Thursday, August 28, 2014


August is a wonderful time of the year
and it is also when Tasha Tudor was born!

Beloved Illustrator 
Tasha Tudor
August 28,1915- June 18 2008
photo by Richard Brown

There was a celebration!
The first gathering of the
N.Y. Chapter of
The Tasha Tudor Museum
at the Macedon Public Library

Macedon, N.Y. Chapter
Richard and Carol Elaine at

It was great fun!

Happy 99th Birthday Tasha!

We watched "Take Joy"
and many commented on how
 peaceful and calm they felt after it was over!

There were books to look at..

and new friends to meet!

We were asked to wear
old style dresses and a few of us did...

and Ashley Maggie May was 
welcome to come along too!

 Ashley met new friends too!

Carol Elaine read poems and quotes

There was Lunch

and then a Corgi Specialist 
spoke aboutCorgyn,
Martha Ihrman a champion breeder

and we met 3 smiling sweet Corgyn!!


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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There were many drawings for
Door Prizes...
and the last ticket call had my numbers!
And so plush corgi came home with us!!
 Isn't he so cute?

 Mr Stubbs was not impressed!!
I wore a Laura Ashley 
Vintage Prairie dress 
and I thought it would be fitting to pose 
with my lovely sweet goats
"Lottie and Capri"

The Mousiekin Family 
enjoyed a "Fairy Saddle ride"

Enjoy some pictures by Nell Doore of young Tasha
from the book
" Tasha Tudor The Direction Of Her Dreams"
by Wm John and Priscilla T Hare

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Tasha Tudor Day 2014

Hope you enjoyed!
And Happy Tasha Tudor Day!!
Many Blessings and Love, Linnie

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Harley the parrot says:
Take Time to
(do you see him on the chair)?

Long, long ago in the days of yore,
It might've been sooner, or not before,
Along a mountain track there came,
A gallant Corgi of quite some fame.
And there beside the track he spied
A maiden fair, who to him cried,
"Oh kindly Corgi, here my plea;
I've fallen off my horse you see.
And so before you further roam
Would you, please sir, take me home?"
So said the Corgi, "I do confess;
How could I leave you in distress?
So climb upon my back fair maid
I'll take you home as you have bade."
And so the Corgi started forth;
"My home's a castle to the north."
They journeyed there, and at her door
She cried, "I should have said before,
I'm a fairy princess sir, you see,
And for you kindness to me,
I'll leave upon your back
All traces of the fairy tack."
And till this day you still can find
The fairy's saddle to remind,
How the Corgi helped the princess fair,
And just as well for You will care.


  1. I found your blog the other day & I love this post so much. All those little corgi's are so special, such character's I bet. The cake is beautiful, such a happy looking cake. I live in England so we don't have get together's like you have but we have still had a wonderful day. I might get my Laura Ashley prairie dress out tonight.

  2. Great post! What an adventure day that turned out to be! Sarah asks if the mousekins had fun on the corgy ride. She likes the post and would have liked to join us at the party. :-) Love, Beth and Sarah

  3. What a beautiful post! and how fun to celebrate!! I love her illustrations~ you look lovely ~Love Heather

  4. Dearest Linnie...
    Look how beautiful you are, with the sweetest countenance! Your hair braided and wound round your head is absolutely perfectly you and I LoVE IT!

    Your Ashley Maggie May is such a sweet baby. Maybe someday, a Corgi for us...little Scout has gone to live with my momma and daddy, as Sophia is quite the strong little girl and squeezes much too hard...;)

    Love and hugs and blessings to you, and thank you for your lovely post on our beloved Tasha!

