Thursday, December 22, 2016

Phebe Rush And A Visit To The Concord Museum

.....a pair of old wooden shoes were left out 
near the hearth in hopes for a visit
from St. Nicholas on his birthday... 

Phebe Rush
has been around for a long time !!

She has spent the greater part of the last one hundred years
waiting in a box all alone and for the most part forgotten!

But one day that all changed when she arrived 
at her new household in an old home that was 
somehow very familiar

Phebe Rush was born during the 1830s, and 
after her first "little girl"  grew up she was set 
into a box to keep her safe!
After many years when her first "little girl" 
had eldered and aged it seemed appropriate 
 to mail her to  a niece in hopes that she 
would be loved a cherished again!

She was indeed "cherished" but was kept 
in that box because of her age for safe keeping!
But soon dust gathered and other boxes were 
laid on top and time marched on
until the niece's daughter in law  found 
her again after her passing!

Alas Phebe was free again and found her
 new home with and new Mistress 
Now she has much catching up to do! 

Phebe Rush examines her first piece of furniture ! 

A desk made by Seth Tudor!

Phebe Rush started to travel and 
visited Tasha Tudor Museum
and many places through out 
Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York 
She loves history !

But she is always happy to be back home 
where she is loved and welcomed by the
 other dolls and pets that live there too!

Being out of the stuffy old box had it's advantages 
for there were many gifts and
things for Phebe to try on and wear!
And even furnishings that gave new hope
 for a lovely and joyful future !! 

An old wardrobe arrived one day to hold all the "new" antique clothes

 She was thrilled that she even owned her own

She always enjoys visiting and 
sharing joyous chatter with the 
other dolls of  the old House where she now lives!

She found some paintings of her ancestors
at an antique store

And proudly shows off her new broach
that set off a beautiful shawl that was a
dearest gift from some very special dolls,
made especially for her
by Marjorie Tudor!

She just loves the beautiful color!!

One day Phebe found some beautiful old wooden shoes
and decided to lay them out the night before 
St. Nicholas's Birthday, and to her delight
she found them filled with wonderful
 gifts in the morning!!!

A sweet hope~chest holds many 
cherished collections 

She received gifts like this chatelaine 
from her friend "Bell" in Florida 

And she made a Pen~Pal Friend 
all the way from Washington State !!
Another Papier Mache doll around the 
same age named "Sadie"!

 Phebe has her own Corgi 
that she named "Maggie May"!!

And lovely old books to read that are just he size!!

She even has her own Nubian "Molly " Goat 
Made by Sweet Michie !!

Phebe was indeed a HAPPY HAPPY Doll!! 

And now has many stories to share !!!!

In December she and the other resident dolls 
packed up and traveled to Concord Massachusetts
to visit other olden Dolls and one special Doll 
that once belonged to Tasha Tudor !!
“Melissa Shakespeare.”  
(also known as "Annabelle" 
from the book "A is for Annabelle"
by Tasha Tudor)


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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“Melissa Shakespeare.” 

On loan from  Marjorie Tudor 

Tiny letters written by  Tasha Tudor's "Dolls" 

 Her dress reminded Phebe of the walls at
Orchard House in Abigail's  (the artist) room

“Melissa Shakespeare.” 

READ an article about the exhibit
by John Fiske:

Queen Anne doll and furniture. Doll, England, c. 1740

                                           “Lady Elizabeth”  lived with the same 
                                            Amsterdam family for generations,
                                                   from the late 17th century 

~Doll's gown England 1838   .~.~.  Doll's robe India 1770~

William and Mary House, England, 1680-1700. 

Learn about 
"Paper Lithograph"

 On Jeri Lander's Post ;

Do you see the tiny highboy replica?

You can Visit :


After visiting the Concord Museum
Phebe and her best Doll sisters
gathered at a special Christmas Tea
 given by Kristen Strand,
  a wonderful doll maker,
along with her beautiful Dolls!!
Dolls from all over the country attended
and they had such great fun!! 

Phebe and her "sisters"
Betany Bountiful, and Merry Noel 
along with 
Hitty Lin, Hitty Yin, and 
Hitty Jean and Penny Polly
had the most fun meeting so many
and exchanging Christmas gifts
and enjoying tea!!

