've never seen the Rookery in the sunshine before--and I've been twice! You have a wonderful eye for detail that you could remember so much and sketch it later. How did the opportunity to arrange Tasha's dolls come about? I don't remember seeing the baby when there in June of last year. I felt very sad when I was in her bedroom. I can just hear her saying she planned to be up and better.

  4. Cathy Dear, Thank you so much for your compliments! I know just what you mean about being sad in her room and the hope to get better sigh. The first time I was there I felt such a loss and emptiness of her too! (her sweater was on the bed and I stuck my nose close to smell it) (and last week her blankets and pillows)!! sigh

    The Emma doll holding was so very accidental and I still can not believe that it happened!!
    When we were all standing in front of the Doll house cabinet, Seth realized that Emma and the Captain (and baby) were still in the box so he took Emma out, but I was in the way! So I reached out with wide eyes (in seemingly slowest of motion) and he said (in that slow calm hummored VT way) "Oh you want to put her in"! (not as a question but in statement form) Hee So he handed her right smack into my hands!!!! WOW!! (my heart is beating fast again at the mere memory)!!! Hee hee!! Well anyway they feel very wonderful, and now they are in Japan!!! Still having wonderful adventures!
    I must say Cathy Dearest I shure wished that you were with us last week!I missed you!! :-)

  5. Christie Dear!!!!
    You know how I feel right back at you!!I LOVE SHARING adventures with you!!! XXX OOO
    (and talking at the same time simultaneously covering two or three subjects at once) Heeeee!!!

  6. Patricia,
    Thank you deary!! So glad that you enjoyed and I was so very glad to get to HUG you there last week!! :-) xx oo

  7. Dear Linnie, what a talent you are! Your drawings are amazing! You and Christie look so cute with your Laura Ashley dresses on. I would love to visit The Rookery one day. Tasha Tudor was an amazing soul. I love that you took your shoes off in her home. You have walked in Tasha's footsteps--how wonderful for you!♥

  8. Linnie,
    What a delight to go on tour with you during the autumn season. Autumn in New England is quite spectacular! Especially loved all your drawings documenting your tour. So special.
    Take Peace,

  9. Dearest Linnie,
    How I wish I could have been there with you.. What a beautiful post.
    I am in awe over your drawings.. You have captured the beauty and joy of your journey. So much to view here... I must come back and look once again..
    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the video of Tasha's Garden. I am in heaven. Thank you dear Linnie for taking the time to put this all together for us to enjoy.. I really needed it today..
    Bless you dear friend
    p.s. I love your Laura Ashley dress.. You look lovely!

  10. Linnie, Linnie!
    Thank you for sharing with us these wonderful photos and your beautiful paintings! Feels like I've been there now, and I have always wanted so to. Mercy, have you been a busy girl! I love this, LOVE this! And you are beautiful in that Laura Ashley dress.
    Bless you, dear Linnie.
    Your friend,

    (Oh, I have to send this on my daughter's Google account ~ )

  11. Dearest Linnie, hello! What a wealth of fun and history and inspiration from one of the best storytellers and artists. She moved many to develop their own art and style and carries on a lovely folk tradition. I will never forget my first trip to Vermont; it was in the summer and though the rolling green hills intrigued me, it was SO HUMID! I wanted to go back in the fall, but instead, we headed for Sugarloaf, ME. WONDER!

    Well I see Miss Mousekins really knows a comfy settee when she sees one! And Tea Rat agrees that all this coziness calls for: TEA!!!!!!!

    It's good to see Eliza the mouse again.....I must go visit her!

    Wishing you a summer day of enchantment my dear and magical Linnie! Anita

    OH! Your sketches are wonderful!

  12. Linnie! What an amazing post! love love love! and your drawings! so perfect!!!!! how fun to see it all in the autunm, just absolutely stunning. Still loving your drawings....perfect, perfect!

    we are home now. so tired. but there's no food in this butt'ry, that's for sure! good to be home but missing my new england tasha friends!~

  13. Heather so very glad you are all home safe!! What a grand adventure we all had!! xx oo :-)

  14. My dear, dear sweet Linnie!! Wow this blog post and your journaling and art are just what I needed to enjoy this sweet tea given to us by Christine! I sit here reading with tears of joy in my eyes! I LOVE your journaling and art. You are quite the artist! I had no idea! I only wish I could see them in person! I had no idea I would ever be able to take this bucket list dream trip of mine. PURE JOY! I am still floating around thinking of all the sweet memories of a lifetime I made. It was such a pleasure and blessing to have both you and Christie in my tour group! THANK YOU for the idea of taking off my shoes it made the home and garden tour so much more a reality to me <3 IT was sooooooo good to finally meet such a sweet kindred, your hubbybear and the little ones!! IT was all my pleasure to receive your warm sweet hug!! I am blessed to be a part of this Take Peace group! Thank you for sharing this wonderful and unforgettable adventure. As a dear friend of mine always says...EVERY MOMENT COUNTS!!

