Friday, July 31, 2015

The Tasha Tudor Museum in Fall 2014 "From Scratch Tasha's Hand Made Life"

After our visit to Corgi Cottage, we spent the following day
at another place that honors and reminisces Tasha Tudor 
and  her many hand crafted achievements 
The Tasha Tudor Museum
974 Western Ave,
Brattleboro VT 

It was quite enjoyable
and very interesting

Me with Melinda a regular volunteer 

We had Tasha Tudor's favorite
Welsh Breakfast tea and it was delicious!!

there were dress up clothes for 
visiting children

there was the 
Take Joy video playing


and a doll house for the pleasure of 
young visitors!


Tasha enjoyed making and doing 
many things by hand, and that is 
what was exhibited and celebratated
at the museum in 2014 

Tasha sent many cards and letters, and many examples were on display

A copy of a painting of Tasha's brother 
by her mother Rosamond Tudor

A hand made corgi by Tasha

Tasha made boxes lined with poetry 
and also many animals, dolls and even 

Tasha's paint brushes..

receipts and example of her
home made foods and preserves

Tasha's own Singer hand-cranked sewing machine!



Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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I got to spend more time with
my dear friend Christie Jones Ray 

We were very thankful to our 
Husbands for bringing us to VT

(Once again sporting our 
vintage Laura Ashley frocks)

Mildred and the Mousiekin family
enjoyed meeting up again with Eliza 
from the Eliza Mouse series
written by Christie

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Christie Jones Ray with her Eliza Mouse

You can visit
Tasha Tudor Museum
PO Box 2546
Brattleboro VT 05303
 Phone: (802) 258-6564     Fax: (802) 257-1805      Email:

Here are some books
to learn more about Tasha's 
hand made skills:

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Hope you enjoyed!!

You can become a member of the

 Springs of Joy
This level named for Tasha’s 1979 book in which she illustrated her favorite quotations.
  1. Free unlimited admission for 2 to the Museum
  2. Subscription to biannual newsletter
  3. Euro sticker
  4. Acknowledgement in newsletter.
  5. Programs and events ticket discount.
  6. 10% Gift Shop discount.
  7. Tasha Tudor full-color 9×11 print
  8. Subscription to the annual TTMS Journal The Birdwhistle
  9. Free admission passes for two guests.


  1. Dear Linnie,

    How delightfully delightful! I love all the close-ups of the museum; it's almost like being right there. Thank you for taking time to share all of the fun with those of us who live far away.



  2. Oh dear Linnie, you look right at home at the Tasha Tudor museum! You look darling in your Laura Ashley dress and the shawl is so Tasha! Thank you for taking me here and seeing you and Christie is pure joy. Have a lovely weekend! ♥

  3. Dearest Linnie ~~~ I am almost lost for words! What a joyful post this is indeed ~ and the beaming smiles of you and dear Christie too! Such Kindreds. Got to love those purple wellies! I have loved every moment of this, enjoying your words and savouring every picture. Learning about Tasha is such fun through your eyes too. Many, many thanks ~from the home of the Corgi and Tasha's favourite tea! ~~~Deb xoxo

  4. I have smiles all across my face, I have chills running through my body, I am THRILLED TO SEE YOU HERE! First of all, Tea Rat LOVES that old stove, for he has three of them! He can't get enough of these wonderful inventions so he can bake his tea cakes....and then to see Miss Christie Ray herself! YOU MET HER! Guess what?She is coming to my state too! Oh Linnie, Tasha Tudor's world...I love that many of us see a real life rolling about in the miniature, in the world of animals...there is so much magic here, and you are marvelous for keeping this alive. I love Tasha's handmade corgi! WOW! And the Mousekins....they are forever alive and connected to the fun we share through the miles and this electronic cloud that allows us to find out we are not alone.

