Monday, October 8, 2012

Tutti Frutti New England Butt'ry Shelf Style

"The Butt'ry (properly spelled buttery
of course) is a small room with a smell of good
things to eat and a look of delicious plenty.
It is located  next to the kitchen in a cool
corner of  the house."...

           Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

"Here too is kept the crock of
tutti frutti, which is as part of
 the Butt'ry equipment as anything
else you can see there.
It holds two gallons of rich fruit
sauce for ladling generously onto
a plate of vanilla ice cream or
 a slice of sponge cake, and
I've known many a time when
a finger was surreptitiously
dipped and popped into an
appreciative mouth for
elegant tasting."

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

 "The jar is always empty by the
time the first fresh strawberries
are brought in from the garden,
washed clean then, and a pint of
the very best brandy poured in.
Two cups of firm red-ripe
strawberries are sliced in half
and added to the brandy, then
two cups of sugar on top." 

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

"This is stirred gently every day
with a long handled wooden spoon
until the sugar is dissolved."

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

19 And the land shall yield her fruit,
and ye shall eat your fill,
and dwell therein in safety.
Leviticus 25:19


"Next fresh pineapple is pealed,
sliced, and cut into small wedges."

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)


" Peaches cut in generous cubes
after skins have been removed"

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

"This is stirred carefully
after each addition until
sugar has melted in.
Several thicknesses of cheesecloth
laid across the mouth of the jar,
with the lid on top, keep out
fruit flies "

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

" This is kept at least a month
before tasting, to "marry" the
fruit  flavors"

  Mary Mason Campbell
                The New England Butt'ry shelf Cook Book
                (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor)


Tutti Frutti

A stone jar (with a cover)
Awaits the libation 
of arrrac, poured over
One bottle its ration.
Of fruit in its season,
Pineapple raspberry,
The peach with its bloom on,
A well as cherry,
And strawberries Rosy,
One pound you will take,
And in kitchen so cosy
This rich compound make.
But of sugar three quarters
In weight will will be best
And one of your daughters
will stir this with zest.
For a day or two after
Each fruit is immersed,
With cheer and with laughter,
This may be rehearsed,
Eat this fruit by itself,
Better still with ice cream,
In a dish of old delf,
'T is a poem- a dream
           Mrs. H. L. Hallett
        The Kirmess
           Cook Book 1887


Mama and Papa Mousiekin
 are looking forward to enjoying
theirTutti Frutti on
Christmas Eve!! 


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prosper
that thou mayest prosper
3 John 1:2

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 Hope you enjoyed
 Blessings Love and Hugs

~German Rumtopf~

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 Hope you enjoyed! 
Love, Hugs and Blessings, 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Anyone that knows me well,
knows that my Doggies are my BABIES
and I rather not ever miss a chance to be with them!

      Little did I know that Barely a month
 after shooting this picture with our Ivy
(first born...# ONE)
and the Mousiekins

13 Go to now, ye that say,
To day or to morrow we
will go into such a city,
and continue there a year,
and buy and sell, and get gain:
14 Whereas ye know not what shall be
on the morrow.
For what is you life? It is even a vapour,
that apeareth for a little time,
and then vanisheth away.
15 For we ought to say,
If the Lord will, we shall live,
and do this or that.
                                   James 4:13-15

That she would begin....

a series of visits to the Vet
to hopefully become well again.

 Hubby Bear and I are so BLESSED to have found
this "All Creatures Great and Small"
type of Veterinarian's Office

The Victorian atmosphere 
and the staff are so DEAR
as they help the "Circle of Life"!
And the Vet is so gentle
and learned. 

All of the staff's pets come to work with them!
 And there are plenty resident kitties there too!

It wasn't easy leaving our Ivy
at the Vet's for two long whole days.
but on that following Monday
a Sonogram Tummy Specialist
would help to find answers...
Pixie wondered?


 But we were able to visit our Little Sweetie
who always found it easy to give a smile.
And all 3 of the Doctors
who saw her
encouraged us to go on......

But soon we became aware that .....

...nothing was going to work and bring back an appetite
or stop the chronic diarrhea.....


So we all kept a vigil...

And  we

Massaged and rubbed...

...and LOVED

...and HOPED...

 The Lord gave me a hopeful sweet day in the sun
we cuddled A LOT..

...and so it goes...
...All the King's Horses and all the Kings men.........

 And meanwhile...

 pixie found things to explore


Good-Bye our Dearest Ivy Darling for now...
till we see you at that Mansion
prepared by our Lord and Saviour

But as it is written,
Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard,
 neither have entered into the heart of man,
the things which God hath prepared
 for them that love him.
                1 Corinthians 2:9

Let everything that has BREATH

Do you believe that you will see your Pets in Heaven?

We do, and this is why:
 Animals do exactly what the were designed to do by the
Almighty Creator, therefore they do not sin
and do not need to stand in judgment!


HubbyBear and I liked
what this site had to say about animals in heaven

and this one too:
Here are
Happier Happiest of times!!


                                                                 "My name is Ivy,

                                                            Ivy Petticoat to be sure!
 I have Nicknames that only  
my Mommy and Daddy know:

"Hotsy Totsy"
and I agree,

"The Rough Tough Cowpoke Punky"
because everybody knows  I am!!

But my favorite thing to be called is "Noozy Woozy"
because with that comes the best belly rubs"!

 "I LOVE to travel and go for rides"!!

.....and it's OK if my sisters come along....

we make Fairy Dust ...

and did I mention that I LOVE to get Belly Rubs?"......

...and Cuddling"!!!

(In the Travel Trailer)
Quebec, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

My full Name is
can you see why??
(my petty coat sways when I
do my girly walk)

Thanks for taking me Hiking a lot Mommy and Daddy!!

"....and I LOVE to chew"!!

 I like the out doors!

The Pack Family

"My absolute FAVORITE thing to do!
thank you for buying me my very own pool"!!

"Home is where you are Mommy and Daddy..
this place will do just fine for you...
in the mean-time I will be keeping watch over the
 Heavenly Mansion"!!!

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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My Dearest Friends ,

All who have been faithful to visit me here
and encourage me so often.
I haven't been much for stopping by to
say Hello, for I have been so very BLUE
over the sad estate of my Precious Doggie.
But there has been this on going comfort
inside of my heart
to know that I have you
always there to Love Pray
and encourage!!
 Thank you for being my Friends!!!
How I do Love you!!!

Love, Hugs, and Many Blessings,