  5. Oh, how fun! I love your dress, you look so "Tasha-esque!" and the poses with the goats and're right out of a painting!
    How fabulous that you have a Tasha group there to attend! Looks like such fun! Im going to watch Take Joy tonight...I have a carrot cake in the oven for after dinner.
    Have a wonderful day, Linnie!~

  6. How wonderful. Tasha would be so proud of you. The pictures are beautiful Linnie.......truly! How fun that you won the sweet little corgi puppy, of course your sweet baby is just adorable. Looks like the dogs were having fun too, and behaving wonderfully. I may just repost my Tasha day from last year :) Blessings

  7. Happy Tasha Tudor day. What a wonderful way to remember Tasha. So fun and I love your dress. It is lovely to meet other kindred spirits. Clarice

  8. Oh Linnie, have created and live in a MAGIC PLACE that my husband and I also love and have created! From the fairy saddle ride to the parrot, to the Laura Ashley dress and the celebration with other like-minds, this is a dream of a post. I SEE THE MOUSEKIN FAMILY! You should see our Tea Rat character we have. He has his own pony that we love and "play" with for photos....isn't it fun to be creative?

    And the beloved Tasha Tudor; she stared a movement who like Beatrix Potter, changed how we see nature. I'm in my friend, I BELIEVE!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit me. It is always a pleasure to see you. I started teaching this week so I am very behind on my blog visits!!!!!! God bless you dear friend, Anita

  9. Oh what a beautiful day full of kindred spirits.
    And I love the dresses and goats picture

  10. Dear Sweet Linnie,
    What a very special post! I loved every bit. You are so lovely, just beautiful. I love your prarie dress. I adore Tasha and her work. She was such a wonderful soul. All those corgis be still my heart! As always, your photos are just gorgeous. Love the picture of you with your goats, I love their names. =)Thank you ever so much for your kind and wonderful comments on my blog. Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  11. Linnie, I love your dress! Wherever did you find it? Or did you sew it yourself?

  12. Such a beautiful post!
    I have enjoyed reading through and looking at your wonderful photos ... oh those sweet Corgyn & goats ♥

  13. Oh Hello my beautiful friend! I absolutely ADORE your hair, and I rue the day I had my long hair cut short! But it's growing out again, per my husband's instructions! (and my own desire too!)
    I LOVE the last picture of you on the, loved all of this so much!!!!

  14. Hi Cathy,
    The dress is a vintage 70's Laura Ashley dress,(Prairie style)from Wales. :-D
    (Laura Ashley is another one of my very favorite ladies) I so love wearing it and never want to take off, Hee! I actually own several others as well :-D
    Blessings Linnie

  15. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Thank you for being my newest follower. I just joined you. Blessings, Martha

  16. Oh Linnie,
    What a great POST! Thank you so much for taking me back in time.
    You look like you stepped right out of a book Linnie.. And the beloved Tasha Tudor.. And I love your Laura Ashley dress.. I would have a closet full if I could..

    Thank you so much for your visit and most kind words for Dexter.
    I am so happy you enjoyed.

  17. Dear Linnie,

    You have shared a wonderful post -thank you. Loved seeing all your lovely photos the ones of Tasha Tudor, and the sweet corgis.
    You look beautiful in your Laura Ashley dress.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend

  18. LINNIE! Good evening dear sister! Oh, Tea Rat loves to mount his steed, SPOTTY, and he would so love to try a fairy corgi! YES, he accepts the invitation. How about under the moon in Nowhere, by the Castle of Butter. We shall ride into the night with the moon as our guiding light! teeeheheheheee

    How I love your imagination. How I wish we could all meet: You, me, Jeri, Penny, The Dutchess, so many others who BELIEVE!

  19. I had to come back and tell you how very lovely you looked!

  20. Dear Linnie,

    What a lovely celebration of Tasha! Oh, what a delight, all those Corgyn! You look so pretty in your frock with your Corgi girl and your goats! We are sure that the Mousiekins had an enchanting ride about on your little "prize" corgi!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah, and the dolls and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse at Corgyncombe

  21. Linnie,
    I loved all your photos, but the ones of you alone are just lovely. Your a sweet gal in your long frock holding the corgis-stuffed and non-stuffed:-) I really love that you have a TT Chapter near you , that is just awesome! Thanks for sharing, how I wish we met when you were in VT-I would have had the pleasure since I am not too far:-)
    Take Peace,