Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Windfall" "Gleaning" and an Antique Applepress(part 1)

We live surrounded by over 800 acres
of apple orchards!
And all the apples that fall, are left to their own fate, 
and are never used. 
We have permission to gather some! 

“When you reap the harvest of your land,
 do not reap to the very edges of your field
 or gather the gleanings of your harvest”
                                                           (Leviticus 19:9).

So when an opportunity came along to own an
 antique press and grinder
we jumped on it!

She sat for years until she was used again in the 1950s for wine....
but then she sat again for many more years and waited!

She still had all her parts but she needed a cleaning.....


The warm sun and a gentle breeze dried her quickly 

And then into the house for a good wipe down 
with Murphy's oil soap.

Lotty is glad that it is Apple Season!
As are Milly and Caprie!


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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The bucket comes apart for easy cleaning. 

It seems to belong in the kitchen
Perhaps it should stay there....

Until it is time to use.

Sadie and Ashley agree.

Sadie will pull the wagon.
 Pixie and Ashley Maggie May
 will search for the fallen fruits!

Mildred and Owen Mousiekin
 have their own trees!
First batch, 
(but they may be used for apple crisp and other goodies)
Owen has built a press and is eager to try it out!

This it a great time for family togetherness.


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Some resources:

Starter Fruit Press Apple Eater Fruit Grinder

1(888) 490-8525
sausage maker fall 2014 catalog

  Apple Grinder Crusher
Pleasant Hill Grain Home Link

Product Details

Check out a really cool 
Antique "Largest~ Cider Press" video

“At the first shrill notes of the pipe,
 I heard a sound as of scraping tripe, 
And putting apples, wondrous ripe, 
Into a cider-press's gripe”
                              Robert Browning, 

(excerpt from The Pied Piper of Hamelin)

Stay tuned for Part 2!
Hope you enjoyed Love and Blessings, 
Linnie and Family


    Our Civil War unit just purchased a replica cider press, though not from Lehman's (a bit too pricey there!).
    We are planning a fall-harvest weekend reenactment this October and we cannot wait to use it!
    I look forward to the pictures when you use your gem as well!!

  2. Oooooooo, I'm greeeen with envy ~ I so want an apple press!! I love it, great photos! I do so love "apple season"~ :))))

  3. What an absolutely charming end to a Fall post! Apples certainly are the bounty of the season, and your new press will certainly make good use of the crop you have access to and will bring such good things to look forward to in the winter months ahead.
    You have a Pembrokeshire Corgi!
    ~~~waving~~~ from Across The Pond

  4. FANTASTIC Lynnie!
    I love it! Wish we could all have dinner in our 'beehive' cob oven and cider together from your press!

  5. What a lovely apple press and how wonderful that you've rescued it and given it new life! I recently moved to apple country and my house sits where there was once an orchard, but no free apples here. Lovely post! And thank you for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday!

  6. oh! 800 acres of apple orchard! How absolutely fabulous! And that apple press, its just beautiful! Imagine all the years of use it got, all the history it has seen. That is amazing! And it does look very nice in your kitchen!~

  7. What a lovely post. I love the apple press, such a wonderful old colour. I wonder what all those apples over the years has made.

  8. Hi Linnie,
    WONDERFUL POST! I really enjoyed the video, very interesting to see the process.. And I love your apple press! I also think it should stay in the kitchen when not in use... Looks beautiful.

    Thank you for letting me know Mrs. Miniver is safe and sound under the sunflowers.. I am no longer on FB so I cannot see her there. I do know she will be very happy at Rose Water cottage with Christie..
    I tracked her today and saw she had arrived...
    Thanks so much for this great post!
    oh! Your moussiekins are simply adorable!!!!

  9. I am very late dear friends, but I'm here! School is demanding and it has been hard to get up at 4:00AM like usual so I can blog, but I'll get back to my usual routine in a few weeks.

