Friday, September 12, 2014

A Road Trip To The Pennsylvania Forrest and a visit with Artist and Illustrator Jeri Landers

                                                                                                         Scherenschnitte by Jeri Landers  (from the show)                          
"Deep in the woods"..... 
       (well maybe not deep in the woods)

There was a "CALL OF THE WILD"
 (well maybe more like a whisper)
and we wanted to try out
                                      the new motor home...

so off to the"Wild Wind Festival"
in Warren Pennsylvania....
                                                               we went ...

It rained a lot ..
But there was much to see
and many Vendors..

There were pretty                                               
Garden things and         
                                        Primitive Styled Crafts..
and alot of Lovely  Country Style ..
 Antiques so fair
old worn things and wares...


        there were hand Painted repurposed things..
    ...and wooden pretties too!
                 there were... 
Sweet Amish Baskets and....

and Dolls and Dolls 
                                  and Fancy Goods!

and  then....
in a pretty old red building
(notice the sign)?

 in a very special nook

in a magic little corner....         
                        .......we took an extra look,

something rather special ....
 stands out                   
                                           it's own!

The lovely ART  and Books 
that are
 Jeri Landers own!!

A very lovely and         
                            colorful display..

it makes you                                    
 look and look ..           
              and see..    
                                                     and stay....                 

 you really want to spend all day!

Everything was so special and lovely 


 (I'd like to shrink for a time and nap here)

 Delicate detailed Scherenschnitte  paper scissor cutting

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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of the Living Truth Ministries
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Jeri is so personable 
and willing to spend time 
to chat with her customers 
and sign her books!

Her's is a world 
that sparks the imagination!

Children are enchanted when they see all the hidden pictures and 
read through the meaningful stories, but
grownups can enjoy owning Jeri's beautiful books too!
 (we have ours out as "art books" on display)
It was a treat indeed to 
meet a fellow blogging
friend, Jeri,
from "Hopalong Gazette Blog"
a dearest kindred !!
Love Ya Jeri !!

The Mousiekins are helping to frame the 
print by Jeri

"Basket of Sweets" by Jeri Landers

"Deep in the woods of Hopalong Hollow,
There's a path that you can follow;
Winding neath cool canopies,
 of leafy, gnarled chestnut trees.
Past river bend and crystal spring,
Where woodland rushes nest and sing..."
                                                     Mamsey Bear and Mopkin
                                                                      by Jeri Landers

Jeri's Books: 
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  1. Oh I love the art work, you look like you had such a wonderful trip. Was that a green jelly cupboard I spied.
    I really enjoyed your post.
    Fondly Michelle

  2. Her work is so beautiful. She is a wonderful artist and sweet person-even though I've never met her, I can tell!

  3. Thank you for taking us along on your magical trip! I really enjoyed looking at all the wonderful things ~ and I'm looking forward to the next trip out in your new camper van! ~~~waving~~~

  4. Thank you for this lovely post. Jeri is a dear soul, her artwork and stories enchanting. I have all three of her books and my favorite is her last one with Mamsey Bear & Mopkin. I loved seeing her bottled gardens, they are really adorable.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. Dear Linnie,

    How wonderful that you met Jeri! Someday I hope to do the same (and to meet you!). She is so special and puts all of herself into her work. We love her books as well, although I think I appreciate the artwork more than the children.

  6. Darling friend! I am finally here, after having spent a busy week at school.

    I am sighing, oohing and ahhhing over Jeri's work, that you so beautifully captured here during this most enchanting hour of meeting this great woman.

    I simply cannot fathom the amount of time and energy she puts into these details! WOW! But I bet the MOUSEKINS understand, because they have to deal with small details! I see they have their measuring tape and are carefully calculating the dimensions to make sure they frame Jeri's work just so, for YOU!

    What a pretty woman she is, with her long locks...what a pretty lady you are, with your beautiful smile and ingenious way to make the small world of mice and moss come ALIVE FOR ME.

    Bravo to all artist who make us forget we live in a land of concrete and the rat race (oops, sorry about that remark, Tea Rat!) and help us go back to the garden, where our Lord intended us to dream. Anita

  7. Precious Linnie! I just got home from doing all my grocery shopping; what a glorious day of sunshine and a chill in the air! I love this month, because it's not HOT, but neither is it bone chilling. It's cool enough to warrant soup, a POT of tea per Tea Rat, and snuggling!

