Monday, August 31, 2015

Tasha Tudor Bicentennial Events 2015 (and a give~a~way)!!

This Month of August,
marked the 100 year centennial
of author and illustrator Tasha Tudor!

Tasha Tudor
Aug 28, 1915 ~ June 18, 2008

 To Celebrate, 
many attended the:
Tasha Tudor Day 2015
* The Centenary Celebration*
Brattleboro VT
with the Tudor Family
and Friends!
 It was GREAT FUN!!!
((AND in honor 
of the event there will be 
A GIVE~A~WAY))!!!!

(I'm wearing Laura Ashley of course)!!
After arriving in Vermont
I was joined by a fellow friend from
a Facebook group called 
"Take Peace" Suzanne

The Birthday gathering was held
in a church building that was perfectly
fitting for such an event, as the
 structure reminded one of 
Tasha's "Corgi Cottage"!


Sweet Ladies greeted us...

(Natalie Wise in her beautiful Laura Ashley dress)

..and there were "Goodie Bags" and 
Raffle Tickets!!

The prizes were covetous
including a Grandfather clock 
made by Seth Tudor



There was a Floating Cake!

Like the one in Becky's Birthday!!

Winslow Tudor ,
(Tasha's Grandson)
made the Cake and the 
"Boiled White Frosting"
from Tasha's Cookbook!

So many of the ladies
wore pretty dresses and 
Tasha styled aprons!!

Amy Tudor and daughter Ellie
were so very busy with so many things !!

Marjorie Tudor hosted
a Watercolor workshop!


It was very interesting,
 and great fun!!
 I learned some very helpful, new 
techniques !! 

Soon a luncheon with Tea 
was served and then on to the 
exciting raffle!

(the winner of the clock she was so thrilled)!!

There was a wonderful 
slide presentation given by
Jeanette Knazek ~historian!

Ashley Maggie May was 
a very well behaved guest
enjoyed by all!!

Soon we were saying our 
Thank yous and Good byes....
..and then we were off to 
visit  the 
Tasha Tudor Museum!
"Longings Fulfilled"
974 Western Brattleboro VT o5301

...where some were ready to rest!!

And enjoy sweet conversation 
and delicious Tasha's Welsh Breakfast Tea!

It was so wonderful to meet
new lovely friends!


There is always something new to
see! This exhibit 
"Longings Fulfilled" was very 
interesting ! 


Mama Mousiekin prepares a 
watercolor lesson of new techniques
learned in VT, with her daughter Missie  !!

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
the BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY: High Tea for 2 Birthdays:
Do You Know JESUS?
Read more here: 
Need Church?
Listen to Sunday CHURCH
of the Living Truth Ministries
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Later we made a Quick stop to the 
"Vermont Country Deli"
 for some delectable goodies!

And brought Tea to a park,
it was great fun!! 
(And I brought along some tea cups
and my Laura Ashley Teapot)!

We enjoyed tea with Tasha's daughter Bethany
and it was a very lovely time!


That evening the MOON rose FULL!!!

On route to home at an Antique Store
I found a most wonderful souvenir!! 
And I was so pleased to bring it home!

And here are some other things that came home with me 
from a most delightful vacation!!


(keep scrolling for 
the give~a~way)

The Western NY Tasha Tudor Museum Gathering
Celebrating Tasha Tudors 100th Birthday 
(Macedon NY  Carol Elaine

Here in western N.Y. on Aug 22nd 
our N.Y. chapter
Celebrated "Tasha's  Christmas Joy"
at the Macedon NY Public Library
in honor of her Birthday 

Ashley Maggie May was invited
back from last year and made 
another big impression!!

I brought tea cups and red place settings 
for my guest and myself!

We had lots of FUN!!


We had a guest
gave us a great time!!
 She recited : 
"How the Grinch 
Stole Christmas"
by Dr. Seuss
Product Details 
And a wonderful tale
Cob~Web Christmas
by Shirley Climo

(doing the Grinch)

Later we watched 
Take Peace"

A raffle won me a spun cotton ornament
in which I greatly love!

