Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Chickies and Doggies, Grands, Goats and Mommy!

Spring was filled with happy business!!

And the granddaughters thought 

that it would be a perfect
time to add some chickens!!

So off we went to the local tractor store!!

We chose six Plymouth and
two Silkies and prayed that
they wouldn't all be ROOSTERS!!

We were all charmed by their
sweet cuteness!!

And the doggies thought that
they were pretty cute too!!

It is always nice when Mommy
comes to stay and the goaties always
are happy to see her too!!

And meanwhile the chickie's grew!!

The doggies really took to the chicks,
but Aussie Sadie decided to adopt them !!

And soon the chicks were
ready to move to the coop!!

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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Sadie made sure that they
were safe when they were outside!!

Grandson made friends with the chicks too!!

He sure has a way with the CHICKS!!

Sadie sure loved her little brood!
And they kept growing !!

Papa Mousiekin loves his hen and two geese

Mini Molly gives the Mousiekin Family
plenty of milk !!

And the chickens still grew and grew!!

Molly goat came close to labor!

And soon came Esther and Erma!!

Mommy came to help feed them!!

And then Vera had Eva!

And the Grands came to help feed too!!
It was great FUN!!!

Vera and Molly gave delicious milk!! 

We had to say good bye
to Milly! She was one
month away from 18 years
a darling to be sure! 

And the chicken still grew!!

And out of eight little chicks only 3 hens!!!!

Hope you enjoyed!! Many blessings,
Love Linnie


  1. Children must love, love your home and farm with all these wonderful pets and friends! I was not raised around farm things but my Mother had 2 marriages and when my step sister's came along she really got into small farming. I came home once and she had chicks in the dining room being kept warm and I remember how shocked I was. Nothing wrong with that - I just had never seen it before! My step sisters had horses and she had goats and a cow. I will tell you my step sisters teeth are so much better than mine because they had all that great milk! Ha!

    1. That is a cute story about your step sisters! And that is exactly where my little chicks were kept warm too LOL!!
      Many blessings! xx oo

  2. Linnie I enjoyed seeing the growth since spring of your wonderful animals. From the sweet little chicks to full grown hens and roosters. The baby goats are just so adorable and growing so big under your care. Even your sweet doggies are nurturers of all the babies. Lovely additions to your Mousiekin family. Lovely peaceful kingdom, my friend. xoxo ♥

    1. Dearest Martha Ellen,
      It is such a happy time of life, and the animals are bringing such pleasure!
      Sending lots of LOVE xxx oo

  3. What a wonderful, joyful post, Linnie! I know all about roosters as I was given a clutch of eggs and a broody hen ~ eleven eggs hatched and only two hens, all the others were roosters. They don't take long to grow, do they? And now, you have your baby goats too, which are beyond adorable. Happy to see the Mousiekins get their own too! Much love, Deb xoxo

    1. I am having quite a lot of fun with these feathery guys, but they keep straying lately, and I have seen a fox very near!! I sure hope not to loose the hens!!!
      The baby goats are so darling :-) sending love xx oo

  4. Miss Linnie NOLAN! Well my dear friend, hello! What a true joy to see your grands and your mum enjoy the happy shenanigans of chickens and goats. Aren't our Lord's great creatures just delightful? Awe-inspiring and cute, fuzzy, soft and fun, His works delight especially during these months of sweet, summer discovery. I hope everyone has been well and it's so good to see a post from you! Come to Nowhere when you can and say Happy Birthday to our beloved Penny!

    1. Hello my dear friend !!
      I always feel joy when you visit :-D

  5. Loved seeing your menagerie! A chicken-herding dog! Only 3 hens?!! I won't ask what you'll do with all those roosters. I know they can become a problem.....And your grandchildren are all adorable--like their grandma. You are blessed to still have your mommy with you. I think of you whenever I see my green feather on my little platter of treasures I keep on my desk. 😊

  6. Oh my goodness! What an adorable post! I love your farm and the animals and your sweet grandchildren...and all those cute baby animals. I so sorry about Millie. She has the sweetest face. Thank you for posting.

    1. Hello Miss Penny dear,
      Thank you for your visit :-) xx oo

  7. Another wonderful post! As always, of course, and always about things I just love to love!

    1. Hello Dear Miss Chip!!!
      Thank you dear!! :-) glad you stopped by xx oo

  8. Hi Linnie,

    I was so pleased to see your new post! Congratulations on your chickens! I love Barred Rocks and Silkies. But what are you going to do with so many roosters?!

    I loved the pictures of your mother enjoying the new baby goats! This was such a lovely post.


    1. Hello dear Sarah, Not sure what to do with those roosters, but they have been very polite so far! One of the hens is a silky :-) Sending warmth and hugs xx oo

  9. Oh Linnie...what a joy it is to see a post of yours on my feed! Isn't it wonderful to have animals around us? I do miss my dog so...but I enjoy visiting your farm dear lady :D Thank you so much for sharing...

  10. Hello my dear sweet friend!!
    The baby goats have been bringing so much joy!!Thank you for coming to
    visit!! :-) Sending lots of LOVE xx oo

  11. I love this post! It's just what I needed today. Very sweet-you are too, and so are the rest of your family! Love to all.

    1. Hello my dear !!!
      Huge big hugs and plenty of love sent your way sweetest Debra !! XX OO