Saturday, January 30, 2016

Just a quick message to Friends, 
In a few sweeps in the last weeks 
over 20 followers disappeared!
Just wanted to let you know that 
I would never Un~ follow any one
so if you have found yourself gone 
please know that it wasn't from me!!
Blessings and warmth Linnie
and the Mousiekins

Monday, January 25, 2016



I have not been blogging so often lately 
and one reason is because I
have a neck injury that knocked me for a loop!!
 I had been busy 
with some projects!
(and my neck has suffered great consequences
probably due to taking on projects )!! 

When HubbyBear took a weekend trip away,
I thought that it would be a perfect opportunity
to paint that parlor!! So I rolled up my sleeves and took it on!!
I figured that it couldn't be that hard if I 
just tackled one section at a time!! 

Although the wall color wasn't too bad when we moved in,
it was rather darkish and also being shiny
it showed all it's imperfections!

Right away the brightness gave a cheery feel!! 

Hmmm I wonder if HubbyBear 
will notice?

Before I started this painting project
we had acquired a beautiful 
Hearthstone Soapstone Wood-burning Stove
that we found on Craig's list for a great price.

So I was glad to get the painting finished
before HubbyBear installed it! 

~a perfect fit!~

Beautifully warm and cozy!
(right next to the faux fireplace) ;-)

It is so much brighter and cozier now!! 
I moved my ~Great Walking Wheel~
over and now it is easy to use regularly! 

We Love heating with wood
and our main source is in the basement


It heats wonderfully,  but then the door is closed
and you go back upstairs! 

There is just something
 about sitting next to a stoked fire

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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The Sun room needed a new floor!
  And it is always fun to change things around
     and add some new antiques and nick~knacks!

Many of the antiques represent 
milk processing 

cream skimmer

Butter curd press

So when finished 
it only made sense
to re~name the little sunny nook
 "The Creamery"!

Mama and Papa Mousiekin 
have been busy too!!

For they have a new "Housiekin"

A yard sale "bargiekin"!!!


Hope you enjoyed!!
Many Blessings
Warmth and Love
Linnie and the Mousiekins