Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A "Whimsical" Little "Fairy Circle"


Photos by Linnie Nolan

"Once upon a time"...
in the Backyard....
Under the Pine Trees...
there appeared...

Girl with Fairies
The Fairy-Ring
(an Old German Legend of the Black Forest)

As the moonlight fell , On a dreaming dove
That in sylvan dell , Nestled near his love,
A ring of fairies, fleet and bright,
Danced softly, tripping in the light
That pierced the leafy domes.

Then a magic spark, Lit each leaf and flower,
And illumed the dark , Like a diamond shower,
And fireflies swept through the air
Or, gently swaying, twinkled there,
Like tiny brilliant lamps.

Weasels, badgers, moles, Startled by the sight,
From their mossy holes, Peer into the night,
While bats and brilliant butterflies,
And moths, with gaudy wings, uprise
To see the fairies trip.

Rabbits, hares and deer, Birds and beasts of prey,
Timidly draw near, To the sylvan play,
An audience such as ne'er was seen
Forms round the fairies on the green,
To watch their lithesome dance.

Hark! what mystic sound, Breaks upon the ear?
From the woods around, Elves and gnomes appear,
They chant a song now sweet, now wild,
And in their midst a pale dead child
They bring upon a bier.

'Tis their Fairy Queen, Whom they fête to-night,
And the woods are seen , Quivering with delight.
To her the lifeless babe they bring,
And placing it amid the ring,
They wait her magic touch.

Lo! the Queen just bends , O'er the wan cold face,
And with loving hands, Loosens Death's embrace.
The babe then joins the whirling ring,
And round and round the fairies swing,
In circles full of grace;

Ever on they fly, Faster grows their pace,
Flashing past the eye, In their elfin race,
Till mist and babe and fairies blend
And rise, as early dawn doth send
Its gray light on the day.

As the sunlight fell, On two billing doves
In a sylvan dell, Where they cooed their loves,
No sign of fairies bright and fleet,
Of softly tripping, tiny feet,
Was seen in all the wood.

"The babe then joins the whirling ring,
And 'round and 'round the fairies swing."

Fairies Dancing
 Ida Bohatta
(a German site)
Ida Bohatta Morpurgo
(a German Illustrator)


Louisa May Allcott
wrote "Flower Fables"

Photo by Linnie
"Flower Fables was the first work published by Louisa May Alcott and appeared on December 4, 1849. The book was a compilation of fanciful stories first written seven years earlier for Ellen Emerson (daughter of Ralph Waldo Emerson. The book was published in an edition of 1600 and apparently sold well although Alcott received only about $35 from the Boston publisher, George Briggs.....read the rest of the story at this link:

Laura Ingalls Wilder
wrote "Fairy Poems"


We, at the "Bleat'n Humbaa Farm'n Fiber" or the "Butt'ry and Book'ry
Love the Fairies in the made up world of
books like The Flower Fairies by:
Cecily Mary Parker
Demure and smiling teen girl with braided hair looking to her left

Cicely Mary Barker
Is the Beloved
Flower Fairy Creator 
Women's Children Book Illustrator

Sir Arthur Doyle is best known for
penning the famous Sherlock Holms series,
 but did you know that he was interested in...

another "TALE"?
Arthur Conan Doyle, Spiritualism, and Fairies
(it's very interesting)
....."The pictures were stunningly fake.
The fairies were paper cutouts taken
     from a popular children's book, Princess Mary's Gift Book.
But what is truly amazing is that the pictures caused
a huge sensation, and untold numbers of people thought the
fairies were real"........
Read the rest here from this SITE below: 

Product Details
This delightful movie
is about that "TALE"!!

...;and I do not want you to
become sharers in demons.
You can not drink the cup of the Lord
and the cup of demons; you cannot partake
in the table of the Lord and
the table of demons
                  1Corinthians 20..21


Tempting ,

These (unidentified) examples
do however make lovely objects for
and some for
like drying

                                                                                                                                                    by Linnie Nolan
This beautiful cluster has too many "look-a-like"
species for me to attempt to try to eat them!!

(These were much more brilliant ORANGE off camera)

This is an Edible "Shaggy"
Delectable to eat, but it needs to be
cooked SOON after picking!

There is only a "PAIR of PEARS" in this picture!
The two EDIBLE FUNGI in this picture
are PUFF BALL Mushrooms
(the one on the top grew too fast on the inside,
but was still tasty)!


Many Puffball Mushrooms grow in the animal pasture
 at the Bleat'n Hum Baa Farm

 These ones weighed over a pound!!

Manna from Heaven!

 Puff Balls taste so good
sliced thin and quick browned
in olive oil in an iron fry pan.

 These are Giant Meadow mushrooms
 (Agaricus campestris) 
  The "gills" on these do not show as PINK
in the photo, but it is the "tell tail" sign that tells
that it is edible. 


 Harvesting WILD Mushrooms is
DANGEROUS business!
Books are helpful but taking a Course
is very important
Too many mushrooms are POISONOUS,
and look too much like edible ones! 

All Mushroom pictures by Linnie

    THE "REAL"
of the

Some people love to build "Fairy Houses"
but an attempt here would only bring
these Folk!

"PEEP" the Song Sparrow

a Whimsy Moth-folk
A busy Humming Birdfolk

A hungry Tiger Swallow Tail Butterfly

A Monarch fueling for the Fly South

The cutest Hummingbird Moth!!


Air Born Milkweed Seed Downfolk


The Mousiekin Family Happily and Permanently
 reside in this Little "Fairy" Home
Do You Know JESUS?


Listen to Sunday CHURCH 
with Pastor  CHARLES PRICE
of the Living Truth Ministries

Steve Brill
Wildman Devours Wild Mushrooms

 An online book:

 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass,
the herb yielding seed and the fruit tree yielding
fruit after his own kind, whose seed is in itself
upon earth so;
And the earth brought forth grass,and
herb yielding seed was in itself after his kind,
and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was
in itself his kind: and God saw that it was good
                                                                Genesis 1 11:12


book cover of 
Laura Ingalls Wilder's Fairy Poems 
Laura Ingalls Wilder
 The Coming of the Fairies (Extraordinary World)
Product Details
The Fairy Caravan

The Mousekin Family say
Have Fun Imagining!!

A Sighting???


  1. Wow! What a great post! I really enjoyed the information on mushrooms, which I love. I do love any writings by Laura Ingalls Wilder! The fairy stories were interesting, and of course, I enjoyed the scriptures you used throughout your post. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week.


  2. What a delightful post. I just love Mushrooms and Fairies lol!! I have never been brave enough to harvest mushrooms. This year I have seen so many on our land of different varieties. I am going to pop back here later and write down the names of some of those books you listed. Thanks for sharing those titles I would love to add some of those to my library ~Beautiful pictures ~Have a wonderful day Love Heather

  3. Wow, You are a girl after my own heart.We have alot in common.I seem to love alot that you love.Isn't that FUN.I have to be your new follower-Just have to.Please drop by anytime.Denise

  4. What an amazing stream of consciousness in beautiful images and words! Wasn't there a novel a few years ago- based on a true story- about Conan Doyle and another man whose case he took on. And it is all eventuallt about Conan Doyle's interest in mysticism- I'm racking my brains, and Google, for a clue! I have always longed for either a small ring of standing stones or some cast iron fairies at the bottom of my garden- but I do also love your Celtic cross!

  5. You did a great job on your post. I think I enjoyed it more because of our time we spent together. I have to get my mom to visit this one. The only fairy that is around my house right now is Tinker Bell. She flies around the house once in a while causing mischief. ( of course her other name is Hannah) see my post soon for some pictures of her.

  6. Thank you so much for the lovely comments you were kind enough to post on my blog.

    This is a lovely blog, and I must say that on my coffee table, is the same "Fairy Poems" book by Laura Ingalls Wilder.


  7. Linnie, My word, what a fabulous post, I don't know where to begin! I know one thing, we collect the very same books, especially Beatrix and Cecily Mary Barker The Fairy houses are absolutely meant for the critters, ah c'mon, let em move in!
    We have huge puffballs that grow here and I often find exotic looking mushrooms in the woods. I love studying and drawing them for my books but like other commenter s here, I am afraid to cook them.
    I remember watching a documentary or some such thing, about the "fairy photo" hoax.