    Thank you for coming to visit again today! YES, you captured very well the emotion behind the light and colors, textures and emotions that Jeri's great work displays. As for my art? Well, not much time for that. I am concentrating more on writing, though now with school, I can barely get time to read without falling asleep!

    Art however, can be practiced in our work, and that is what I'm trying to do every day that I teach the French language and celebrate the love of all the gifts from above. I hope the Mousekins are in the process of finishing their apple cider for the season! Send a round of the hard stuff, says Tea Rat! teeeheee

    HUGS! Anita

  8. Linnie, thank you for showing us Jeri's booth. I was a lucky winner of one of her paper flower gardens awhile back, so I've seen first-hand the delicate work that goes into her paper creations. I enjoyed seeing you two together. Your motor home is great. It allows you to bring along your furbabies which must be wonderful.

  9. Dear Linnie,
    Oh how I wish I could have been there with you and Jeri... I have all three of her beautiful books, and hope one day soon to own a print.. I just adore her work, well I adore Jeri... Such a gentle and loving friend. What a beautiful booth she had set up.
    You both looked so lovely.
    The Mousiekins are such a big help at shows, aren't they?

    Now as for Tilly! I had NO idea that was you that purchased her.
    I just now checked my ebay and saw it was you.. Then the lovely note you left on my post for Aunt Tilly.. teeheee.
    YOU DOLL YOU! Bless you... she is packing her bags right now.. I will get her out in the mail tomorrow for you.

  10. I love, love her beautiful work.She is so blessed with creativeness. I also love visiting her blog, you two truly are kindred spirits indeed. Oh my, what would you do without that Mousiekin family? They never fail to help! Blessings dear Linnie

  11. GOod morning beautiful Linnie! I just love that folk art and that tray with the sunflower painted on it!

    Oh to see your comment on my blog page, THANK YOU for coming! May God richly bless your Sweet September and bless us all with a mild winter???? hahahahahaha I hope so!

    Blessings to you and the dear Mousekin Family! :)))) Anita

  12. Goodness Linnie! I have been off and away and I missed this entire post.Hey, that booth looks very familiar, feels like home sweet home! Loved meeting you. We are enjoying toast and Jennie Honey today on a nice rainy afternoon after driving home from Ohio. I need a vacation!

  13. PS> Mousiekins, Can you help me frame about a dozen pictures? You seem quite adept at measuring.

  14. Although I live in Pennsylvania we rarely leave our 10 mile circle. Therefore it was a treat to be on your venture. I like the wooden pretties.
    Jeri Lander's illustrations are remarkable. Her Scherenschnitte looks to be unsurpassed in skill, tiny detail, whimsy, and statement. I have a pattern book of simple Scherenschnitte designs but haven't yet tried my hand at it.
    The mousiekins must be very careful and meticulous by nature or you wouldn't be trusting them with your lovely "Basket of Sweets."

  15. Dear Linnie,
    Thank you for your visit this evening.. I agree, I think Aunt Tilly will have many stories to tell the Mousiekins when she arrives.. I must warn you, she is a talker, so be prepared.. Maybe make a pot of tea, that should quiet her down..

  16. How WondERFUL! You and Jeri finally able to meet in person! and I can't wait for OUR meeting!! Sweet little Millie in her little wool shawl makes my face hurt, I'm smiling so big!!
    Jeri has the most delightful booth and I swoon over her willow chair and table every time I see it!
    Much love to you sweetheart!
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. Hey Linnie, Me again. I was searching ebay for Laura Ashley sweaters today and thought of you and your wardrobe. I can't wait to see photos of you and Christie beautifully adorned in your dresses; don't forget the straw hats! (PS I bought a really great sweater!)

  18. Linnie,
    What a beautiful camper! You can embark on an adventure anytime, and I bet tails were wagging that day! Such beautiful artwork, it must have been difficult to choose.Sweet Amish baskets too.
    Take Peace,

  19. Great post about Jer! She is such a talented, lovely lady!