Saturday, January 19, 2019

Keeping Fury and Feathery Friends Can get Challanging!

We LOVE our little farm friends and 
they give so much entertaining joy! But it can be challenging 
and this last spring was no exception !!

Here is an example of my favorite flower 
and every year I wait in anticipation for 
them to bloom in my yard!

But one day (last spring)  five young girls,  feeling too adventurous 
escaped their yard and went exploring!! 
They tasted and ate what ever they desired 
and found the early blooms of lilies
 and all of the roses to be of the best delicacy !!

PapaBear reinforced the fence, but that didn't hold them
 so when the naughty girls escaped into the neighboring orchard
and tested the early apples, an electric fence had to be applied!!

Sadly, too much partying took it's toll, and one little girl
 paid a dear consequence! She had eaten something 
that carried a terrible parasite ! Something that 
a white tailed deer is immune to, but goats, sheep and camillids
  are not! The Meningeal Deerworm attacks the nervous system 
and would eventually kill her if it were not for modern medicine!!

Mandy my sweet 2 year old was now paralyzed 
and her future looked very bleak! 

Her sisters watched and wondered from the other stall, 
while Cal the llama babysat!

It was heart breaking 
for she was once 
my sweet bottle baby, 

who would climb into my lap to snuggle and sleep!

Hand picked by PapaBear!

                                               Along with her sister Mattie


                          So we didn't give up! And she had her daily shots,
                                  and medicines!  PapaBear built her a sling 
                                            and the Vet was very impressed! 
                        And most of all we gave her lots and lots of love !!

Mandy was such a fighter!!!

After long weeks and extra days Mandy could 
finally stand on her own, and then take steps,
and it is so lovely to see her run and frolic with her sister! 
 This parasite has a rebound so we needed to treat her
 a second time ( and because she had seizures too from it)
 But it was a miracle  that she recovered for it is serious!! 

What a dear joy!! We are so thankful to the dear Lord for her recovery!


Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper
and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
                                     3 John 1:2
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.~ .~.~. 
Farm Doggies can get into mischief too!!! 

So I told them;
 " If you don't like a bath then don't roll in STINKY"!!!

So do you think that they learned anything?

Is Ashley laughing? Hmmm  

We have an elderly Kitty named Mr Stubbs

He is 20 and has become blind! He does very good but his outside time is very limited! He spends his time indoors now and we love him through it  

Mr. Stubbs is a bit fragile now but
 still beautiful and very smart!

Sometimes you have to visit the Vet!

Ours is a wonderful country office
 in an old converted house and you are 
always greeted with a smile!

Ashley assured Mr Stubbs that 
everything would be alright

(We forgot to tell her that her check up was due)!

She didn't mind because there are always treats!!

We saw a rainbow on the floor where 
our late Pixie sat on her last visit 
and it was very comforting to see.
It was shaped like a heart!!

Sometimes a doggie needs surgery!!

And then she becomes a
 "Designer Doggie" 
 Sadie had eye surgery because
 she got a virus! She is a rescue and we love her
and is very worth the effort!! 

Simon Kitty is very old too!

He and Mr. Stubbs are also rescues!! 
They were rescued together and he is 18!

Simon was so effected by the passing of our dear Border Collie Pixie that we almost lost him too! He had to stay for two days in intensive care at the Vet's!


They were best friends and they
 used to sleep facing one another!
 So when we brought Simon home
 along came Pixie's ashes! 
And so Simon stayed close for a long time!!

Soon the mischief began and Simon started 
to take advantage of one of his "nine lives"! 
He "prrrfered" to be a kitten and discovered yarn!! 

Never before had he gotten into the yarn
 but discovered it to be very entertaining!! 
(I didn't see it as entertaining) 

He is very proud of his achievements!! 

Owning a parrot can have it's 
downsides if they prefer your spouse!! 
(Nuff said)!!!

Beware of your toes if you are on his bad side too!!

We love our two hens, 
but a pretty garden can 
go to waste if they prefer to dig 
and scratch where they please!!

But the hens do not chase after you
 with a vengeance!!

 General  George 
the Gander!!!!!

He is very protective over his wife Martha
and their now grown Patsy !!

 We found out the hard way when we rescued two geese and a Pekin duck that we named Jemima! We were told that they were all bonded, so were unprepared for the reality that ganders will kill ducks to protect their mate! So we found a very injured Jemima who now always needs our protection!

 Jemima in "Therapy" 

Her life has changed and she needs help to get around 
and is friends with the hens!

 PapaBear lets her think she can fly! 

She is so sweet!

I think that they are all grateful
 for they give us gifts!!!

We so enjoy the company of our animal friends! 
And they are very worth the good care that needs 
to be done to keep them happy and healthy! 


Mandy found a wood bee
 and wanted to save her!!

We will miss dear sweet Lottie 
who lived to be 18 years!! 

Hope you enjoyed 
Blessings and love