Betany Bountiful was thrilled to meet
Gail Wilson Izannah made by Kristen!

Mildred and Missie Mousiekin also love to 
play dolls and enjoy many happy visits too!! 

Merry Merry Christmas !!

Hope you enjoyed!
Many Blessings
Linnie and Phebe Rush

Books to READ!!
A Is for Annabelle

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  1. Dear Linnie, oh, I LOVE this post!! So many wonderful dolls and related things. I will be looking at it many, many times!! Thank you for sharing!!! Joyce M.

    1. Dearest Sweet Joyce ~and Sadie~!
      So glad that you enjoyed seeing all!! It is so wonderful to have friends as you to share these lovely kindred interests!!!
      Thank you for stopping by to leave a comment XXX OOO
      Sending love and warmth , Linnie

  2. Good Heavens Linnie, This is going to take me at least 2 hours to digest all the wonderfullness of the photos, not to mention the story of dear Phebe. I'll have to come back later with more comments, but this is so incredible. It happens that I am, this very day, building a Tudor style dollhouse, quite large, for a character in a new book. The ideas are flooding my brain for interior decor after browsing this post, wow! I'll be back!

    1. Oh how exciting that you are building a Tudor style dollhouse!! Oh my you know I can't wait!! I just thought that seeing those Paper Lithograph houses was so cool!! But the detail of the antique houses and dolls were just out of this world!! I am so glad that PapaBear decided to brave the weather and take me! One of the houses and dolls inside were so tiny that it just blew me away!! The pictures only give a glimpse of the awesomeness! We also visited Louis May Alcott's Orchard house and that was a treat too!! :-)

      I finally after all these years figured out how to answer comments on my posts!! Yay!
      Sending warmth and hugs Linnie Lou

    2. Linnie, I had more time to really enjoy this post. My gosh! Can you believe that Teeny-tiny-itty bitty and minute stuff?!!! It is so incredible, you could spend a lifetime and a fortune filling a dollhouse... (and I probably will). My house is nearly finished as far as the actual "bones". I'm using thatch and slate shingles on the roofs, mortar stucco and bricks on the exterior.
      I think Phebe is the very best of dolls, and a real gad-a-bout! How fortunate that you have acquired her in such a unique way. And her accoutrements are so darling... those wooden shoes, too much! What a fabulous collection you have for her and her friends.A person can really get addicted to all this dolly stuff.... I know I am.

    3. Can you believe that those little wooden shoes were only .50 cents!!!

      I am looking forward to seeing your miniature house!! I hope that you are taking lot's of picture along the way!! :-)

  3. What a lovely post!! Thank you for sharing. The memories of that very special weekend were captured by your post. Concord museum and the tea was a magical day...also, I loved finding out the history of Phebe Rush.

    1. Hello Dearest Diane!!
      It was such a lovely and dear gathering!!! I shall cherish our time there for years to come!!! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment it is so pleasing to hear from you here!! Please give your hubby a hug for me for bringing you all the way to the east!! ((and for getting you the tiny Butt'ry!! How fun))!! :-)

  4. Awwww, how very sweet! And what a beautiful doll--- how wonderful she gets to have a new chance at being loved, and see the world, with you! Next time I find myself in Concord, I must see that museum!~ What beautiful old dolls!~

    1. Hi Heather,
      This was a great museum to visit (although the dolls and houses were on loan until January) there is so much history in the area (the Alcotts,Henry David Thoreau,Ralph Waldo Emerson) and they are featured there!

  5. Oh my Linnie, absolutely amazing! I loved every minute and every photo in this post! Wow! Those paper mache dolls are wonderful, and all the doll sized furniture and accessories! The travels, parties and museums were fun to see too. Especially those doll houses! I have one and now feel the urge to open it up and play!
    Wishing you a yours a very blessed Christmas day and a wonderful 2017!

    1. Gina Thanks for your visit!
      Oh yes do open that doll house of yours!!! :-)
      Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  6. This is such a beautiful post. I need more time to look, and will come back. I've always loved dolls.

