Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Happieness is An Old House"

                             .... And the BLESSINGS of FRIENDS... 

 Don't you just LOVE artwork that reveals something NEW
 each time you look at it?

That's how it is when you look at the art of Jeri Landers
 an  ARTIST, Author Illustrator, Scherenschnitt  extraordinaire!
What an honor to receive a wonderful
House Warming gift from Dear Jeri
of  Hopalong Hollow

(I just love how it fits in this perfect spot)
Thank You Sweet Jeri!!


I thought you would like to see how nice many of the antiques and furnishings
that we moved over here fit in our new "OLD" Home

The dinningset fits nicely
on a hand braided rug made by my Grandma
Omi (my Mommy's Mother)
(Just for me back when I was only a little girl for "someday" when I was to marry)

Some pieces from (my late Daddy's English Grandma)
and some from my German Grandma "Omi"
and my Dear late Mother in Law
 fit so nicely together on this built in cupboard

                  A China set that came over with my Mom from Berlin on the
                                              " Queen Mary" after WWII

A handmade table made by my Daddy's Father

A cradle made for my first Baby by my Daddy

Books on the built in bookshelf

...the Mousiekin Family are busy arranging these books!!!

A favorite drop-leaf table from my Daddy's Grandmother

and upstairs,

A corner cabinet Flea Market find with odds and ends,

 "Omi's" quilt

A braided rug that Mommy made

We are working on Mommy's guest room
(it took three coats to cover the dark navy blue ceiling)

The upstairs bathroom entrance

Some favorite spinning antiques

It was quite a job moving the Loom in!

An Amish made Cupboard

The favorite Crossstitch made by my Auntie Karin

My favorite pots

(still painting)

Thank you so much for sharing my joy
and delight!
Many many Blessings to you!
 Hugs and Love, Linnie
Hubby Bear and I have been spending much time lately
at the house that we are moving from,
bringing still more things and
getting it ready to sell.
We do not have Internet there
so I haven't been able to visit you much lately,
but I shall be catching up with you soon!!!
Beloved, I wish above all things 
                                                                                                               and be in health, even as thy soul prosper
 that thou mayest prosper
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Jeri Landers Busy Bee Quilting Club 300pc Jigsaw Puzzle
I just bought this puzzle!!
(by Jeri)


Product Details

Product Details


The Old House
by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis 
"The old house awoke one morn,
And stretched from eave to eave,
He looked about his neighborhood,
And did not like what he perceived.
Up and down and cross the street,
All his old friends were gone,
Through the years, they'd disappeared,
Demolished and torn down.
He shook his chimney slightly,
With dismay and in despair,
It broke his heart to see
The newer houses rising there.
First one was built, and then another,
Soon a whole group that looked like clones,
Identical in style and size,
A row of postage stamp, small homes.
He was amazed at their construction,
Each built of steel, concrete,  and glass,
His aging shutters shuddered,
To see them go up so fast.
For the foundation of each house,
Cold, grey cement was poured,
Which was topped by sheets of plywood,
Unlike his handsome hardwood floors.".....

 Read full poem by  HERE:

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
(Copyright October 2004 ~ Revised 2008)