I brought my dear friend
Teresa and we had a perfect day!!
(I also enjoyed wearing 
a vintage Laura Ashley dress)

Find books here:


And now;


A Corgi
Valentine card 
note set,
Marjorie Tudor
(Ashley Maggie May's choice)!
 All you have to do is: 
be a ~FOLLOWER~ of 
The Butt'ry and Book'ry Blog
and or a Member of 
 ~"Take Peace" FB group~
~"The Stillwater Society"  FB group~
and leave a comment here! 
(if you are unable to leave a comment on 
this blog post, you can enter by leaving 
a comment on the 'Butt'ry Facebook posts
in Take Peace ,
or The Stillwater Society)
The winner will be drawn in 2 weeks!!
Sept 15th


  1. Thanks for taking so many photos of the event in Brattleboro. I will be visiting the museum next week myself! I hope they still have some of those items for sale at the museum. Did Natalie say when they're going to put Rookery Ramblings back on-line? Is she now back working for them?

  2. What wonderful celebrations took place in Vermont and elsewhere; it's been a joy to see and read each and every one I've come across. Thank you for posting, and for a lovely give-away!

    Sharon in Alabama

  3. Oh, Linnie! What a wonderful journal this is. Such memories to hold dear in your heart, and thank you for sharing them. I cannot pick a favourite part at all.
    Do you see the shadows in the moon? I think it looks like a lady kneeling and bent over in her flower beds ~~~
    I am suffering greatly over the amazing terracotta pot {in which the magnificent birthday cake floats} as I would love it for a super container for my blueberries.
    Thank you for the giveaway, but please don't include my name because international postage is nightmarishly expensive.
    ~~~Deb in Wales

  4. What a wonderful day! You sure recieved lots of wonderful souvenirs. You did a great job in celebrating Tasha Tudor. Glad you and T got to enjoy the day together.
    Love you,

  5. Great memories of a very special occasion. Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day.

  6. Wow....such beautiful pictures and lovely blog entry. Thanks so much for sharing with those of us who couldn't attend. Looks like you had a fabulous day! You captured everything. Your watercolor looks great!! Such an exciting day. Love you sweet Linnie!!

  7. The celebration in Vermont looked beautiful! What a grand idea to recreate the floating cake from "Becky's Birthday"!! The watercolor demonstration looked like fun too. I smiled when I saw the photo of my mom from the NY celebration. : ) I will have to share that with her! I would love to enter your give-away. -Sarah

  8. Hello Linnie, This post is full of such joy and happiness! I adore all of your special photos of you and special kindreds who love Tasha Tudor. It's hard to imagine the excitement you must have felt there. One day I hope to visit her home and the museum. Thank you for giving me joy this morning, sweetie! xoxo ♥

    First of all, I am so very late due to school starting this week, and my schedule is very early. I have to get up now at 3:30 in order to get to my emails and other social media (that I love and will never give up!) so I missed this is darling, with the corgi, with all the goodness of Tasha Tudor's style and life. How I long to be a part of an artistic celebration as such, to PLAY with friends like you, and to create such fun. What a great way to participate in the joy of such a person's contribution to art and literature. YOU LOOK GREAT! Now, off I run....

  10. Another magical post-and again, I felt just like I was there....I see that Ashley Maggie May smiles! so cute! No wonder she was invited! Love to you dear...

  11. Tasha would be delighted to be so honored with such a magnificent celebration in memory of her life and legacy. And, no doubt, she would be pleased that Ashley Maggie May was a special guest of honor. As for me, I am thinking I just must make myself a new many lovely ones here to admire.

  12. You have had a super fun summer dear lady! :0) thank you for taking us along to Vermont! it is one of the places I want to visit soon... m.

  13. Linnie,
    Loved everything about this post! Such fond memories to have and I am going to use that little album they gave us to document it:-) Why do all we kindred spirits have to live so far from one another!

  14. Dearest Linnie,
    Sorry I am so late in getting here... I had been away from the computer for a while.. It was such a treat to have you visit today. Thank you so much for your kind words.

    This was such an amazing celebration.. To honor Tasha Tudor like this, she would have been so touched. So many beautiful photos.. Thank you so much for sharing this special day, dear friend.
    Love and blessings,

  15. So many beautiful photo's and such a treat to me. I love it all and seeing all that you got up too. The floating cake is so pretty and you too.
    Fondly michelle

  16. I really loved the post,it made my week.I so wish that there was one like it every day.

  17. Thank you, dear Linnie! Always so nice to have a visit from you

  18. Linnie,
    I must have missed this wonderful post as I just stumbled upon it! Looks like it was quite a celebration :) So happy that you were able to take part in the joy and share your thoughts and photos.

    take joy
    brenna tudor

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