Thursday, September 25, 2014


Dear Friends,
My laptop crashed DEAD 
right while I 
Was doing this post and loading 
 pictures yesterday. 
So now all I have to use is my kindle.
It's a bit slower, and I can't load photos,
so the poor busy Mousiekins and
Their donkey Hawhee can not show
you what they are doing with the 
ground cherries that they harvested!
So until we are fixed and back up and running
Many Blessings and warmth,
Linnie and the Mousiekins 
and Aunt Tilly
(And thank goodness for the draft  file)

Mommy's Hands


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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  1. Just beautiful! Amazing how we feel when our computers crash :( I went through the same thing in the beginning of the year. I lost all of my documents and pictures of friends and family...but no matter. I learned to back-up! ;D Have a blessed day my friend!

  2. Oh no, so sorry about your laptop! Mine crashed about a month and a half ago - it's amazing how much we use them, isn't it? :)

    Thanks for sharing such lovely Fall pictures. Blessings to you!

  3. I am getting more and more frustrated with technology ~ the more we have the worse things get, especially when it fails. How did we ever cope before it? Hope you are sorted out soonest, and thank you for managing to comment over on my journal. It must have been tricky!

    The colours on this are just so beautiful, so vibrant, rich, and just plain scrumptious. Happy Autumn ~~~waving~~~

  4. Oh No! I am so sorry Linnie.
    Give the Moussiekins and Aunt Tilly a hug from me.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!

  5. I'm sorry for you about the computer! Glad you can still post-the pictures are awesome!!!

  6. Mean o computer, I so wanted to see your pictures ;) alas these things do happen, even to the best of us. I'm very sorry, praying your able to get it fixed soon dear Linnie. Computers can be wonderful amazing things, but then again they can be a real pain at times as well. The pictures you shared today are beautiful. We don't have that many beautiful fall colors here, but I still love what we do see though.....blessings my sweet friend

  7. WOW! Linnie, your home and garden, this is the ultimate FALL! We are not even this close yet to having this kind of color!

    OH, you are so lucky to have the draft file loaded with such gorgeous photos! Technology can sometimes put a huge STOP to all our plans, can't it! And Aunt Tilly, I bet she and the mousekins are anxious to share their harvests!!!

    I will be back when they do. Sweet hugs to you! Anita

  8. With Your computer crashing You have such nice Fall draft photos up.Hope all is well with You and many blessings

  9. Such a beautiful post, I love your photo's. Your porch is lovely, we do not have them in England, yours is so homely.
    You have a true talent for displaying things.
    Enjoy you weekend & I hope you get your computer fixed soon.
    Fondly Michelle

  10. Precious Linnie! THANK YOU for coming to visit! Were you able to LISTEN to the music? I wonder how many people are able to follow the music with my posts because I compose my ideas with the flow of the music's that I am reminded that your laptop crashed, I wonder if you have access to the music?

    May you have a splendid autumn day my sister!

  11. Dearest Linnie!

    Thank you for coming by AND for having listened to the music! And I hope you get your computer set up to post more photos again; I want to see the mile long scarf Aunt Tilly must be working on for the approaching winter! :)))))

  12. So much COLOR already up north! Your Autumn decorating is lovely. I hope you get your computer up and running quickly so we can see more pictures!

  13. Dear Linnie,
    What gorgeous fall photos. So sorry about your laptop. Hope it is up and running again soon. I use mine as a "recipe book" in the kitchen every day, so when something goes wrong with it I really miss it!
    Blessings and Sunshine,

  14. Hi Linnie, I love your porch with all the autumn happiness and the vintage items. Now, I think I will go get my old double washtub and put it on my porch, right now!

  15. Linnie!
    What a beautiful post! Your porch looks so lovely.
    Thank you so much for visiting White bear and little owl. Your comment made me smile.
    You got to meet Christie? How wonderful.. I am sure you made many memories on your vacation.
    So sorry about your laptop.
    I hope things get up and running soon.


    YOU met Eliza's maker in VERMONT? How splendid is THIS! I just saw your comment in my box and what a treat to read you got to meet this incredible artist and blogger. I have not corresponded with her for quite a time, but I admire her get-up and go!

    Tea Rat is smiling at the thought of his dear mice friends out in NY who are drinking their tea, properly, as Aunt Tilly knits. TEEEHEHEEE

    Big hugs to you sister! Anita

  17. Thank you dear Linnie!!!!
    I had such fun creating Cosmo.
    Enjoy your day

  18. Linnie!!!!! You dear soul you.
    Thank you for the bid. Good luck!

  19. Beautiful photos. My fav time of year. Clarice

  20. Dear Linnie,

    Love all your beautiful Autumn photos - the colours are gorgeous.
    Sorry to hear about your computer and hope you have it up and running soon.
    Enjoy the new week and many thanks for visiting me.

  21. wish we had autums color like that ours is very pale in contrast love your photos thanks for your lovley blog am enjoying back reading as i have only recently found you.
    elizabeth s

  22. Thank you Elizabeth :-) many Blessings, Linnie

  23. LINNIE.. You won!!! Cosmo will fly home tomorrow. Thank you so much!
    love and blessings,

  24. Oh the colors of these leaves are just beautiful! Until I moved someplace this fall where leaves actually turn, I think I didn't really believe how amazing it is! Love all your images and wishing you a wonderful October!

    xo Mary Jo

  25. Oh dearest Linnie, how FUN to always see you come to visit me! GO AND SMOOCH THAT MAN OF YOURS, for they are precious (as well as funny, sometimes stubborn and crazy!) and they are just a gift to us. Cozy up with the Mousekins! Have you been to Nowhere? Bebe is striking up a party! Do the Mousekins have their costumes? Tea Rat and Rattus do! teeee

  26. Dear Linnie,
    How sweet of you to come by for a visit.
    Oh he must be in heaven sitting among all the jewelry! Best keep an eye on him, he can be a sly one. I am so happy you are enjoying him, dear Linnie..
    Blessings, Penny

  27. Oh, how beautiful your photographs are! I like your porch arrangements. They are an appealing blend of indoor-outdoor living.

    The colors of nature surrounding your home are stunning. They are subdued here in southern Pennsylvania but always appreciated.

    I can sympathize with your lap-top plight. Mine died this year and I am wondering what on earth to replace it with. It seems technology is becoming more and more disposable.

    Happy Autumn in Sweater Weather
    Karen A.

  28. Hello dear Linnie,
    How sweet of you to come over to meet Violet.. She sends her love to all that inhabit your lovely home.
    blessings dear friend,

  29. My goodness your porch must be the shine of your neighborhood! You could dress window displays~truly inviting:-)
    All your photos are so pretty-the foliage looks like it could burst into fire. Such vibrant colors. Glad to get to know you:-)
    Take Peace,

  30. Dear Linnie,

    Lovely to come back again for a visit and see all your wonderful Autumn photos of the porch and the garden.
    Many thanks for the kind visit and note you left.
    Happy weekend

  31. LINNIE! Good morning dear one! Do you know that I just came inside from watering the garden (it's still warm here but beautiful autumn leaves are falling) and I WAS THINKING OF YOU...then I come to my blog only to find your kind words and warm presence there! Oh, how I wish YOU as well a fine and blessed weekend! Is Aunt Tilly knitting to her heart's furiously beating content? I bet she is supplying everyone with a new scarf for the winter! teeeeeheeeee

    Beloved one, thank you for your greetings and I reciprocate. GOD LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  32. Oh Linnie! Happy Sunday sweet computer "artist!! I LOVE your mouse that you left for me by way of your magic computer keys! Let me see if I can make TEA RAT:

    ~~~~( )> teee, he just has no ears!
    ` `

    THAT WAS FUN! Greetings to you dear one and enjoy this God-given Sunday!

  33. Oh, the format got all messed up when I published!

    ~~~~( )>
    ` `

  34. Then God willing, I will live to be a thousand! teeeee because I MUST PLAY. In fact in my poetry readings, Frances Mayes suggests that as we attempt to write poetry, we must play with words. OH GLORY, I'm glad someone with some weight to their name said it. PLAY is a lost art in this world of troubles. I wonder if more people played and enjoyed the gift of life more if this world would be in better shape? LET'S MAKE FUN!

    Oh Linnie, you are a charm of a friend. SO GLAD you are back in Blogland! HUGS AND MICE WHISKER GREETINGS! teee

  35. And my dear husband is in agreement too! That is why coming home to me is a joy for him, and vice-versa. Sometimes in the workplace (and it is understandable), some people can't get out of the professional mode long enough to even chat or smile! But it's in our dreams and imaginations that we live and even store out FAITH that comes out in how we life.

    THEREFORE, LONG LIVE LOVE and the word of God that will sustain us for eternity! YAHOOO!

    I am enjoying your company today miss linnie!

  36. HI LINNIE! I just got back from a lovely walk in the golden leaves...kicking them up, really! OH YES MY FRIEND, GLORY PATH FOR SURE! Much love to you sister! Anita

  37. What gorgeous photos! Looks like your autumn is a blessing! :) I do hope your computer is working soon :) Have a lovely week and thank you for your sweet visit!

  38. Happy autumn and I hope your lap-top is fixed. What stunning photos. Thank you for sharing. Clarice


    What a joy to find your comment this morning! Kindred spirits we are indeed! It makes me happy to connect with like-minded people like you who are willing to play because I believe deep down in my heart, we are made in HIS image, we are given the gifts to CREATE and also problem-solve through creativity. OH, and yesterday at work in my office, guess who I saw run past my feet? One of the Mouskin clan! YES! While everyone else was "warning" me about the little creature, I said, "Oh yeah....I saw her" - and continued with my work. I think they thought I was either brave or crazy....but she seemed just part of the scenery to me! teeheheeeeee


  40. Oh dearest FRIEND! teeehehee....I hope our little mousekin fled the scene; the other teacher did call the custodians to take care of the matter, and I fear that they put out those sticky traps and then come in the early morning to dispose of any mishaps....AHHH! I hope our little friend left our office to find another crack or escape route to safety!Teeeeeee

    Thank you precious friend for your second and most LOVELY comment! BE WELL!!!!

  41. hi,
    what a beautiful decorated porch you have.i love it. thanks for the wonderful autumn photos.
    have a nice week,