    You have yourself a magnificent NY kind of summer weekend! XOXOX

    1. Dearest Anita and my sweet sweet Linnie! Can you believe by this October, I will have met both of you! My first blog world kindred sisters! This was such a lovely post wonderful to remember that rainy morning in Vermont! Love and hugs and kisses to birth of you darling precious friends ❤️❤️❤️

  5. What wonderful pictures showing the life of a gentle and lovely woman. Her talents are amazing. Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day.

  6. Oh look beautiful! I just love what you were both wearing :0)

    Tasha Tudor, such an inspiration. I have several of her books, and I own an identical sewing machine as her....I don't sew with it, but it is lovely to see it displayed :0)

    Thank you for sharing this trip with us Linnie...

    Have a blessed week dear lady,


  7. LINNIE! Good morning, happy Day of the Lord!

    I just saw your comment on my blog; I am working on a new monthly post, and what a joy to hear from you. First of all, YOUR FINGER? WHAT HAPPENED? But thank God, you are on the mend....and weeding..oh dear, I always think of sin as weeds and weeding as managing sin. So easy to crop up, we need to keep them under control while that which is beautiful takes much care and nutrition! But we are the keepers of the garden and heart, aren't we!

    AND YES! CHRISTIE RAY! I can't believe she is coming. I told her I'd be in school during the week, but I will give her plenty of ideas to explore. And yesterday, we discovered a new place just over the bridge of the St. Croix River: Hudson Wisconsin. She is going to love it here....

    Blessings to you and all who reside under your magical roof of blessed hearts.

  8. Oh my! LOved touring this wonderful museum! I have so many of the books shown here, but have spotted a couple I really need. You and Christie are just lovely dressed in your Laura Ashley frocks...look right at home!

  9. Thank you so much for this post-it truly was like being there-you look so pretty in your dress and to you!

  10. Ahhh..what a sweet life says Tea Rat, what a sweet life says ME! I LOVE THE BOOTS and the petticoats, the old stove, the country. I WANT to pet a goat!

    Dearest Linnie, how lovely to see your comment this morning! Oh how elegant those slippers are on my post. I wear them when we have guests! I have several pairs for all occasions. I have a clear plastic pair with RHINESTONES! teehehee...

    Well my beloved friend, how will you be spending your day today? Under the sun?


  11. The museum is a very nice place indeed, and Adam and I were delighted to have been hired several years ago to present our 'DRESSING A COLONIAL LADY' program for them.
    Tasha too was very talented and special, but with all due respect, I have to mention that at the time she built her Vt. home, she was a millionaire. She also had lots of help---a gardener, etc.
    I have to take a moment to say a word about the many many other single women who with almost NOTHING beat seemingly insurmountable odds and create and live a TRULY simple life.
    I myself was the widow of a suicide with almost nothing when I moved to New England alone 17 years ago---a distance of 1000 miles from all I ever knew---and took on a little 240 year old cape that was a disaster no one wanted, salvaging, scrounging, and as creatively as possible doing most all the work myself for 8 years before I even met my hubby.
    I am not saying that I want or expect compliments or kudos from anyone, but it is very easy to create a 'New England dream' or country perfection when you have money, the ability to hire an army of contractors, etc.
    I say 'BRAVO' to any kindred lady out there who alone, and with the deck stacked firmly against her, has with nothing but continual and hopeful grit and perseverance, created a new and authentic life for herself, literally almost accomplishing the impossible.
    THOSE women are the true heros in my humble opinion...


  12. The aqua dress is just too beautiful for words. What a lovely museum, and meeting place for you two girls. I never knew that Tasha T made little critters, I knew about the puppets. The goat is darling, he inspires me.

  13. Thank you for sharing this most wonderful post; I, too, am a fan of dear Tasha and knowing I should never be able to travel to her place, your post has taken me there in spirit. I have been encouraged through her books and drawings. Can you share of the picture in which is it a painting or blown up poster of Tasha and her corgi's out in her gardens, looks as if it was painted on the window that as one looks out as to 'see' Tasha out there. It is a neat idea who ever came up with it. Again, thank you so much.
    Vivian in TN