Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Miss Tasha Tudor!

  The other day I stumbled across this (Japanese)You Tube video
  of Tasha Tudor in her Garden,
  and after viewing it
  I kind of felt a bit blue!
  I remember being moved by Tasha's Artistic illustrations
  and life style many years ago.
  I always had an idea in the wee back of my mind of going 
  to see her. Some times I even imagined living somewhere close
  and helping in the garden!

                               Tasha Tudor
                                       August 28, 1915 -June 18, 2008
                        Tasha Tudor had a way that caused one to
                                                realize JOY!
                      So being blue when reminiscing is not an option!
                             Here are some ways that I have found
                                     to fill some "Tasha Joy"

Drawing or Painting (from life)
is a fine way to  take joy
I have always had a kindred
art style to Tasha
(it is how I always have drawn)

My Tribute
(sketched from a DVD)

What a TREASURE to own these two
Published Sketch Books

I feel as though I am living at the end of her pencil

caught suspended in her moments

Buttercup thinks reading the White Goose is a good idea!



Mother Mousiekin and Missy like to do home made
crafts like Tasha Tudor made.

Missy Mousiekin loves to make her own cards and books and Journals.
Mother Mousiekin loves to show Missy  how to sew,

Missy has made her first "Housewife" needle keeper, 
and a lovely satin pin cushion.
they will be special gifts for their friend 
Miss Tilly Tinkham an accomplished seamstress
at the "Corgncomb"

Ruth Goodman of England
is a new wonderful advocate of
preserving  old times past

She has been involved in BBC

Tales from the Green Valley

Victorian Farm

Victorian Pharmacy

(You can watch all on the You Tube)


They also have this wonderful blog:
"The Corgyncombe Courant"
It can refresh the good feelings of
Tasha Tudor's memory 

                                      (You can Take Joy and Peace with the music
                                                                provided by Diane and Sarah)

You will be  ENCHANTED by the
Beautiful images by Diane Shephard Johnson
                                                              Ready for delivery to: Miss Tillie Tinkham
                                                                            of the Cogyncombe

(See Miss Tillie's reaction):

The Rookery Ramblings
of the family of Tasha
 featuring Natalie
Rookery Ramblings
You can visit the Tasha Tudor and Family
Website here:
You can visit the:
 Woolytales can give you great Tasha feel
with the beautiful creativity of
Patricia Cabrera
Art illustration Print ,Under the Stars , Patricia Cabrera 
be "WOWED"!
(and her family) :
Here is a place that brings you along
as the Book Author and  Illustrator
 Jeri Landers
shares her creative experiences
 Tottietoes, Tattletail and Bushky sing,
Her Web Site:
Winner of the GOLD! "Moonbeam Book Awards" for Best Illustrator 2008
Winner of the Gold! Dragonpencil Book Award for Superior Illustration 2008
Winner of  'National Best Books 2008 Awards " sponsored by
USA Book News for "Children's Picture Book: Hardcover Fiction w/ Audio CD"
WINNER of the Bronze IPPY, Children's picture book, all ages

Finalist for  Foreword Magazine's, "Children's Picture Book
Winner of the Silver "Benjamin Franklin" Book Award, Winner announced May 28th 2009
All Copyrights Belong to Jeri Landers © 2000
Puchace  Books
Prints and Cards 
Handcrafts and more
at the:


The Mousiekin girls
"Always TAKE JOY"!



Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
the BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY: High Tea for 2 Birthdays:
Do You Know JESUS?
Need Church?
Listen to Sunday CHURCH
of the Living Truth Ministries
click here:


  1. Dear Linnie, How honored I am for you to include me in this post. I TOO , miss dear Tasha... what an incredible isnpiration to all of us,no? blessings,

  2. I'd only ever heard passing mention of tasha Tudor in American blogs, so this is a real revelation- thank you! Much further reading and viewingto be done now!

  3. I miss her too...but her inspiration lives on in her books :-)

    Your pictures are so lovely Linnie, you have no idea how it has helped me today.

    Blessing in His Name,


  4. I miss her all so... I had an invite once to go and have tea and a craft but didn't go how I wish I had gone now... Thanks for posting this..

  5. Dear Linnie,

    Tillie Tinkham is hopping up and down, squeaking with excitement at the thought of a package! We're sure she'll be delightfully surprised! Your mice are as cute as can be, joyfully working! I'll be in touch with you soon. We enjoyed your tribute and your drawing of Tasha. We miss Tasha, too.

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  6. Dearest Linnie, as I was in awe of your post, I was thinking of my darling friend PATRICIA CABRERA AND JERI LANDERS, two bloggers that have become dear sisters to me. THEN I SEE YOU FEATURED THEM!!!!!! I thank you for your visit, I agree that HE is getting ready for the earth is yearning and churning in pain...let us be ready, non? What a beautiful world you have, and I BELIEVE IN LITTLE MICE.....I have not drawn in months, but I too am an artist, but thanks to Patricia and THE DUTCHESS, I picked up my pencil again when I started to blog two years ago.

