Monday, May 18, 2015

Spring into Summer in the Secret Garden!

My computer is heating up and shutting down 
or just freezing on "suspended stun"a lot
which is what always happens
when it's ready to crash so I'm sending it out

and shall be leaving for a bit....
....taking a break....
 for the Secret Garden calls and beckons me

Won't you please join me in a walk around the garden?


Mr. Stubbs enjoyes blending in!

The snow lingered waaay to long
so there is much to do and catch up with

Life is good and I am so very BLESSED!!


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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Here is a brick path that was hidden under 
the lawn! A lot of happy work to reveal it again!

adding stones gathered from around the property

a new walkway..

You mustn't be frightened of  the snakes
that are here,
they are quiet and gentle!! 

(I must say that I quite enjoy their company)!!




 Hope you enjoyed...
See you in a while...
(I will visit on my Kindle as soon as I get it back,
it's out on borrow)
 Love Linnie and the Mousiekins
and Doggies