  15. It is a joy to see the love that went into everything that was done by her son, to give her mother ease during life. I enjoy reading her books and have a couple of them in my personal library. Her enthusiasm for life and staying true to what brought her joy, is a great example to all of us.

    Thank you Linnie dear for sharing your trip with all of us. The beauty of Autumn is so special. :0)


  16. Your post has been such a treat!! I loved this beautiful capturing of your trip to Tasha Tudor's home. Your illustrations are marvelous! They look so like Tasha Tudor's artwork. I was greatly amused to read that Tasha Tudor had an electric stove! : ) Thank you for sharing this wonderful post!

  17. Linnie my sweet!!! Thank you for coming to visit my post. We had such a wonderful time and even tea rat bought himself not one but two mini oils!!!!!!! Much love, anita

  18. Oh Linnie I so loved everything about this post. You are an amazing artist yourself my friend. I love your drawings, so detailed. I hope to one day visit Tasha's home myself. I believe the Autumn of the year would be my choice to do so. The scenes along the drive you shared are just so beautiful. I want to thank you again for the goodies you sent me from the Rookery on this visit you made. That was just sweet of you. Yours and Christine dresses are lovely and you both are so beautiful wearing them. I'm so thankful to know you as my friend hun.....truly blessed because of it! Hugs from Texas ♡ox

  19. Your drawings are beautiful & your dress too, I would love one in that colour.
    Thank you for such a wonderful tour, maybe one day I will get there.
    I have the English Garden book too, just beautiful.
    Fondly Michelle

  20. Dearest Linnie,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post all these lovely pictures, along with your wonderful sketches! I do hope your sketchbooks will be preserved by your posterity, especially, since they are such treasures.



  21. Dearest Linnie ~ oh, my! I have chills and tears of joy and wonderment! This one, for sure, is bookmarked to revisit time and again. Tasha Tudor is a particular heroine of mine and I greedily seek out and devour anything I can find, but that you and Christie have been 'there' ~~~ well, it is the next best thing to being there myself. Am I reading correctly, this was last Fall, and you all just went again this year? You are so blessed! {I've been otherwise distracted so am a little confused as to everyone's goings on!}
    I was reading along, enjoying the scenery, approved by sweet Ashley, swooning at all the Vermont Fall colours and dreaming ~~~ and then up pops your art work! Oh my! What a talented lady you are, and to bring such detail from memory too.

    Thank you so much for sharing this absolutely delightful trip with us.

  22. All the beautiful fall foliage reminds me of our family's years living in Maine. I enjoyed seeing how picturesque New England is, again by way of your photographs. You certainly chose just the right week for a drive.
    I remember purchasing Bethany's biography of her mother, "Drawn From New England" in the 1990s. I was enraptured. It remains my favorite even though I have others with glossy photographs of her garden and crafts. How lovely that you were able to venture to Vermont on your vacation and see Tasha Tudor's actual home - built by Seth (with his bare hands.) I am impressed with your sketch book and think it was a very good idea to record your experience this way. And your dress becomes you.

  23. Oh Linnie-this was an amazing post! I LOVE your art as well as Tasha's! I almost felt like I was there too-you did such a beautiful job of sharing your photos and thoughts. You and I are kindred spirits-I would have bought all the stuff you did on your trip. I've always coveted that Kallir book about Grandma Moses. I visited her museum many years ago and then went home and told my grandma all the things I saw. she was the one who got me interested in her art.
    I love you!

  24. Hey Linnie, You fit right into the time period and atmosphere in your Laura A. garb.I am glad you were quick with the pencils and sketching pad, a perfect journalism of your visit. I don't understand why photographs are not allowed at some of these places,do you know why? The settle looks great amongst your Windsors and chandelier and silhouettes. Now I want to find that Victorian Flowers Album; probably out of print, but that never stopped me from looking!

  25. A visit to Corgi Cottage!!! A dream come true, for sure! I have been here several times to scroll and enjoy all you have shared with us, and have loved loved it so much!

  26. Linnie dear ~ Bless you for this wonderful pause to visit Corgi
    Cottage with you and to view your own particular and beautiful interpretations of that hallowed place. We are, indeed, fortunate to have kindreds keeping Tasha alive in our memory, especially in this,her jubilee year, and reminding us ever of her Paradiso....
    Love you with blessings

  27. Mary Dear, THANK YOU for your visit and your wonderful sweet words!!
    It is so good to hear from you today :-D
    Many BLESSINGS and warmth, Linnie