Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Clay Steam Pot and Cast Iron Thriftstore Finds

Thrift stores and second hand shops
can be the best place to find the most unique things!

Recently I found this neat little clay pot for 
a great price, $7.00 (along with a great dollar vintage book
about wild plants and how to cook them) 

When I brought it up to cash out the lady said ;
"Everybody has been trying to figure what 
in the world it is used for"??

Fortunately I did know.....

...... for I had one at home that came with instructions!

A little $3.00 thrift store find from another time
called a "Yunnan clay Steam Pot"

These are wonderful cooking pots are well worth having
and using easily and often! It sits tightly upon
 a pot of boiling water and the steam cooks the
 contents of the pot neatly under it's lid. 

I like to brown strips of chicken breast
 and then add fresh cut veggies

with some organic free range chicken broth
and also seasonings of choice 

Then you just sit it, with the lid on,
snugly atop a pot of water
 and bring it to a boil and soon the steam will cook 
the contents through the "chimney" !


When the contents are close to "ready"
I add rice noodles to the boiling
 water in the lower pot!

(Yummy with Jasmine Green Tea)

 Placing the rice noodles
in the bowl first and then 
adding the vegetables before
ladling the  broth over, 
seems to taste better!


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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I also found a great already seasoned 
cast iron muffin pan that proved 
to be wonderful!
(Kombucha in background

It is perfect for baking gluten free corn muffins
nice and crispy on the outside!

 My favorite 1950's mixer also came from a
second hand store and I love it better then any
modern one!! 

If you preheat the pan a sizzling 400 degrees
 the muffins come out the best!

They taste delectable with corn chowder! 

And if the pan is nice and seasoned 
it makes wonderful eggs right along side the muffins!!

And they slide right out!!


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Meet Bob!!


Mildred Mousiekin loves to use her
clay pot and cast iron!!

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Hope you ENJOYED!!
Many many BLESSINGS 
Linnie and the Mousiekins

PS If you haven't heard from me lately 
I have been in the garden
and busy about Spring matters !


  1. Linnie, I enjoyed my visit very much and suddenly want to make cornbread! I've not heard of the steam pot that you bought--what a healthy way to cook. You have found some wonderful bargains in your travels--the cast iron muffin pan is beautiful--I love cast iron! The videos were quite informative--I love history and love the story about the use of corn by the colonists! Have a lovely day! ♥

  2. Billy Joe Tatum, Julia Child of the Ozarks is one of my role models (but sadly no longer living). I posted one of her recipes not long ago on my blog.

    Also, I have been staying away from gluten in my diet (and feeling so much better) so I read with interest here about rice noodles and gluten free corn muffins. I just told my husband that eating so healthy-like just might kill me. Ha!

    Your Butt'ry and Book'ry is always a delightful place to visit! Thanks!

  3. So the pot is like a double broiler :0) those thrift stores are a treasure trove of great stuff :0) mari

  4. Ok I am hungry now. That all looks so good! You find the best stuff in the thrift store. Yummy! Love ya lots

  5. Linnie,
    Now I am really HUNGRY! I love your clay steamer and your cast iron muffin pan.. What a great idea to cook eggs in there! You are one good cook!
    Everything looks so yummy.
    blessings dear friend,

  6. Linnie, very informative post ... especially concerning the 'double-boiler' effect of the clay cooker with a standard pot. Now guess what I'll be scouting for at the thrift stores?! (Love the Mousiekins and their miniatures.)

  7. I really enjoyed my visit Linnie.
    I have never seen a steam pot before, what a great idea. I love your old mixer, we have just bought a 1930's electric cooker so we can use it in the Summer & turn the wood cooker off as it is just to hot.
    You take such lovely photo's, the food looks wonderful.
    Fondly Michelle

  8. OH MY GOODNESS...there is yet again fun stuff here to comment on ! First of all, is that not a brilliant form of cooking? You can do so much in one space (cooking the noodles or rice right underneath!) and the chicken steam has got to be one of the most tender! This looks so good.

    THEN...those EGGS! I have never thought of making them in a muffin pan, but this method gives you such a delightful way of enjoying both eggs and muffins.