  8. OMG, what a great post! I love fairy stories, and that Mousekin family is so darn adorable!!! My grandfather used to go mushroom picking, but I'd be way too scared to eat anything I picked myself!...I LOVED the comment you left for me today...did you write that beautiful little poem? That was sooo cute! Have a great weekend, Linnie

  9. I do believe I have stumbled upon a kindred spirit here...I just noticed that you visited my post and here I am, laughing, in wonder and yes, I DO BELONG TO THE KING and I love faeries, mushrooms and HUMOR! When I get home, I will revisit you...I am in my classroom at the moment. Oh dear, where have you been all this time!!!!

    Blessings, Anita

  10. Oh my...what a delight this post was! Thank you, thank you!

    Now, you must share,where did you find that adorable treadle for the mouse's house? :-)

    Mushrooms are one of God's finest blessings. They are delicious! and yes, you must know which ones are edible and not.

    Sort of like sin...it looks good on the outside, but oh so deadly otherwise!

    His Grace & His Peace,


  11. Well, I just had to come again. I already told a blogger pal about you named Jackie. She is a daughter of the King too, with a heart for mushrooms and gnomes, faeries and such! I was in my classroom earlier today when I discovered you. What a magical world you have and I see that three of my best friends have found you....THE DUTCHESS and PAT CABRERA from Woolytales and the MAGNIFICENT JERI LANDERS! How did you find me? I am so glad you did!!!! Anita

  12. Teeeheee...I did not mean to hit the comment twice down here....what a maroon I am!! I am so glad to know you and Jeri is one of my all time favorite people. Your humor and WORLD is enchanting, and you have little animals like we do here at Rabbit Hill. I live in the suburbs, but our little brick cottage is a place where you better enter in prepared to BELIEVE....in God and in CREATURES THAT SPEAK! A psychologist friend of mine thinks we are nuts, but she too is a believer and jut laughs at us. She always comes back for more, though!!

    I love all your wee folk and their faery homes....stay well and hope to see you again!!! Anita

  13. Hi Linnie- me again! I finally found the book! It's Arthur and George by Julian Barnes- great read!

  14. Hi Linnie,Ive been looking at that book for a year or so.I just bought it yesterday.I plan to make something out of it when I'm done reading it.Have you tried it yet.You should keep your last post up forever,I love it.

  15. Linnie! Good morning dearest! Thank you for coming over again! I bragged about you to my friend Jackie and I do hope that she comes over. We share a blog called Nowhere with The Dutchess, Ruben my husband, Penny, Patricia and Christel. It is a place where we all draw or tell VERY TALL TALES with tails and you must visit us. I think you would enjoy our nuttiness!!!! Scroll down to see everyone's different artwork if you have time.

    Enjoy your day and wow, those mushrooms really are lovely! Anita

  16. Linnie,That cracked me up what you said about your husband.I would understand how He would feel.My family all look at me like I'm so embarressing at church-I sing out loud even though I'm tone deaf and I clap off beat. I have to stop, look around and try to copy the beat from others.My daughters have been known to whisper-Don't sing Mom and my hubby has given me side glances before.

  17. Dear Linnie,

    My grandmum was always bringing us puffballs. They were her absolute delight! Your Mousekin family looks quite industrious in their little fairy house! The image of the pretty flower girls in a parade remind us of a doll, April Thistledown, that Tillie Tinkham outfitted in a sweet pea hat and gown. Also, reminds us of the hollyhock dolls we made.

    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  18. Wow, what a fun post you have here! :) Fairies and mushrooms certainly seem to go together, don't they? My father was a big fan of puffballs and other mushrooms, but he died before I had a chance to learn from him. Little by little, I'm learning through books and the internet, but I still haven't encountered any puffballs! Maybe this year. :)

    Thanks again.



  19. What a wonderful post. I especially loved the peeks at and into the vintage children's books.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  20. Hi Linnie! Just a quickie hello today...hope you're having a fun day!...Thanks for coming to visit!xo ;D Paulette