    THIS IS WHAT I LOVE! Animals and humans coming together to enjoy the fruits of God's earth. What a great antique find, and for the Mousekin family? They are so blessed as well to have their own little ladder and tools to enjoy harvest time! teeeeeheheeeeee

    Linnie, you are a blessing. Thank you for (playing) - Tea Rat loves you.....he lifts his goblet of fine apple wine to his friends. MUCH LOVE and happy weekend! Anita

  10. Linnie, that apple press was "meant" for you. It sounds like it waited a very long time to find it's rightful home. Besides being useful, living there amongst an apple orchard, it looks stunning in your kitchen. I love your little mouse family, too! How cute they are! I enjoyed your post very much.


  11. Boy oh boy, this post is great. When do you want us to come and enjoy a beautiful day with all of you and make apple cider and more? I am excited! I am so blessed to be close enough and be able to share in the wounderful fun you have on your farm. Sarah and I really enjoy what you do with the mousiekins. Talk soon, Love Beth

  12. KNOCK KNOCK...Tea Rat here! I have come to answer the most SPLENDID invitation for CINNAMON ICE CREAM and apple crisp! Is it true, is it true that moi, me, I have been invited as a guest of the Mousekin clan? I'M HERE! Boots and all!

    Oh Linnie, thank you for coming by and for PRAYING FOR ME! Teaching is hard but so rewarding - my husband has been teaching for 18 years too, but now is an administrator and only teaches one course at the university level. We both agree that when you go into that classroom, you are "ON." That takes a lot of energy that I believe we both have, but nonetheless, it is exhausting. So then, apple cider (hard cider, Tea Rat asks) and apple crisp and ice cream are most welcomed.

    MUCH LOVE to you, sista! Anita

  13. Goodness....loved this post! Windfalls, and free apples? The best. Mildred and Owen are as charming as our MaryEtta and Bea, who occasionally show up here(visit my lasted post).
    Many happy 'pressings' to you, and oh yes, need cinnamon ice cream and apple crisp! D.

  14. Dear Linnie,

    It's nearing apple time here, too! How wonderful that you can glean the apple harvest! What a nice press you have! We enjoyed seeing the Mousiekins gathering and pressing their harvest, too! Your dogs and goats are so sweet, give them all hugs for us!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah, and the dolls and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse at Corgyncombe

  15. Hi Puppies! Good to see you helping out mom and dad in the apple pickin department. That is quite a beautiful old contraption, and it cleaned up so nicely. Now, let's see what it can do! What a fabulous find and what a fabulous windfall of apples. Love ya Linnie! Sent you an email today.

  16. Bonjour,

    Je découvre avec plaisir votre blog...
    Un très joli pressoir qui ferait frémir les normands !...
    De très belles photos.

    Gros bisous ☼

  17. Oh, my dear! Just saw your lovely photo on Jeri's blog! What a sweet pair you 2 are, and I'm so envious of your special weekend together! I hope one day to meet you both myself. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog the other day!

  18. How wonderful! I loved this post! Especially the doggies working so hard! Are you going to use the crab apples too? We have so giant ones, but this year they don't look so good. I found a recipe for canned ones that sounds good-maybe next year! Thank you for your kind comments!! Love ya!

  19. Your post are always just amazing. Its so fun and interesting visiting you......always. Look at the sweet Mousiekin family, they have learned much frm you, or is it, you have learned much from them? ;) Blessings my friend. I'm having a little give away if you would like to stop by and check it out.

  20. Dear Linnie,
    Tilly was so excited that you had come by to say hello... Thank you so much for your sweet note.
    Please tell the Mousiekins thank you too!

  21. You share the neatest things! And what a blessing to live by apple orchards!! All I could think of was canning applesauce, apple cider, apple butter and lots of pies and cobblers! I love that you are using an antique press! Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. I look forward to part 2!!

  22. Linnie,
    Thank you so much for sharing this post. I loved seeing your old-fashioned cider press! And I also love the Bible verse too, it made me think of Ruth gleaning from Boaz's fields for her and Naomi:-) An apple press is on my list of "wants", perhaps some day, then I will have a harvest party for all my friends! As Tasha would say, "What Fun" !
    Take Peace,