Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hands On With Tovah Martin

Last summer in June 
I had the great good fortune to meet
and workshop with Author, Lecturer 
 and "Plant Wise" Garden Expert,

                                    The Brandt House Ma.

It just so happened that I would be in the area 
where Tovah was the guest speaker for a
 Workshop "The New Terreum" 
with the Greenfield Garden Club
  at the "Brandt House" in Massachusetts

Even though it rained
and drizzled the scenery around
the Brandt House was splendid!

And the Brant House was such a lovely
and accommodating place !

Tovah is delightful, personal, hands on,
 encouraging and very informative!

As we assembled we were
 treated to lovely music!

And  I was also able 
to meet up with my 
friend from Ohio Brian!

After signing many books,

Tovah gave a very inspiring
slide presentation

And she would like to spread
the word, and a desire, that 
everyone needs at least one
little living garden ( or plant)
near them ~ living in their lives!!!

And then after a lovely lunch,

and a look at the plants made 
available from "The Kestrel Shop"
of Northampton Ma.

we headed out to the huge back 
sun porch to begin assembling 
our own personal Terrariums!!! 

We all brought our own 
containers and "The Kestrel"
supplied the plants!  

Everyone had something different! 
All unique and interesting!

Soon we were all busy 
creating our masterpieces!! 

Basic Steps:
3/8 in pebbles/gravel
Charcoal bits
Potting soil (african violet kind)
plants and nature objects

watering can
and any kind of glass container 

We mixed, made pockets and arranged 
then firm, firm ,firmly pressed soil 
around the roots and plants! 
We finished by adding 
twigs, stones and nature things
provided by Tovah!

What great fun we all had!!!

And when we were all finished
we were so pleased because 
we had beautiful living piece 
of art to bring home!! 


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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You can read an article 
about the Workshop,
click  here: 
Image result for tovah martin
"Tovah Martin- Terrarium
Expert Comes To Town" 
 (The Common Weeder News Letter)

At home!! 

Now I have a better
understanding of how to
manage the plants  in
my Wardian Case  


Also during this  vacation
I had a nice time 
visiting the Tasha Tudor 
Museum in Vermont!

The theme there was;
Seasons of Beauty:
Tasha's Love of Gardening
and ending with the Workshop
fit perfectly with the 
Garden and Plant joy!!

Seasons of Beauty

Mildred Mouseikin always 
takes great delight  when
she gets a chance to play in
her Wardian Case and Terrariums!!! 

Watch Tovah give
a demonstration on terrariums

Click on this link to watch
Tovah with Martha Stewart!!

Look for these  great reads!!
~Books by Tovah~

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Hope you enjoyed!
May you have a
Blessed New Year!!


  1. Oh Linnie...what a wonderful day you must have had :0) the terrarium looks just lovely... and you do also my friend. Love to see the petticoat peeking under the skirt :D mari

    1. It sure was a lovely day Mari, :-)
      And the terrarium is still thriving seven months later!
      Stay warm! :-)

  2. What a sweet photo of you and your dolly, Linnie! I love terrariums and have dabbled with them over the years. You have inspired me to give it a go again. Your lantern terrarium is gorgeous, but the Wardian case is amazing. Even Miss Mildred has one! So cute! A Tovah Martin workshop would just thrill me. I've followed her for years. I must check out your links. Have a lovely evening! xoxo ♥

    1. There are two videos I posted that really get you in the mood ;-)
      The thing about terrariums is that they practically take care of themselves and are so easy :-) (Mine is still thriving)! :-D

  3. What a lovely post and a beautiful terrarium.

    1. Hi Valerie,
      So nice to see you :-)
      Thank you for visiting!
      Have a Corgi day! :-D

  4. awwww, what a lovely time! Tovah is such a sweet woman. Love reading her plant musings online as well. So thrilling you AND Brian were able to see her! If all goes well, Im hatching a plan to be back up that way next summer....such a beautiful place!~

