Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Meet the Neighbors!!

                                                        Hello! "Woolcome"!!

I thought you may want to grab a pair of Mud boots
(or your "wellies")
and come on outside and meet the neighbors
around our House! 

Sylvie can show the way

along with Ivy and Pixie


Charman will GUARD the

Oh, but first take a look at the lovely
House warming surprise I received!
 A Bee skep ornament from my Dear Friend Mary
at "An Historical Lady Blog"
(she and her Husband Adam would love to meet you)!

Let's go out and see what's past the back yard...

If we can walk for a bit, then turn around,
 you may be able to see the neighbor whom owns the
Corn Fields, and the eight hundred acres of Apple Orchards
and Forests.
 can you see the little speck?
Here let me zoom in with my camera

The Jamaican Corn-folk approves your visit!

 A Naughty Raccoon has stolen and eaten
some corn, but he is not interested in meeting any of us!!
The fallen Apples wish to be noticed though!
Walking for a while longer, the fragrance
of apples becomes enjoyably apparent

There are so many apples upon these trees that
 the branches are tired and can barely hold them!
The apple trees are looking forward to when the pickers will arrive!!

These little Queen Anne's lace are just so pretty all alone out in the orchard! 
 They are pleased that you have come to meet them!

At the end of the Orchard is the
Entrance to a Forest!

Come step into a forgotten place!

The Grape Vines are creating their own
 Garden Trellis for the Forestfolk!

 Many of the Treefolk are adorned in their best vine apparel!

"Madame Tree" adorned in her fury stole is standing very proper to greet you!

There seem to be places of residence on the
Forgotten  Forest Floor!

The Mousiekin Family are anxious to introduce themselves to
 to the residents of the of the Forgotten Forest
 They are directed to a place that they are invited to stay for a vacation.

They are looking quite forward to staying!!

But Missy is still curious if there are
 Fairies living in the
Stump Castle!

These Fungi prefer ONE
fallen tree.....
 maybe they heard it "fall"!

Mr Turkle the Turtle proudly shows off his tattoos before
he's off inviting you for a swim!!!
In the neighboring stream to the left of the house!

Well... I hope you enjoyed meeting my "new Neighbors"
 I certainly did!!
 Love and Hugs, Linnie
 And Go Outside and PLAY!!!

Sneak Peak:
Will the sink meant for the old Home front
work in the NEW HOME FRONT??

Hubby Bear said it's OK
 to order this Wallpaper for the
"Pepto Bismol pink" Room!!! 


  Beloved, I wish above all things 
and be in health, even as thy soul prosper
 that thou mayest prosper
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Mildred and Owen say:
"Discover the OUTDOORS!
"See who your Neighbors are"!

The heavens declare
 the glory of God;
and the firmament
sheweth his handywork
 Psalm 19:1

Charman says: