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Beatrix Potter
~Mrs, Heelis~ as she preferred to be called~
was not only a brilliant children's
author and illustrator but a
wonderful artist !

She also owned Herdwick sheep
in the Lake District of Cumbria
(and was the first women President of the
Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association)
and bought and owned a huge amount
of land to preserve and protect against
the industrial  revolution and for the
grazing lands and farms along
with the mere beauty!
 She left it all to the National Trust  

Last year my "grafted" daughter Beth
and I went on an adventure to
celebrate Beatrix's 150 Birthday
in Brewster NY with the
Brewster Ladies and their
special guest speaker Susan Branch! 

      We packed up into the RV with all the pets!

And enjoyed a FUN adventure!!

The Brewster Library was booked
too full so they moved next door
to the Baptist Church
Downstairs of the library was a
HUGE used book sale and we were
very early so we were able to find some
wonderful bargain books!



Soon after packing our treasure books
away we walked over to the church

The ladies were busy getting refreshments ready

And ladies and
"Girl Friends" arrived 

Many ladies coveted this
beautiful National Trust scarf!!

Susan and Joe arrived and took our picture!!

and Susan tried to behave herself
but teased some with a peek at Petey!  

Betsy treated us to an 
educational slide show about
Beatrix and the Beatrix Potter Society

and then she interviewed 
Susan about her visit to Hilltop!

They showed us a lovely movie 

Susan read from her book
"A Fine Romance" the part
were she visited Hill Top

We sang Happy Birthday..

and the ladies blew out the candles!

After a lovely time talking about Beatrix
we all had a chance to meet Susan and Joe

and Joe was so kind to sign
 my cook book by him!

 Susan greeted and signed books
and talked with hundreds of ladies 
and still had a personal bright smile
for everybody! 

and had GREAT SHOES!!

 I was thrilled to share a
photo of Mommy 93 ignoring
me while she read Susan's book!

and she sent a note to Mommy

 Mommy ignoring me!!

 It was so fun to gather with friends
and also meet new ones!


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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 Mama Mousiekin has Mommy's
reading books ready for her next visit!

 I enjoy to having Beatrix things
and books around! 

and Here are some of my favorite books

Product DetailsProduct Details
Product DetailsProduct Details
Product DetailsProduct Details
           The Tale of Beatrix Potter: A Biography      The Story of Beatrix Potter (National Trust History & Heritage)

Beatrix Potter: Artist, Storyteller, and Countrywoman (Peter Rabbit)         Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature

Product DetailsThe Art of Beatrix Potter: Sketches, Paintings, and Illustrations

Product Details
Product Details

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Product Details
Thanks to HubbyBear
for bringing us!!

The National Trust offered
half price for the anniversary scarf
so I indulged!
(Thank you for the heads up Deborah of  Shire)!!

Suit ~Vintage LAURA ASHLEY
Lamb bag by Beverly at Bears 4 U

Hope you enjoyed!!
Blessings and warmth 
love Linnie!


  1. You have a propensity for celebrating the beautiful and the lovely. Thank you for sharing your joy. A kindred spirit.

    1. Dearest Karen,
      Thank you for you visit and sweet comment! Kindred indeed! Sending warmth and love! XX OO

  2. Oh dear Linnie, it's lovely to read about your adventure and honor Beatrix Potter on the anniversary of her birth--151 years. She remains one of my most favorite women for many reasons. Her books have stood the test of time, she followered her dreams through adversity and she was a very famous scientist that we would know more about if she were not a woman. The National Trust is forever indebted to her geneous gift of properties in the Lake District. It is a magical place that I hope will always stay as it is today.
    I hope one day to meet Susan Branch--She spreads so much love and joy! What a fine example she is of a gracious author. I love seeing the photo of your Mummy ignoring you and reading--so tender. I'm praying that you posting means today was a better day for you, dear one! xoxo ♥

    1. My dear sweet friend!! You have said it so right about our beloved Beatrix!! She is a true role model!! ( I am glad that I got to "travel to England" with you and experience many of my dreams ;-)
      You will meet Susan I am so sure of it :-) And your smile will last very long!! XX OO Sending lot's of warmth and love (and I am on the road to recovery) ;-)

  3. What joy Linnie, to see so much loveliness in this post! Thank you sweet lady for sharing your adventure. You know, I have never read Susan Branch ... I think I'm going to now :-)

    1. Dearest Mari,
      It always makes me so happy to see a comment from you :-)
      I think you will enjoy "A Fine Romance" It is such a lovely adventure that takes you right along!!
      Hope all is well (I have had a very low bout with rheumatoid Arthritis this summer, but working my way back to health with the mighty hand of God) I pray that you are well XXX OOO

  4. That was wonderful Linnie, you brought the whole wonderful day back again! Thank you! Love all your videos too, and all the wonderful information on Beatrix Potter. ❤️ Hello and hugs to HubbyBear, Beth and your mom! xoxo Susan

    1. Dearest Susan, I am so pleased you enjoyed !!!
      What glorious weather we had too! You have such a lovely way of bringing wide joyous smiles to all of the "Girl friend" gatherings and so many have connected kindredly through this joy :-D
      I had more than a lovely time that day, it was such a sweet way to celebrate Beatrix "Mrs. Heelis" Potter's 150 Birthday!!
      Sending love and fondness to you and Joe!! xx oo

  5. What a lovely event! I have always enjoyed Beatrix Potter's books. My little girl has recently discovered the beauty of her books too. : ) Have you ever seen "Miss Potter"? If not, I think you would really like it.

