Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Clay Steam Pot and Cast Iron Thriftstore Finds

Thrift stores and second hand shops
can be the best place to find the most unique things!

Recently I found this neat little clay pot for 
a great price, $7.00 (along with a great dollar vintage book
about wild plants and how to cook them) 

When I brought it up to cash out the lady said ;
"Everybody has been trying to figure what 
in the world it is used for"??

Fortunately I did know.....

...... for I had one at home that came with instructions!

A little $3.00 thrift store find from another time
called a "Yunnan clay Steam Pot"

These are wonderful cooking pots are well worth having
and using easily and often! It sits tightly upon
 a pot of boiling water and the steam cooks the
 contents of the pot neatly under it's lid. 

I like to brown strips of chicken breast
 and then add fresh cut veggies

with some organic free range chicken broth
and also seasonings of choice 

Then you just sit it, with the lid on,
snugly atop a pot of water
 and bring it to a boil and soon the steam will cook 
the contents through the "chimney" !


When the contents are close to "ready"
I add rice noodles to the boiling
 water in the lower pot!

(Yummy with Jasmine Green Tea)

 Placing the rice noodles
in the bowl first and then 
adding the vegetables before
ladling the  broth over, 
seems to taste better!


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that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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I also found a great already seasoned 
cast iron muffin pan that proved 
to be wonderful!
(Kombucha in background

It is perfect for baking gluten free corn muffins
nice and crispy on the outside!

 My favorite 1950's mixer also came from a
second hand store and I love it better then any
modern one!! 

If you preheat the pan a sizzling 400 degrees
 the muffins come out the best!

They taste delectable with corn chowder! 

And if the pan is nice and seasoned 
it makes wonderful eggs right along side the muffins!!

And they slide right out!!


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Mildred Mousiekin loves to use her
clay pot and cast iron!!

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