Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"Gone Goating!!" ~ (very side tracked by Goaties)!!

"PapaBear is up to something and we are having nooo
part of it"!!! 

What can it be???? 

I think it is for my pine-cone!! 

Well I don't like the looks of it!!!

"Don't even think that I will go near THAT THING"!!!

It's the perfect highth and quite 
comfortable too! 

"Looks like we're finished Let's see if it works"!!

"Hmmm! Nope not for m.......HEY"! !!

         "IS THAT GRAIN" ?????

"Mmmm yum  yum yum , this isn't so bad after all"!!

On Craig's list: Nubian dairy goat for sale!

So off we went to pick up a new girl!! 
There were many to choose from, 
and even a real gentle buck !

Standing in the middle of a herd of ten or so, 
as they all gathered around and greeted me
one came and leaned on me as though she knew me, 
and then as the buck lead the other gals away 
this one just stayed and leaned upon my side as I stroked her.

"Vera" chose me so the goat guy helped her aboard the van!

Then he says: "Do ya want to see the kids"??? 
And we said "SURE"!!!

(and PapaBear says in the van on the way up the hill:
 "Now don't get any ideas"!!!!!

~So we meet the kids!! ~

And PapaBear says;
"OK!!! WE'LL take TWO"!!!

 And MamaBear says; "Oh YES two for sure"!!!!

 And the Goat Guy says;
"Go ahead take your pick"!!

And Ashley Maggie May approved!!

So home we went!! Vera ready to milk
and eager to meet the others! 


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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The Babies are always  HUNGRY !


Mattie Dove and Mandie Angel

Little darling bottle~babies

Staying in the coop until it is safe to join the herd!

Wondering over the singing frog by the window!

Millie says " Young ones are too energetic 
these days...and there is nothing better then
a good branch with crab-apples to munch upon"!!!
 (She is 17 years old and that is like
 a 100+ in human years) !!

Cal the Llama (short for Excalibur) 
is a senior too!! And He agrees!!

(Little goatie kids in the right corner entering in)

"OHHHH noooooo! I'm too OLD for
little energetic youngsters"!!!

"Oh my goodness!!! They sure are the cutest things
that melt this Old Man's heart though"!!

" I'll just stay right here and watch and 
be entertained for the rest of the day"!!

Molly says: 
" Well it's about time we got 
some youngsters in this family"!!!! 

                                  Time to eat!!!

While Vera and Molly make friends!!

Time to meet the Doggies!!

Pixie says: "They can stay"!!

Ashley even naps snugly next to Mattie!! 

Who knew that you could have a lap-goat? 

It's a good sweet time to enjoy some 
peaceful calm relaxing time!


Vera is a good milker!

We share with the little'ns  


And later learn to make cheese !!

Papa Mousiekin is up to something too!!!!

And Mama is quite pleased too!!

Molly Goat Hand Made by:
~Michi Ball~

Good reads ;


Hope you 
Love and warmth,

(Betany Bountiful Izannah Walker reproduction Doll
Hand Made by Paula Walton)