    1. Ooo exciting news!! It becomes addicting that draw to New~England~land does it not? :-)

  5. What a delight this post is, Dear Linnie! It brought to mind when I had a terrarium in the 80's in a massive apothecary jar. I had to make special long handled tools ~ that is fine bamboo canes sturdily taped to a kitchen spoon and fork!!! I recently found two vintage goldfish bowls in my attic and plan to make small terrariums out of those in this New Year. How lovely for you to meet up with Brian again.
    Your Wardian case is a magnificient sight to behold ~ you are so lucky to have one.
    I am always amazed at the perfect miniatures you find for the Mousiekins too, so that they can join in all the fun.
    Much love, Deb xoxo

    1. Oh I am so glad to hear that you will be making some terrariums!! A teeny tiny shire garden to be sure!!! :-D The Mousiekins will be excited to see what you shall do!! ;-) XX OO

  6. You do such fun things, and your terrarium turned out beautifully.

    1. Hi Miss Henny Penny :-)
      Thank you , I am so pleased that it is still thriving 7 months later!!
      xx oo

  7. teeehee.....I can be sure that whatever you do, the MOUSEKINS will follow suit! TEEHEHEHEHEHEHEE - I can't believe you have a tiny terrarium for them! And all the watering cans and cloches!

    I am delighted to see a post with greenery and color. I am typically not one to dread winter, in fact I love it. But since we are only experiencing COLD (way below zero) with no snow, there is no fun in that! I will take your beautiful photos of spring in my mind and heart and let hope run its course until I see our peonies and lilacs come back to life!

    Be well dearest friend!

    1. It is quite bitter here too, but we have white snow on the ground and it does make such a difference because it reflects the sun and lifts the dreary spirit!! Anita you have the perfect excuse to create a terrarium garden!! It will surely lift the spirit and I can only imagine how unique and BEAUTIFUL yours would be!!! TeaRat approves!!! ;-) Oh you must you must !!!! xxx ooo

  8. I love the terrarium you made. I went to a workshop at a nursery and learned the correct way to make one, too. Mine is still living, but has gotten quite overgrown!

    1. Cathy I am so happy to hear that you have two abundant terrariums growing well!! They really do lift the spirits in winter time!!
      XX OO

  9. First of all Linnie, I think you look perfect in that green dress and boots, love it. What a treat to meet this well known garden author, and take a class with her. She looks very tiny! I Had a turorial on my blog a few years ago about making these terrariums. I must have made about 10 of them. The problem I've had, is keeping the plants alive. I am SO terrible about plants NOT in my garden....carelessness is my downfall with confined plants. Geez, makes me want to drop what I doing and give it another go!

    1. Jeri ,if you suspected that the dress is a Laura Ashley you would be correct (along with LA boots and petticoat)!! No wonder you liked it!!! LOL ;-)
      I learned what I had been doing my terrarium gardening wrong in the past from Tovah, she said never spritz~spray and I also found that it is important to use charcoal and gravel too! Mine is thriving from neglect now!! And so are the plants in the Wardian case!! I must say I am enjoying this one :-D !! xx oo

  10. Beautiful pictures.. love the outdoor...

    Please visit:

    1. Thank you for your visit today!! Many blessings!

  11. Hello dear....I've read a few of her books-always loved them. Your post makes me want to do this too....right now my only indoor plants are air plants-but they are nice too.
    Love you!

    1. Hello dear Debra,
      A perfect winter project to have next to your art table!! Yes you must!! xx oo

  12. Darling Linnie, thank you for visiting Nowhere!!!!!!! You tell the Mousekins they are welcomed any time to pop in on us but the butter castles is still under construction and will be getting some "masonary" work, thanks to Jeri Landers's idea for little bricks from egg cartons!!!!!!

    Sending you much love!

  13. Dearest Linnie,
    I have to say that you look so lovely in your Laura Ashley dress, and I love the boots
    I would like to have a closet full of Laura Ashley dresses.
    This was such a fun post, and I love your terrarium. What fun it must have been to gather with everyone and create.
    Thank you so much for visiting and your sweet comment. My wool arrived today, so I may continue on
    blessings dear friend

    1. Hello Dear Penny :-)
      I am looking forward to seeing all three of those pinky delights!!! ;-)

      It was so fun to attend the workshop, everyone was in such high spirits and enthused with creativity! XXX OOO

  14. I love the containers that you chose to use in making your terrariums. So beautiful, indeed!
    Your are a woman of many interests, creating lovely places in your home.