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Sebastian Henry's Dear Wife Johanna!

Sebastian Henry Patterson is a family man!!

And once upon a time he and his wife Johanna 
wanted a better life in America away from England.
 They wanted to send their older two daughters to a 
fine school to become refined ladies.
 So they decided to indenture 
themselves in an upper 
American establishment 

The girls Tabitha and Louisa 
found boarding with 
Mistress Phebe Rush in New York!
Phebe was a very refined teacher and the girls
mastered many abilities and they loved 
this new America!

Sebastian Henry was a music teacher, 
 and the family that he stayed with greatly appreciated him. 
But after two years he was
then free to join his family.
There was only problem, 
Johanna's family to whom she was
 indentured with had moved 
way up north to Canada!!

The family was wealthy and treated
 her and her two youngest daughters
 with love and respect!
They also sent Johanna and Sebastian's
 son Samuel Abraham to apprentice 
as a blacksmith in a 
newly established business!

The older girls longed for their sisters,
 so Mother thought it a good idea 
to send Elizabeth (Lizzie) to join them for
 schooling as well! Papa set out to retrieve her!

And when she arrived safe and sound, 
there was so much joy and rejoicing!!

 Papa was happy to be with 
his dear daughters, 
and was even employed 
as a music teacher 
at Mistress Phebe's good school!

 It was a happy situation and all
 free time was spent together !

But deep in Sebastian's heart 
there was that lonely longing!

The girls had a longing for 
their dear mother too!

Sebastian Henry was a
 thinker and a planner and he
 saved his money wisely and
 looked to the future and started 
looking for a farm.

It wasn't long before little 
young Hannah arrived to
 join her sisters too!! 
Sebastian was happy to go 
and pick her up from way up north
 for he would have a short reunion 
with his beloved wife!But he had to 
return for they both had obligations!! 

Lizzie was pleased to have 
a little sister again but wasn't
so sure if she wanted to share!

How they longed to have their whole family
 together again,  for time does slip away!!

 Sebastian Henry was very 
happy to have most of  his
 sweet family close and together but
his heart still longed heavily 
 for his dear and sweet Johanna!
He was comforted that she had 
their son Samuel with her! 

But word was sent that Samuel was 
no longer needed so he too was 
to come to New York!
 This trip wasn't like the others 
and word got back to Sebastian that 
Samuel was LOST!!

 So Father did what fathers do 
and set out to find him!!

After some weeks Samuel was found! 
He had been kidnapped by Natives
 and stripped of his white man's clothes!!
Although he was quite shaken, 
he did find it very adventurous! 

His sisters went right to work
 and started to make him proper clothing!!

 sewing and cutting with materials 
that they had found, linens and 
wools and using the best of 
their refined abilities, They 
managed to do a lovely job!!

Samuel was so happy that his mother 
had sent his clogs and 
favorite game ahead because
 the moccasins that the Natives made 
him wear were wearing out !! 
He was proud of those clogs because he had
 made them at the forge by himself for himself!

His game was also dear to him and 
he looked very forward to winning 
against all of his sisters!!

Samuel Abraham was quite
 proud of  his new clothes and Papa 
was in agreement!

But Samuel was more proud of 
his own made leather pouch!

The girls finished his britches 
and thought that Mother would love
 a new pocket and made a lovely
one as a gift!

Samuel enjoyed the company of his 
sisters but mostly he enjoy winning
at dominos!! 

When Papa got news of a baby bundle
 he was quite pleased but the 
little baby Charlotte had to be quickly 
sent to them for her sisters to tend
 because there was a smallpox epidemic
to avoid!

Little Charlotte was a happy 
little baby and her sisters adored her!

Everyone was quite contented 
but they still longed for Mama!!

Free time from schooling often was 
filled with visiting and Miss Granny 
is their favorite friend! 


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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Sebastian Henry watched the calendar 
very closely because soon Johanna was to be coming home!  

He bought his small farm and he and his daughters were filling it with things that she will love!

He felt very pleased as he looked over
 the many lovely things that were to be
 a surprise! For Johanna had sacrificed
 so much for her dear family!

Lizzie was in charge of the new  
cupboard and pewter! All polished
 and shined for her Mama!

Little Hannah made her first needlepoint!!

There was decorating to finish

Papa had gone all the way to Vermont
 to purchase a corner cupboard and 
two special high back chairs made
 by a furniture craftsman, the 
renowned Seth Tudor!

Soon it was time to ready the carriage
 and hook up sweet Nelson


Everything had to be perfect, 
safe and comfortable!

Everything was all set to go!

The girls also longed to go too,
 but who would make the surprise 
cake and sweetbreads?

And then finally the day arrived 
and so Mr. Sebastian Henry 
met up with his dear 
wife Johanna Ursula,
 and home they came!

True love always lasts and endures!!

The farm house was more than 
she had ever dreamed for,
 and she looked forward to 
settling in with her dear family!


Home sweet home at last 
where family is at the heart!

Oh how she had missed her 
darling baby Charlotte!

Two little girls had waited 
filled with the sweet anticipation 

to join the arms of their warm
 and cozy loving Mama

Samuel had been so protective 
of his dear Mama and was 
more than relieved to see her!

But the eldest had been separated 
from their Mama the longest and
maturity was not enough to break 
the bridge of love and adoration
 of a loving mother~daughter bond!!

This was forever locked into 
their dearest of ever memories! 
A reunion of joy !!

The Dolls in this "Patterson Family"

 are all made by;
 Kathy Patterson Master Doll Maker of
 Babes From The Woods! 
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