Saturday, June 2, 2018


 A bachelor ~ gentleman~ came to call one day
and he had all intentions, to live and  stay!

He came from a place not so far away,
And his name it is told is "Sebastian  Henry"!

In a box he traveled "no frills" said he,
 though he packed all of his handstitched fineries!!

He traveled with his head, upon his side
and when attached he was then very well alive!!

He was a charming, and sharp as royalty,
 but just as  personable as you'd expect him to be!

Tea was set and he stayed for awhile,
 speaking of travels and books that he read in style!

 He shared of history, and poems and tales, 
of music and dances and practicing scales  

His presence was strong and his 
and his eyes were deep
 No sooner catch ye your breath and  fan your cheeks, 
he was off  to explore not  missing a beat!

For after all, "There are many ladies fair,

 plenty to dazzle, there's no time to spare!"

Without missing a step, he was off and around,
 It was upstairs for greetings to some ladies he'd found!!

Without any haste he was making new friends,
 and each little dolly hoped it would never end!


He brought along his faithful steed, who's  name is “Nelson” 
 more shiny and strong than any prize winning  stallion! 

He came quite prepared though he had traveled light 
for where he settled his charms would surely be bright!

Nelson and he took a turn in the yard
checking perimeters and to size matters out

" A good place to settle and rest for a while"

and to gather good flowers, 
" for the women with style"!


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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There is a reason for Sebastian to come here to stay,
 for the two little teen girls have gone astray!

For romance they are stirred and the latest news
what everyone's talking of  and what anyone knew!

They have discovered the modern conveniences, 
from a time too familiar to our own futureness!

  So the answer it seems is the age old language
Music and practice I am sure they will manage


So he set at his keyboard and began to play, 
and he knew in an instant that here he would stay!!

 it sent straight through to their spines 
and they knew from that moment that with
music they'd bind!!

The three wooden dolls here were 
crafted by Master Doll maker
Kathy Patterson of:
Please visit  her BLOG!