Tuesday, September 15, 2015

GATHERING SEEDS...((and the winner of the give a way))

This is the time of year 
                       of bounty, harvest 
                                                    and thankfulness!

Nature is binding up it's
cycle and bringing forth
the "new" as it
prepares for rest...

...seeds are found
                               in all sorts of forms...

fruit ..


all waiting for their chance to                             

grow anew in the new season

                                                after the winter's  rest!

It is a time to gather 
and harvest before

the cold takes hostage
all of the bounty!

It is time to hang herbs 
and dried flowers 

and to save petals and leaves for 
potpourris or for pressed flowers
and arrangements

It is also a time to gather
 flower seeds
for the "Secret Garden"!!

Thank you to all that entered the
give a way!

one does not need much...
a box....
                                         a paper bag...

a sift....
                        a funnel....

some clippers ....
                               and scissors!



You must wait until the
seeds are ready and mature 
and dry on the plant
 before harvesting them!

Sweet rocket

long pods must dry on the plant


Don't pick too early!
These must be brown and look
to be "dead" on the stalks
maturing on the plant!

Truly truly I say unto you,
except a corn of wheat fall
into the ground and die,
it stays alone: but if it die,
it brings forth much fruit
                             John 12:24

Don't know what these are ?
(but they are so pretty and
only open early in the morning)

Blackeyed Susans 

Oh look drum roll please...

keep in a dry place till 

Herbal Mullien 



Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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Miss Chip!!
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by my email in my profile!


Hope you 
 Many Blessings
Linnie and "Farmily"


  1. What a wonderful post! The added drama of drawing the name was fun too. Your flowers are amazing and how great to preserve seeds for next years gardens too.

    I had to go back a post to see what the give-away had been and there was another wonderful post about your visit to Tasha Tudor's world. Loved seeing 'you' in period dress.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Dear Linnie,

    Congratulations to your winner; I missed your giveaway! I'm always gifted by coming to your blog and being friends with you, anyway. :) Your mystery flower is "flower of an hour," a type of mallow. I would love some sweet rocket seeds from you! Would you like some swamp and balloon milkweed seeds for your Monarchs?



  3. Oh, yes I enjoyed, very much I did! Such perfect photographs ~ the colours are just inspiring and I do so love your hand made seed envelopes, with all your willing helpers too.
    I don't know what that plant is either, at first I thought a cistus, but no, it is not. Very pretty though and a keeper if you can.
    Mullein is one of my very favourite plants. I have many in my garden.
    Dearest Linnie, I have really enjoyed the pictures of your harvesting seeds and drying flowers. Thank you for sharing them, and I'll be back to look again!
    Well done to Chip too.
    Nos Da ~~~Deb in Wales

  4. What a beautiful blog post!! I wonder if any of those flowers would grow here in Florida. They are so pretty!! Thanks so much for sharing. I loved seeing your wonderful troupe who helped you out!! The photos of the gardensare beautiful, the flowers hung to dry and then the seeds for next year's are just wonderful! garden....xoxo

  5. What a lovely post, Linnie! You are so smart to collect your seeds--I don't know the mystery plant, but so worth saving. I love seeing your little helpers gathering their seeds for next year. You have taught them well! Congratulations to Chip! Have a lovely time gathering seeds, dear Linnie! xo ♥

  6. Linnie, Oh Wow!!! Me!!! I am so excited to have won your lovely, lovely giveaway!!! Your post today is just wonderful...can't wait to get back to enjoying every word and picture! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! I have emailed you, but I am not sure it was sent.

  7. Dear Linnie,
    What a beautiful array of flowers you have harvested from your garden.
    How I wish I had such a spread... They are just beautiful!
    Congratulations Chip Butter!
    blessings dear friend... Beautiful cards!

  8. Good morning sweetest Linnie and Mousekin friends! Yes, it is time to collect the goodness to keep us going during the resting period....and then the cycle continues. What a miracle it all is, isn't it! And what BEAUTY in all the husks filled with promise. BLESSINGS to you dearest Linnie and Mousekin family! XOXOXOXO

  9. Delightful blog! I love your little stuffed animal "helpers", too. Did you make those? Very talented! We had the Bellflower in New England, too. I loved seeing them growing wild in the wooded area next to our house. So many beautiful flowers. Thank you for sharing! Jane xo

  10. I love looking at your pictures...Oh how I miss fall in southern California we don't see much fall although we did have a full day of rain yesterday which was awesome!! I am blogging again if you would like to follow along ~Heather :)

  11. Beautiful post dear Linnie-I enjoyed all your flowers, and love seeing your helpers...love to you!

  12. A most delightful post as always, Linnie. Could you please share where one might get a mouse kin kit such as yours and did you make the twig/branch fence? I am always inspired and blessed by your sharings.

    In Joy,

  13. Hi Vivian,
    Thank you for your visit and your sweet compliments!
    Well I must confess that I can not take credit for making
    the twig fence, nor the little Mousiekin family! The Mama and Papa mousies came from a yard sale when I was a child, and the lady that sold them to me said that they were old! They are made from wool felt
    and were hand stitched with pipe cleaners in their legs and hands! I have always wondered myself if they were made
    from a pattern or just created.
    Many blessings, Linnie

  14. Linnie, I love all your photos of seed gathering and drying. You house must smell wonderful. I have never tried to save seeds. I've only pulled them off the plant and scattered them in the vicinity. I will have to bookmark and post and give it a try some year to see if I get better results doing it the right way,

  15. I love this post, I too save seeds from the garden I even throw older tomatoes back into the ground and most of the time they come up in spring time... I didn't know Hollyhocks make seeds too.. I did some marigolds just before the end of summer and I have a bunch of baby ones in yellow... Nice post happy weekend with love Janice

  16. O and congratulations to the winner <3

  17. Wow, thank you for this beautiful, whimsical and adorable adventure!

  18. I've been gone too long and missed the drawing, drat and drat! Oh well, Chip Butter is indeed a gardener that will appreciate your gift. You are so organized; I just pop out to the garden,frisk the ripe seeds straight off the plant,load up my pockets and then toss the seeds into whatever garden that will require the plant for next season. I think your method is much nicer...and therapeutic too.

  19. It is always a pleasure to gaze at your autumn photographs. I've never grown Bellflowers but seeing yours I'd like to. And your Hollyhocks are giving me anticipation of seeing mine in their second year of growth - when they are expected to flower. The seed was saved by my German pen-friend and mailed to me in an envelope last autumn. She is an avid gardener in her off-hours when she isn't teaching her many piano students. A hedgehog family lives under her porch. I admit I was doubtful whether the tiny seeds could grow into a large biannual. They did indeed grow large, soaking up the sun on the south side of the house all summer long.
    I spied your "Tree of Life" netting [curtains]. I have the same ones. Therefore we have something in common.

  20. Yes dear Linnie! A true time capsule.... Thank you for coming over to visit, and also for meeting little Milo... I am so happy you liked him.
    blessings dear friend,