Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Barn Quilt Trail with Aunt Tilly

" Aunt Tilly Penniekin "
has traveled all the way from California 
and has come to live with her favorite niece
Mildred and her Family

What a joyful reunion did they have
no one lost for words 
with so much to catch up  upon!!
On her way here Auntie Tilly
wanted to spend a day 
taking pictures of the fa~mouse 
Barn Quilts of the area!
 She hopes you will enjoy:



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that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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Aunt Tilly is a master quilter 
(as well as a knitter)
and she and Mildred are 
planning to work on Quilting together!


Product DetailsProduct Details

Product Details

 Aunt Tilly
and her blue chair,
created by Penny White
"One of a Kind"  Needlefelted
Angel's Door Blog
(I can't seem to get my links to work lately
so if you copy and paste you will find your way to
Sweet Penny's Blog):


  1. Linnie!
    I tried to leave a comment when I saw this post come up, but it would not take... Trying again.

    She is HOME! How very happy she looks with your Mousiekins!!!!
    Looks like they gave her a little tea party also... How wonderful.
    I told you she would have stories to tell.. She did not tell me she was making a stop to photo the mouse Barn Quilts. How beautiful they are.. Tell her thank you for me.. I truly enjoyed viewing them.

    I hope you will share photos of the quilt that she and Mildred are working on.. I just love your Mousiekins... I know she will be loved... Thank you so much!!!

  2. All those barn quilts are near you?! What a lovely drive that must be to go past those when you are out and about. And are those real quilts your handiwork? Lovely. Poetry the Calico Cat says she would like to come play with your mouse family, but I wouldn't invite her if I were you. We had to retrieve a field mouse from her and release it outside, but she sure was quick about re-catching it every time she let it go--on purpose, I'm sure, so she could catch it again.


    I worked all day, came home to eat dinner, and now I am so excited to see that AUNT TILLY is now with her beloved mouse family in NY State!

    Oh Linnie, I can see that Aunt Tilly is already warmly welcomed with a proper pot of tea (Tea Rat says, "CHECK!") and the sweet little bear with a moustache! HAHAHAHHAHHAH

    You are my kinda pal. This is so amazingly wonderful, and the paintings on the barns....I wish I could go up your way to see a landscape that seems untouched, a place that I dreamed of as a child.

    Here's to Aunt Tilly and family!!!

    Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  4. Where to start, Dear Linnie? To see Aunt Tilly Penniekin home and with her friends sharing tea is so sweet. {Treasure Bear now hangs his head in shame, for he has not written anything for nearly a year and resolves to do something very soonest}.
    We cannot wait to see what Aunt Tilley and Mildred make next!
    Barn quilts ~ well, I have heard of them but had no idea they are so phenomenal! What an incredible sight to see. Are these near you? I now know why you love my chimney pots and I guess these are my equivalent, for I am in raptures over them {I found some more old chimneys yesterday again!} You have barn quilts, I have chimney pots ~ we both have such things to share. Wonderful ~~~waving~~~~

  5. Oh how sweet! The barn quilts are wonderful!
    Have a lovely weekend my friend!

  6. Penniekin! I just got it, Linnie.. How sweet is that!

  7. Here in Northern PA, barn quilts are all the rage :) The Autumn Season is so magical, since the colors change in the mountains and quilters just express themselves beautifully :) Thank you so much for sharing my friend... maria

  8. Maria Dearest, I was just thinking of you and missing you!
    Love and Blessings, Linnie, xx oo

  9. First of all I just wanted to thank You for the sweetest words You gave to Me over at Simply Shelley concerning winning the dolls.Aunt Tilly and the bunch are so precious.I love all of them.I'm such a city girl,I never heard of barn quits,they are to cherish I'm sure as You drive down country roads.Now thanks to You if I ever see one,I'll know all about it.Hugs and blessings Denise

  10. I'm looking up the history of Barn quilts.Must be a good story. I do think Penny is so talented-I do follow Her too. Beautiful bunny and chair.

  11. Hi Linnie, I did a post on our quilt trail about 2 years back. I even painted 2 of them, including the one on our ancient chicken shed. It is in sorry shape now and needs repainting. I love the Quilt trails, they are so very American! I did get your email concerning the LA sweater. Got it in the mail today, it's mossy green Beautiful!

  12. Linnie my beloved friend! Good morning and happy Sunday!

    Yes, to play as an adult is to create and stay young of SPIRIT. Aunt Tilly, The Mousekins, Tea Rat and Rattus, they are what make us go, go, go with our imaginations! I just love how Aunt Tilly has found her home, with you. Have you seen Penny latest as of yesterday? WOW. She blows my mind!

    Happy day my friend! Anita

  13. I am blushing from Anita's comment. Merci dear friend.

    LINNIE! How sweet of you to stop in to meet Fibi and Boo... Yes, I believe Fibi is of Penniekin lineage... teeheeeeee
    Thank you for your sweet words.
    Enjoy your day!

  14. Welcome Aunt Tilly, life must be wonderful at th BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY......enjoy

    Many blessings to all

  15. Going back and back...enjoying your blog so so much! Yay for Tasha Tudor Day! Your favorites are so like me.

  16. Dear Linny,
    I loved seeing all the barn quilts, I had never seen them before, they are lovely! I adore quilts and still sleep with one my grandmother made many years ago. Hoping your fall has been a wonderful one! I am finally back blogging, I hope you will stop by and say hello!

    xo Mary Jo

  17. You are so sweet! Yes, it is the nose... teeheeee

  18. Sweet Linnie and the Mousekin Bunch (and Aunt Tilly!)

    Good morning my dears! How delightful it was to open my blog today and see that you have visited! Yes my friend, all is well....a bit hectic with my school schedule. Planning and emails, teaching and traveling, it is all wild but worth it for those kids. All I want to do is for them to truly learn.

    Is Aunt Tilly keeping everyone warm with her magic knitting?

    BIG HUGS to you dearest Linnie! Anita

  19. Linnie,
    I loved seeing all the barn quilts.I am seeing more of them where I live, but not too many. I would love to paint one for my barn. Angelia on our TP list creates really pretty ones:-) That last one with the Christmas colors was my favorite.
    Take Peace,