    1. Hello dearest :-)
      It was such a happy day! Like our Tasha times!! Hoping we shall share more of those times!!
      It is so sweet that Jemimah is starting to realize the magic of her books! (and you are such a good Mommy)

      ((I have been a bit down stricken with a strong dose of Rheumatoid Arthritis and am slowly recovering with the help of a good Dr and the Mighty hand of God! ))
      Please give your dear Mother a hug from me XXX OOO

      PS Oh yes Miss Potter is a wonderful movie :-) xx

    2. Linnie,

      I am so sorry to hear of your Rheumatoid Arthritis! You will be in our prayers as you recover.

      Mom send you a hug too! : )

      We look forward to seeing you in September, Lord willing!


  6. Hello dearie-it's always fun to tag along via your blog and photos. You are so fun!

    1. Hello my dearest!!! Sending lot sof love!!
      I was pretty debilitated this summer with a surprisingly intense crippling bout of rheumatoid arthritis! But now I seem to be on a road to recovery and I owe that to God and the prayers!!
      I was happy to see your wonderful art on FB !
      Blessings and love xx oo

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  8. A wonderful post, Linnie! What fun to have met Susan and Joe. :~) I read "A Fine Romance" last winter and enjoyed it immensely. I have long been an admirer of Beatrix Potter, beginning when I was a college student, long ago. She was the subject of a research project, which I really got into, and loved doing. It was definitely the best homework, ever! In those days, information about Beatrix was harder to come by, but since then a lot has been written.

    I hope you continue to improve. It's the goat milk, I'm sure!

    1. Hello Dear :-)
      Yes Beatrix is such an inspiration!! What fun to do a collage study giving a life long appreciation for sure!! (( I did mine on Georgia O'Keefe another treasure))
      I forgot to mention on your blog that Sarah doll is just beautiful!!!
      Many warm blessings, Linnie

  9. Loved reading this Linnie:-) And the little movies were soothing. I love your picture with Susan and Joe. Maybe you and I will get over to MV one day and have us a little adaventure...LOL! Oh the trouble we may get into! xoxox

    1. Wouldn't that be so FUN!!!
      YAY!!! ROAD TRIP!! (After CT of course)!!
      XXX OOO

  10. Linnie dearest, HELLO! Beatrix Potter Heelis is still to this day, my favorite. Her precision in getting the correct proportions in nature coupled with the use of anthropomorphic strategies to help us see these animals as peers just fascinates me constantly. But of course a rabbit would wear a blue coat as such. There's nothing strange about these animals plotting and planning a raid in a garden, wearing clogs and slippers! teeeheeee


    1. Dearest sweetest Anita!!
      Have you been to Hill Top?? It seems as you surely have, or shall!!!
      I don't know if I will ever be able to travel across the ocean but that would be a DREAM to!!
      Sending much LOVE and warmth!!!
      Your images and poetry on your BLOG are soooooo ~ very wonderful!!!I love to be enriched by your own magic XXX OOO

  11. ooops, I'm not being very clever today, Linnie, Dearest! Just managed to delete my comment. How did that happen?
    I've loved reading this charming account of a memorable trip to see Susan and Joe, and such a gathering of Beatrix Potter followers, and "that" scarf ~ it is just perfect and no wonder you were the envy of so many! You have captured some particularly great shots of Susan, and I loved seeing you being ignored by your Dear Mother ~ that is precious beyond words.
    Much love, from another who admires these two wonderful ladies too ~~~Deb in Wales xoxo

    1. Not having much luck with technology today ~ thank you for the mention! My screen is doing the skitter dance and I missed over half your pictures. New laptop is looming! lol

    2. Dearest Deborah!!! XXX OOO
      You and I surely do have our "CHEEKY GLICHY electronics PROBLEMS"!!
      I hope it will better soon!!
      I love that scarf so much! :-D ((but it is not me wearing it at the gathering whilst all coveted it so)) My scarf is being modeled on a L.A. suit that is yet too small for me to wear!! LOL chuckle!! But you were KEY in me owning that beauty for I would have never known!! XXX OOO Sending Love and warmth!!!

  12. I remember following along on your trip via FB and feeling so happy to see your photos and read about your adventure. Thank you for posting still makes my heart Happy! ~♡~ Janis in Oklahoma

    1. Hello Dearest Jan :-) (( Miss Lovely Sun Flower Girl))!!
      It does the heart such goodness to be around gentle happiness and joyful adventures!! So glad that we are friends!
      Blessings and warmth xx oo

  13. What a wonderful trip we had!!! The weather was beautiful, and I got to be with great family! (Pets included) so many great memories and kindred people we met along the way. Meeting Susan and her husband with the love they share, in all they have done, through the books they have written, is love at its finest! Looking forward to the next trip and adventure we can take together! Your blog post has done it great justice! Love you and glad to have been a part of it all!

    1. It was a BLAST!!!! So glad I have you !!! XXX OOO

  14. So glad to see a post from you LInnie! Thoroughly enjoyable as always, I read every word. Ever the Beatrix Potter fan, I wish I could have been there. I see some vids here that I'm not familiar with and now have some viewing to look forward to tonight! How fun to have kindred traveling companions, both human and animal, aboard.

    1. Hello my dearest Jeri, fellow Potter lover and friend!! :-)
      What fun that was to dwell upon Beatrix, celebrate 150 years, and be surrounded by joyous people who adore her too!! Betsy Bray ( First American Trustee of the Beatrix Potter Society) made me want to go on a tour someday!! Lets go!!! ;-)

      Sending HUGS and Love!! XX OO

    2. Wouldn't that be fun?! I loved the video on the National Trust. The host also has dozens of gardening videos that are worth watching.

  15. Oh, you do the most interesting and fun things!! I can't even imagine!! At least I can enjoy all this through your blog. Thank you! You must have a wonderful husband!

    1. It is fun to get away from time to time! :-)
      Sending blessings

  16. I enjoyed reading about the Susan Branch/Beatrix Potter event. The videos were great, too.