  7. Dear Linnie~Oh this is wonderful. Even though my own dolls were not as old as Phoebe (bless her heart), this post brought back wonderful memories of some of the dolls I loved....Even Barbie-can she be mentioned in the same breath as these glorious dolls? I don't know-but I do know there is some magical thread between all dolls and doll-playing that little girls have-no matter what make the doll might be...I especially loved the Camden house and all the little things in it. This was a perfect post for to you!

    1. Debra Dearest one,
      I still have my Barbie with a black pony tail and Ken too with his felt hair and all the accessories and even a wardrobe....(why does that sound familiar)??? ...Hmmmmm I think that she is in a box..with dust...and other boxes on top!!! Oh nooo I'm guilty of Barbie neglect!! Oh well I'm sure someone will rescue her eventually! ;-)

      Merry Christmas Love to you and yours xxx ooo

  8. Dearest Linnie, this is just the sweetest post ever!! I love that Phebe Rush is yours and she has you for her caretaker. She is so special. How special that she has furniture made by one of the Tudors. You are just adorable in the floor with all of your treasured friends. The Concord Museum will be added to my list of "want to go there" list. I really enjoyed this beautiful post and must return to look more! Merry Christmas, dear one! XOXO ♥

  9. Dearest Martha Ellen,
    Phebe Rush really is something special! It sure is fun having a doll with so much personality! :-)
    Merry Merry Christmas Dear Sweetie !! XXX OOO

  10. Oh darling Linnie, GOOD MORNING! HAPPY CHRISTMAS and where do I even begin to comment on each of these masterpieces of miniature! The tiny candles, the tiny shoes, the well-proportioned furniture (my collection of minis are all of our proportion to each other!) and the fine dolls and clothing! I love, I just love these historical pieces and the people and history behind them. Then of course, to see the Mousekins follow suit with their own tiny wares and then the little creatures! teeheheheheheee

    Linnie dear, I wish you a JESUS-FILLED Christmas and peace, love and an abundance of JOY in the coming year! Fondly, Anita

    1. Dearest Sweet Antita!!
      ~Merry CHRISTmas~ to you too!! I always get a joyous leap when I see your morning comments! And now I have figured out how to answer back on my posts :-D
      Hope that you are enjoying the loveliest Holiday time!!! xx oo

  11. You know I absolutely loved this post which I considered a gift. Merry Christmas dear friend :-) ♡♡

    1. Thank you Dearest Shelley ~you know I love you~!! :-)
      Hitty Jean is loving her adventures (and there shall be more to come in the future) XX OO
      MERRY CHRISTmas my friend !!!

  12. Linnie! Linnie! Linnie! What a completely delightful and utterly charming post. Phoebe Rush is one lucky young lady after her years in a box and what adventures she is going on to make up for it all. Please thank her for sharing them with us, will you dear?
    Such an incredibly amazing selection of artifacts with a rich history you have shared too, and I have only scratched the surface. Over Christmas I must return to follow the links and completely take in all the magic here.
    Sending Warmest Wishes for a Joyful, Peaceful Holiday Season to You and Yours
    ~~~Deb in Wales xoxo

    1. Hello Dearest Deborah :-)
      merry Christmas to you!! Thank you for your visit and I am so glad that you enjoyed!! I am hoping that you shall have much JOY for the holidays!!
      XX OO

  13. Dear Linnie,

    Oh me, oh my! Such sweet little things, and sweet dollies, too. Your Phebe has had quite an adventurous life, and she is getting so spoiled at your place! Thank you for sharing all the goodies at the museum, and at your own little museum at home. :)



    1. Thank you for visiting and I'm so glad that I was able to share all of the museum pictures with you!! Yes Phebe is getting lavished ;-) It is so fun to spoil her!! xx oo

  14. This is the best post ever! I will be looking at this for a long time to come. Each photo is something to be studied again and again. Best wishes to you for the brand New Year! ~~~Miss Chip

    1. Ooo!! I'm so glad you could enjoy all of the photos!! I know that this is right up your doll loving alley ;-) xx oo

  15. Oh, how absolutely delightful! What a fabulous collection, thank you for taking these photos to share the exhibition with us.