    Oh Linnie, Tea Rat you know, he is a ladie's rat...he is desperately in love with Miss Moussie, he has adopted Bebe as his little what chamber of his heart shall he put Mildred? Hmmmm....he is thinking about it!

    Do you know that in my little theatre at the moment, I have the exact same mini cupboard as you? Mine however is not painted with the folk art flowers, just plain. But I too have an antique stove and I must show you. I hope I have your email!

    Well, you have blessed me with a huge smile on my face today, my birthday!

    Love to you sweet Linnie! Anita

  9. I am so hungry right now! I will be scouting the thrifts for one of those pots. How ever did your little folk find one??? I see someone playing the guitar amongst your little folks.
    Your home must be a wonder-like a home museum, filled with love though...

  10. If I had not just eaten supper I would be hungry after viewing your post!
    I love the clay steamer. I am planning a trip to some local potters and I wonder if I will find something of this would be wonderful if I did.

  11. Hi Linnie,

    I see you have another Commenter with the name Cathy so I will sign mine as Cathy from Maryland :-). I will have to keep my eye open for both your new finds. I probably wouldn't have known what it was used for either. Everything looks delicious! How in the world did you find a steamer for your mouse?! I have the same miniature Williamsburg Pottery you have, plus some larger pieces for myself. Love it! Cathy from Maryland

  12. Hi Linnie,
    You really had snow today? Oh my, I hope spring comes back to you soon.
    I am so happy you enjoyed the Egret.
    I am afraid he will most likely spend his days alone, as I do believe they mate for life.
    Thanks so much for visiting, and have a wonderful day.

  13. Dear Linnie,

    What a nice find! I just bought a 3-quart ceramic tea/broth pot with a handle that can cook on the stove, and I love the way it keeps the tea warm for a long time. I imagine that your steamer must do that as well, which makes it extra nice on a cold day! Cast iron pans are a great find, too. Something that will be around for ages!



  14. I did enjoy very much, and now I'm quite hungry while I smell my own pot of goodness boiling on the stove. I love your little Miss Mildred. She is perhaps the only mouse I do love ;) Love you sweet friend ♡

  15. What an interesting read! I have never seen one of those pots, but if I do, I will surely want to make it mine! I love rice noodles, and haven't cooked them in a while, now you have my mouth watering for a taste of them! I have always made them in a stir fry, but making them into a soup sounds wonderful too! Thank you for sharing all your neat ways of making great food! I will be back to visit some more :)

  16. This was so fun to read and see all your great pictures. I'm so hungry now for those muffins and eggs!

  17. So clever that clay pot, thank you for explaining how to use it! I will be on the lookout for one now. I love scoring great thrift stuff. You certainly got some great things.

    Mary Jo

  18. Linnie, A good friend of mine makes this pottery steamers and also, have you ever used the small ones that bake apples? Cast iron finds are great too, even if you don't like to me

  19. What a nifty steam pot! I have never seen one of those but now I will have my eyes peeled. I also love the clever way you cooked these meals by using the steam water for the noodles and the same muffin pan to include some eggs. Such a pleasurable read! :) Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

  20. Loved this claypot. The whole post is inspiring and uplifting. Thank you, and also for stopping by my blog. Sincere thanks.

  21. lovely blog, i see many blogs on internet true others and so i found yours...i follow most of the time blogs with the same hobbys as i have...just for fun, when i have time...thanks for sharing, will visit again..blessings

  22. The food looks so delicious !!
    I had never seen a pot like that before. It is great to know what it is used for, maybe I will come across one someday ; )
    Have a wonderful day.

  23. Good morning! Just a little note to let you know we have *featured* this post at the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week! Thank you for joining us and we hope to have you again this week :)

  24. Your cooking looks amazing! The steam pot idea is very interesting- I have never seen that before. Thank you for sharing :-)

  25. How wonderful your clay pot is great and food lloked really good specially loved those muffins and eggs you found a great muffin pan nothing like old items !!! With love Janice

  26. Great Pictures!If you want to read an article on Food Steamers Click on the link.

  27. I just happened to remember and started googling.
    I actually went in a thrift store during a trip to Washington last year and found an assortment of handmade pottery I sent back home. One of which was a nice pot with a hollow column in the I know what it's used for! Funny it's a similar story as well.