Monday, November 9, 2015

Happiness Is A Walk In The ORCHARD!!

It's November Mommy! 
And there are still plenty of apples
on the orchard floor, 
can we go out and find some?

And it is warm and the sun is shining!!

Oh please Mommy let's all GO!! 

Come Doggies plenty to smell!! 

I will stay home and reminisce  for a 
Lady Goatie of 16 is surely in her Golden years! 

We are on an adventure!!  

Pixie!! Waite up!! 

Ooo! Some one new has been here!! 

Oh!! LOOK!! Our favorite row!! 

MMmmm Heaven to be sure!!  

Who are in the trees??

And plenty to gather for our friends!! 

A DELECTABLE snack for a 
warm afternoon romp!!

Pixie spies her friends!

Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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The Mousiekins are also taking advantage
of this beautiful November warm 
harvesting day!

Cosmo Crowheart loves to join in and take
Little Sebastian flying about!

Look Ashley! Dandelion Wishes!! 

Such FUN !! 

Keep up Mommy! Don't drop the apples!!  
Need help?? Come along Mommy!!
"Hurry up~Take your Time"!! 

Are those Apples for us?

"Yes! She never forgets the ELDERS"!! 

Pixie says:
"Take time to go out side"!! 


Some apples for Harley...

...and plenty for SWEATZY too!!


** Cosmo the Crow and Aunt Tillie **
(the white Mouse) By: 
Miss Lovely
~Penny White~ of

Hope you ENJOYED!!
Many Blessings!! 

CAST; (Starring) :
Brown goatie: Molly
                    Black goaties:  Lotty & Caprie 
                 White old  goatie: Miss Milly 
                                    Llama: Mr Cal (short for "Excalibur")
Pixie, Sadie, and Ashley Maggie May 
Grey Kitty: 
Mr Stubbs

Harely & Sweatzy (as themselves)

"Mommy" (not seen)
by : Linnie
 (Hee heee)!!