    Peace to you dearest, Anita

  7. Good morning, Linnie! So glad I found your lovely blog this morning...I've been in love with Tasha Tudor all of my live, thanks to my mother. I grew up with all of her books--my favorites being "Pumpkin Moonshine" and "Take Joy!" many beautiful memories!

    Your drawings are absolutely wonderful, and your sweet family of mice so enchanting!

    Thank-you for all the links--I'll be looking at them all today!

    I'll be following along...hope your weekend is just lovely!


  8. Linnie, What a dear heart you are to include me in this wonderful tribute to Tasha! I am indeed honored. And I must confess that the Corgyncombe Courant is one of the most beautiful places to visit, and WOOLYTALES too.
    Your art is really quite good, and your paintboxes are as messy as mine< (a sure sign of an artist!)
    I did not discover Tasha Tudor until I was an adult. I often wished I had found her as a child, because she would have been my heroine. I am quite sure, however, that we had her advent calenders every Christmas, I did love them so.
    Greetings to the dear little mousies, I will soon have a friend to introduce them to.

  9. Dear Linnie,

    After loving your post ever since you put it up, I realized I haven't commented on it yet! We're dissecting it, piece by piece, and enjoying every bit. :)

    My oldest, AnnaMarie, spent the morning yesterday watching "Victorian Pharmacy", and the Japanese video is an absolute favorite. It was taken off YouTube for a while, so I was very glad they put it back on!

    The Mousekins are just busy "beavers", aren't they? I'm sure that Corgyncombe Cottage will be greatly blessed.

    I would love to have a painting party with you (or a watercolor penciling party) sometime; your drawing of Tasha is simply lovely!



  10. Hi Linnie,
    What a wonderful post! I loved Tasha Tudor too. You are quite an artist in your own right by what I have seen here. Thank you for stopping by and for leaving your nice comment. I am signing up to follow your blog. Have a wonderful weekend.


  11. Hi again!

    I did see the comment, and promptly forgot to answer! I actually do have that book; it was part of the requirements for the herbal correspondence course I took 10 years ago.

    I was very touched that you thought of me, though, and I love the book to pieces (literally!)!



  12. Oh my gosh I love this post!!! I love to read about Tasha Tudor-she was such an amazing person. Thanks for inspiring me with this post:).



  13. What a wonderful post...I love that Japanese video...Marqueta introduced me to it last year. As a matter of fact Marqueta introduced me to Tasha. I love her illustrations. Her garden was amazing as well...I hope my home looks as lovely and in bloom at some point. I have not found my green thumb yet ;) Thanks for sharing all that information. I am going to go back through it all and check out the links. But right now my hubby is demanding I come outside and watch him BBQ lol!! Hope your having a wonderful day ~Love Heather

  14. Oh my, how beautiful this post is. Thank you for taking me on this lovely journey with you and your friends.I am a follower for now on.
    Lady Estelle

  15. Dear Linnie
    How very kind of you to visit and leave such kind words.. I am so pleased the painting brought a smile.
    I too miss Tasha.. What an incredible inspiration she was and still is..
    Jerri's artwork and books take me back to my childhood. Pat's art touches my heart.. So kind of you to include these two wonderful artists and ladies.
    I just love your artwork and mice.
    Blessings to you

  16. Great post on Tasha. You are a true artist. I am so happy to be your daughter. Love Beth

  17. Dear Mousekins aand Linnie,

    Your wonderful package arrived at Corgyncombe and two of my mouse friends and I had the best time opening the cards and packages! Diane spent the afternoon photographing the event and we hope to soon have photographs of the joyous occasion! The pincushion, housewife, and thimble are exquisite! Mousekin Mills, with all its drawings is such a delight! The cards, envelopes, and box are a special treat! The Mousekins are very talented! Thank you so much, many times over! Marqueta is right, it is such a blessing to all of us at Corgyncombe!

    Your friends,
    Tillie Tinkham the Mouse and Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

    P.S. The wonderful, tiny pincushion is just like a vintage (large size) one that Diane has!

  18. Millie and Missie are just tickled
    and thrilled as can be!
    With Joy the Mousekin Girls!

  19. I am loving this post...Tasha has inspired me ever since I first learned of her and her life of simplicity....even though she is gone from us...she continues to inspire many! Thank you for visiting me at my blog....comments like yours is what inspires me to keep blogging...blessings dear Linnie

  20. Thank you for visiting me yesterday and your thoughtful comments.I'm feeling so much better today due to all my wonderful blogget friends.Your tribute to Tasha was wonderful.I am going to spend more time reading and enjoying it.Blessings to you-Denise

  21. Hi

    I really like her lifestyle.

    Would you know what religion she was?

    I noticed some scriptures.


  22. Hi Ang,
    Thanks for visiting! I am really not sure about her religion, perhaps someone at
    may be able to answer.
    I know that she illustrated 23rd Psalm and the Lord's Prayer.
    Blessings Linnie